When a child molester moves into a Congregation, is the Congregation notified by the Elders?

"He [ Moreno ] agreed with Bowen's charge that a congregation would also not be told if a pedophile had joined the flock. But he said because of the church's structure, the fact that such a member, if male, who would have fewer rights in the congregation, would not be serving in a leadership role would alert members that "he obviously lacks spiritual maturity." " ( Paducah Sun ( Kentucky ) Newspaper, January 28th 2001 )

" "There is no duty to announce to people that 'John Brown' is a child ab user ," he [ Moreno ] said. If the court had ruled otherwise, he said, it "would basically discourage people from going to their ministers and getting help. If people could not count on confidentiality when they go and confess to a Catholic priest, there's going be quite a chilling effect on religion," he said." ( Louisville Courier-Journal ( Kentucky ) Newspaper, January 4th 2001 )