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TED JARACZ Alleged Child Molester


Ted Jaracz at Tulsa Convention 2002



On September 27 th 2002 , Ted Jaracz was accused of molesting Pat Garza when she was a little girl in the 1950�s. With this statement:


Pat Garza : I'm Pat Garza , and I'm here to say that I was raped by Theodore Jaracz when I was a little girl, in the city of Los Angeles , he was the District Overseer at the time. There are two boys; their initials are "M.D." and "M.W.", if they could be found they could confirm my allegations- if I could find them they�re older than me, they were there, there were witnesses! We were terrified and silenced! We were not allowed to talk. My life was threatened and my brothers were threatened, they were going to be killed if I spoke.


The Governing Body was written a letter in June of 2002 in which they were asked to review written material and �eye witnesses� to child abuse in the organization. On the front step of twenty-five Columbia Heights Pat Garza made her accusation after repeated attempts notify the Service Department had been denied. These notifications were done in writing since the early 1990�s. Why was Pat�s allegation of abuse ignored? Why wasn�t an investigatory committee formed to look into these allegations? Could it be due to the fact Ted Jaracz heads of the Service Committee which oversees the Service Department? Pat Garza is not disfellowshipped or disassociated though the Service Department has instructed her congregation to treat her like a disfellowshipped person by ignoring her in public and not speaking to her at meetings.


Why does the Service Department not follow the very policy they defend to the media? Why has Ted Jaracz never once answered or in anyway addressed these allegations that have been ongoing for several years?


When the BBC approached Jaracz about the current policy regarding child abuse at the 2002 Tulsa , Oklahoma District Convention his comment was:






There was no statement of compassion for the victims, nor any acknowledgement of any mistake or wrongdoing from this person that is called �the boss� by those that know him in the home office.


Ted Jaracz is a living testament to how alleged child molesters are protected by Watchtower Policy. While Pat Garza as an abuse survivor is punished and sanctioned by her congregation as directed by home office, Ted Jaracz remains not only a Jehovah�s Witness in �good standing� but continues to serve as an elder and member of the Governing Body with full benefits and privileges without having to answer the charges against him. Ted Jaracz represents one of hundreds if not thousands of alleged child molesters that create a �pedophile paradise� sanctioned by Watchtower Policy.





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