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Result of silentlambs Deposition
A review the the recent deposition of William H. Bowen, see how low WT goes to protect their money
I am sitting here looking out the tenth floor window of my Watchtower paid for room at the Manchester Holiday Inn. The events of the day before are difficult to comprehend as I reflect on what happened. I feel like I have been in a fight in which the opponent is allowed to break all the rules and my arms were tied behind my back. The last vestige of respect that was held for the organization was pummeled away as these unrighteous men showed just how desperate the organization is to sink to the lowest level in order to avoid addressing the real issue of protecting children. They attacked my children, my parents, my marriage, my life as a Jehovah's Witness. It was like living a version of "this is your life" from people that hate you. Would you like a few examples? 1. They attempted to put personal information about my children on the public record, their names, dates of birth, and other personal details. When I refused to answer, explaining that I had death threats and this could be a danger, I was told they were planning to go before a judge and compel me to answer with a new deposition that I would have to pay for at my own expense. They also said they would deposition my children to gather information against me. 2. When I refused to provide the names of my parents for similar reasons the same threat was offered. The matter involving my father was brought up in a way to say or imply that he viewed me as a bad person. 3. Detail of my marriage such as the age of my wife when we got married, her date of birth, what she does for work was brought up and discussed in great detail. Finally the most stunning was the material provided by Watchtower. To all Jehovah's Witnesses out there take note-Your information is not confidential. Paperwork was provided by Watchtower that even included my original bethel application. Do you want to know why they pulled this out? Because my first name "Bill" appeared on the application instead of "William." They were trying to imply that this was dishonest in some way. My original letter that I wrote when I left bethel was produced to try to say my time at bethel was less than what I have stated, but again there was no backing for this frivolous accusation. There was CO reports, letters from my deletion in 1992 and all details were provided by the Watchtower for open review to put on the pubic record. As the attorney read from his thick notebook it appeared that he had transcripts of my telephone conversations with Service and Legal Departments. He refused to allow me to review them. It is interesting to note three weeks earlier under oath before the judge, key Service Department overseer Gary Breoux stated that phone conversations are not recorded by Service or Legal Departments. Yet how was this attorney to have what appeared to be a transcript of my phone conversation with Service and Legal from almost three years ago? Did Gary Breoux perjure himself under oath? Who says "Theocratic Warfare" is not alive and well in this organization? So much was covered regarding detailed letters and reports all provided by Watchtower. Whenever I asked to see the information it was denied. I turned to Mario Moreno and said, "I am now making formal request for all correspondence and paperwork pertaining to myself to be provided and sent to me." He made no comment. It seemed one of the largest concerns of the Watchtower hired attorney was that I described his Lexus as a $70,000 car. I also used the word "new." He wanted to use this as a basis to say all things on the silentlambs website were untrue or exaggerated. Well I explained we try to be as accurate as possible and if something is inaccurate we gladly correct it. He stated his car only cost $38,000 new and it was three years old and he only paid $28,000 for it. So for any who may have had great concern about the Lexus of the attorney that defends the rights of a child molester for Watchtower, we are glad to make this clarification. There also was some discussion about the amount estimated of retainer fees they were being paid. I generously offered to amend the figures quoted if they would provide the actual amount. They conveniently declined to accept my offer. So I guess I will have to stick with my original assessment. What is the point of all this? Jehovah's Witnesses leadership in my opinion are unscrupulous scalawags that will sink to the lowest level of nasty cut throat tactics to protect their money. Victims be dammed and anyone else that tries to stand up for them. Watchtower will use all "confidential" records against you that they keep over the course of your entire life. They will make them a matter of public record to try and disgrace, humiliate or discredit you in anyway possible. They will go after your children, parents, wife, threaten them with subpoena, depositions and the expense of making these things happen. They will attack with tactics that sink to the lowest human denominator and use World Wide Work money to finance their wickedness. What did WWW money pay for in the last two days? See pictures- It is estimated that one day of depositions cost $5,000-$10,000. Two days of depositions were taken this week, so around $10,000-$20,000 of Jehovah's Witnesses WWW money just went to finance the defense of the Watchtower child abuse policy. Does this make anyone that is a JW proud to know that hard earned money they send for donations is being used to ultimately defend child molesters? If you would like to make donations to a worthy cause that assists Jehovah's Witnesses in need, why not send your contribution to silentlambs? We promise to use every penny to assist and support JW abuse survivors and you can be certain that not one cent will be spent on behalf of child molesters. In some ways I am thankful to have seen this. It is like seeing a bad marriage clearly for the first time. You wonder how you could have been so blind. At silentlambs all we have stated from day one is to protect children, the resistance and fight Watchtower is putting up clearly shows this has nothing to do with God as they pursue their evil course of hurting children by defending bad policy.

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