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Review of New book
A person submitted this review of the new children's book release at the District Convention
The new book. Same old stuff. Hey, Hey, gang. I haven't written lately, but a family member just pawned a new Watchtower childrens publication off on my 5 year old when I wasn't looking and I took a little time to flip through it. Just thought I'd share a few observations: The Book: LEARN FROM THE GREAT TEACHER (2003) Page 171-171 " also need to be protected from grown-ups, and even from other children, who may try to have sex with you. This is very wrong! .they may try to rub your sex organs. Or they will even rub their sex organs against yours. But you should never let anybody play with your penis or vulva. Not even your own brother or sister or your mother or father." Please note that this is written for very young children, and although the society seems to have no problem putting the fear of a possible betrayal by parents and siblings into the childs mind, there is NO mention of elders, teachers, respected leaders, etc. The next comment is absolutely appalling: "How can you protect your body from people who do bad things like this? Say firmly: "Stop that. I'm going to tell on you!" And if that person says that what happened is your fault, don't believe that. Just go and tell on him no matter who it is!..even if he says that what you are doing together is a secret just between you and should get away from him and tell on him do not have to be afraid." Interesting that they forgot to mention to the child that they need to have a witness to the assault to be believed (a scripture based rule that the Organization firmly supports to this very moment). Oh, and don't worry about that person saying what happened was your fault.the elder body will confirm that in the privacy of the Library. Chapter 19: Children are encouraged to walk away from somebody getting beaten up, because "..perhaps he stole something from the other one. If we helped him, we would be helping a thief. That would not be good, would it?" In contradiction to the "golden rule", because if I was getting the crap beaten out of me, I'd want someone to help. Also, in contradiction to the previous advice to fight against a molester. This chapter teaches the child to take slaps, shoves, and beatings quietly and without resistance. Chapter 10: "..demons are bad. Let's see how they may try to get us to be like them. Isn't it from watching certain television shows and movies, playing computer and video games, going on the internet, and reading comic books?" Wow. They managed to put every threat to their numbing mind control under the umbrella of demonic fear. See, I told you guys way back when.they HATE comic books. They are right up there with the Internet. Sneaky and subversive..COMIC BOOKS!!!! ha ha out little Timmy! Beware of the spinning rack at the grocers. Spider man is a demon in disguise. Chapters 16 and 17: These two work in perfect tandem. Chapter 16 tells the kiddies that being rich is bad. We should only have our basic needs fulfilled. Chapter 17 then tells them the way to be happy is to give everything else to someone else. The last paragraph recounts Luke 21:1-4, where the old woman puts her last two coins in the contribution box. They really used the words contribution and box. I kid you not. Chapter 29: They actually quote the Catholic Encyclopedia in an attempt to condemn Birthday parties. Apparently, there was not enough support for this conclusion in the scriptures themselves. Page 201: I just thought this picture was sad. A little boy sitting in the dark with a terrified look of guilt on his face, while he watches an action movie on the T.V. with the caption "Who can see everything we do?" .Yes, I want my child to live in fear, while feeling that he has to sulk around and hide in the dark watching an action movie. Chapter 43: Here is where your child can learn that their "real" brothers and sisters are their spiritual ones, because "we are truly a big family." Followed by.. Chapter 44: "Our Friends should Love God." No bad association. No No NO!. Page 237: Lovely pictures of young children engaged in the door to door work, bible studies, and playing "Noahs Ark". Please look closely at that last painting. There is a plentiful amount of little unbeliever figurines that your child can gleefuly dispatch to a watery grave. Speaking of that.. Chapter 46: "Water destroys a world. Will it happen again?". I won't go into all the travesties of mind-control present in the last third of this book, but please look at the pictures. They say more than a thousand words. Page 243: An updated version of the now classic gore-fest from pages 208-209 in "From Paradise lost to Paradise Regained" ( go here for a version of it ). This new drawing has people fleeing in terror as fiery death rains down on them from above. Very 9-11, if I say so. And very tasteless and thoughtless given that tragedy. How the witnesses must have clapped their hands in glee when those planes brought down the twin towers. And how they must feel a nagging dissapointment that the carnage did not continue, bringing about their paradise earth. Page 245: Paintings of Children with guns, starving children, and deathbed children. How charming. Page 246: Children with knives engaged in a Hate Crime. Oh, look, a picture of that same boy shilling watchtowers to the unsuspecting. And finally, another wonderful half-page splash of a city in ruins with a dead baby in mommas arms. Very Oklahoma bombing, if I say so. Well..if you look close, the baby may not be dead, after all. But if not, that mom needs to learn how to hold the kid. Again, all very DEATH TO THE INFIDELS.Here comes Paradise!!! Speaking of..Page 251-254: The usual petting-zoo of wild beasts. And just in case your little one had any doubts: Paradise comes with an appearance by disneys Pochahontas herself!!! (page 254) What the...?!?!!?. You have to get this just for the laughs, people. I'm sorry if I've offended anyone's sensibilities, but this is the crap that is being stuffed into the minds of very impressionable and innocent children by a cruel and abusive organization. And they are getting the parents to do it. And my own family, against my wishes, slipped this brain washing device into my little boys hands. And I only scratched the surface in this post. So, again, if I offend, sorry, but they ask for it. Happy to discuss this book with anyone on the list. I'd like to hear your thoughts.

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