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Catholic SRA Civil Trial
Catholic SRA Civil Trial
PCR O'DELL, CIVIL TRIAL Friday, March 21, 2003 Victim 'felt ugly inside' Abusive priest sued By SAM PAZZANO, COURTS BUREAU Toronto Sun A victim of ritualistic sexual abuse by Father Thomas O'Dell testified yesterday that the Catholic priest denigrated him as an "evil, ugly child" after showing him a photo of him being sodomized by a crucifix. The now 33-year-old Northern Ontario man told Madam Justice Katharine Swinton that he was so traumatized by the sordid experience that he shredded pictures of himself. "It stuck in my mind. I felt ugly inside," said the man, his face turning crimson as he wiped away tears. "Growing up, I'd tear up any photographs of myself." The plaintiff -- who can't be named under a publication ban -- is seeking almost $4 million in damages in a civil lawsuit against O'Dell, 56, and the Northern Ontario diocese that he alleges concealed the priest's abuse of youths. The victim often become emotional as he described horrific sexual abuse -- including being stripped naked, pinned and forced to fellate O'Dell on his church altar in the 1980s. O'Dell is serving a 30-month sentence in a Kingston penitentiary for those offences. In 1982, O'Dell started fondling the plaintiff, then 12, after he returned from summer camp, court heard. O'Dell threatened to molest the plaintiff's younger brother or expose the crucifix photo if the witness divulged the abuse, court heard. The abuse -- and his reluctance to "deal with it" -- spoiled his sex life as he had performance problems with the first two teenaged girls he encountered as an 18-year-old, he said. The trauma also triggered alcoholic abuse and his inability to work, court heard. "I've been alone for the last six years. This has been my No. 1 focus," he added. The witness admitted he's had sex with both sexes, but isn't committing to any partner until he resolves the trauma. The civil trial continues today.

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