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Press info for Kids campaign
Press information for Kids campaign coming up Memorial Day
Below is information for the upcoming "protect Kids Worldwide" campaign for silentlambs. As mentioned in an earlier email go to as many local Kingdom halls in your area and deliver the message below along with a stuffed lamb and "service bulletin." Send silentlabms a pictures of lambs on the front door or the number of Kingdom Halls you visited and what area and we will post them on the website. This is a worldwide campaign so if you are in another country feel free to participate in your respective area. Can we get 1,000 Kingdom Halls deliered a message? It is your eforts that will make this happen. We would like to ask for an idea in advance of how many Kingdom Halls you plan to visit. Please send an email to with were and how many you plan to visit. If you have any questions please review the link on the front page of the website. Watchtower says this has all blown over and no one is interested, let's send them a statement that this is not the case. You can also see a HTML version of the information below on the "kids' page of the website. silentlambs Instructions: This is the announcement press packet for the local press release for Kingdom Halls in your area. The top page goes out two days in advance to all media in your local area. TV, Radio, Newspaper, etc.. Call and get fax or email along with who the religion reporters are. Send this to news room fax or assignment desk to their attention. Put a local telephone number and name as a contact person above my name. Call the local reporters and tell them you are going to deliver the lamb, a service bulletin, which Kingdom Halls along with when and where. The service bulletin is simply delivered with the lamb and stuck on the front door handle. Do all the Kingdom Halls in your area. When reporters arrive, why not stand under the local Kingdoms Halls Drive through? If JWs order you off the property make them do it in front of the reporter. Then explain this is much the same as child rape victims are treated within the congregation. Then simply go to the sidewalk or by the sign in front of the Kingdom Hall and offer to answer any questions about the purpose of the "service bulletin" and why we are delivering lambs to Kingdom Halls. Give the reporter a copy of what you are leaving at the Kingdom Hall. Do not be angry or abrasive to any JWs you may meet, be kind and cordial to any requests. If confronted by elders you might try to mention this is about protecting children from child abuse and do they mind if you make a few brief comments to the press statement? If they say no then ask them where you could stand, put them on the spot. Remember sidewalks are public property and can be used as a last resort. Kingdom Hall signs are often located near the sidewalk, stand as close as possible if a reporter wants to talk to you. If you are having supporters with you have them make up posters that say-silentlambs-protect children-stop child molesters-end the silence-or words to that effect. Answer any questions and then ask if they want to follow you to the next Kingdom Hall. Answer questions as you would for a representative for the silentlambs organization. Say "at silentlambs we do this or that" try to include the name in the sentence. Also say the words Jehovah's Witnesses as much as possible. Say "leadership" when you refer to the governing body. Wait for reporters to arrive speak briefly with them and tell them what you are going to do. Lead them to the drive through and place a stuffed lamb on the front door. If JWs are there hand it to them and say it is a gift from silentlambs and you want them to pass it on to the elders. If they refuse just sit it by the front door. Remember let them lose their cool but you keep yours. I do not think there will be JWs around but be prepared just in case. After delivering the lamb give the reporters a copy of the statement left on the front door and ask if they have any questions. Be sure and highlight the purpose of the service bulletin and the importance of raising abuse awareness to protect children. Remember this is your opportunity to so something to be proud of; you"re speaking up for children. Your efforts will protect children that have yet to be born. --------------------------------------------------------- Sex Abuse Victims and Advocates Deliver Stuffed Animal to Local Jehovah"s Witnesses Churches around the world Announce Worldwide Effort to Protect Kids from Abuse WHAT: At cities across America local Kingdom Halls of Jehovah"s Witnesses will be visited by representatives for silentlambs to deliver a stuffed lamb as a symbol of innocence lost, they will deliver a copy of a service bulletin delivered to Kingdom Halls around the world on Memorial Day. The purpose is to raise abuse awareness in the Jehovah"s Witness community as well dray attention to the importance of protecting kids. WHEN: (fill in dates, times and places here, you can list the sequentially-example-10:30am-11:00am-11:30am etc. see locations below. WHO: (give your name and whether you are an abuse survivor or advocate, if you do not wish to use your name that is fine just say abuse survivor or advocate for children that will be delivering the information) WHERE: Give the details of where each Kingdom Hall is located as in this example)Jehovah"s Witness "Kingdom Hall", 12126 Tower River Road, Louisville, Directions: From Interstate 65: Take exit 125 onto Gene Snyder Freeway west. Go ten miles to 31W (Dixie Highway). Turn left at traffic light toward Fort Knox. Go 1.4 miles to Orell Road (Moby Dick fish place on the right), turn right, go one mile to Lower River Road, then turn left. Kingdom hall is 2/10 of a mile on the right. DETAILS: This is a continuation of the first public event ever for child rape victims of Jehovah"s Witnesses. According to William H. Bowen founder of silentlambs, "We allege that Watchtower has established a child abuse policy that has ignored abuse survivors, protected child molesters and disfellowshipped those who have tried to support them. This is a continuing public statement that leadership for Jehovah "s Witnesses (Governing Body) must stop hurting children." Silentlambs is formally requesting the church to establish a new policy that stops putting children in danger. Contact: (put your contact information here, use mine below), William H. Bowen: 270-527-5350 -------------------------------------------------- silentlambs, inc. PUBLIC AFFAIRS OFFICE For Immediate Release May 26, 2003 We are here to speak out for victims of child rape who have been silenced and now know they have a right to speak out. We call them silentlambs. The house of worship situated in your local community is directed by a group of 11 men who hold legislative, executive, and judicial power over a world-wide religious order known as Jehovah's Witnesses. These men, who are known as a Governing Body (leadership) for 6 million Jehovah's Witnesses world-wide, have chosen to defend an indefensible regulation that has led and continues to lead to unimaginable damage to children who have suffered or who are now suffering sexual abuse. Today we are here as part of a worldwide effort to speak out for Jehovah's Witness child rape victims. On May 26, at Jehovah's Witnesses' Kingdom Halls around the world, abuse survivors and supporters are providing further testament that hurting children will not be forgotten or allowed to be ignored by leadership (Governing Body) of Jehovah"s Witnesses know we will no longer be ignored. We are angry at being silenced when we tried to speak out about abuse; we are outraged that we were disfellowshipped when we spoke out to protect children. Jehovah's Witnesses' Governing Body policies have hurt thousands of children; by their actions they appear to have no remorse; they have made no apology, but instead have sent henchmen in congregations like this to excommunicate victims and advocates who spoke out for children. At least the Catholic Church has taken steps in the right direction for addressing abuse issues but Jehovah's Witnesses leadership, by their actions, appear to think they are above the law and will punish anyone who says different. In a statement made to media dated February 7, the head of the PR Department for Jehovah's Witnesses, J. R. Brown states, "Our Governing Body is willing to resolve differences of opinion within the framework of the congregation and according to Scriptural principles." On September 27, 2002, in Brooklyn, over one hundred eye-witnesses came to testify regarding the harm Watchtower policy has caused by requiring two eye-witnesses to verify child molestation allegations. How often does a child have an eye-witness when they are being raped" We asked them to hear our witnesses and if their testimony proves true the leadership of Jehovah's Witnesses (Governing Body) should either be sanctioned or dismissed from their positions. Instead they were ignored and ostracized. We are here to deliver a message for the children. Silentlambs has asked us to leave a lamb at this Kingdom Hall as a reminder for those who have been silenced by Watchtower policy when they were raped. It is bad policy that requires unauthorized untrained men to illegally investigate the crime of child molestation. It is bad policy that appoints child molesters as elders after 20 years of not getting caught again. It is bad policy that puts child molesters in a position to go to any home accompanied by fellow members who do not even know what they have done. It is bad Watchtower policy that remains unchanged due to the inaction of Jehovah's Witnesses' Governing Body after silentlambs, along with thousands of abuse survivors, have begged for over two years now, for needed changes. The Jehovah's Witnesses' leadership (Governing Body) must change their policy and must apologize to the victims whose lives their policies have destroyed. Victims who have been painfully conned and threatened out of their innocence by child molesters are now being conned and threatened into silence by the local representatives of Jehovah's Witnesses' leadership in Kingdom Halls such as this one around the world. These men consistently teach their adherents that humility is the course of wisdom yet they arrogantly stick to an unwise course that punishes their most precious members. We officially invite any who decry the abuse of children to join silentlambs in this peaceful statement to push for a change in policy to protect the children. We encourage all abuse survivors to speak out and never allow anyone to make you a silent lamb. silentlambs, inc, PO Box 311, Calvert City, Kentucky 42029 USA. Telephone: 270-527-5350 Fax: 270-527-5351 Hotline for Jehovah"s Witness victims of abuse 1-877-WTABUSE

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