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Update on silentlambs
Welcome to the new silentlambs website!

I wanted to send out a brief update on the silentlambs website and some other information as to what has been going on. The new website is now up in running at about 70% there are a few bugs we are still working out so be patient we are working hard to get it completed.

I believe the new site will be much more interactive with complete media and audio information, we are uploading information as I write this. The silentlambs chapters will operate through a forum that will provide a space for each chapter to put up information pertaining to that particular chapter. It will feature different custom translations into different languages for chapters in their respective countries and for individuals to be able to interact in their respective languages. This project is in development and will be forthcoming soon.

There is a tremendous amount of content to be loaded on the WT News-SL News-JW molesters-Newsletters sections. Fortunately we now have a very simple interactive way to simply cut and paste them into place. If anyone would like to help with this effort let me know and we can discuss it.

We are also looking for individuals who might like to help with the gathering of news information on the molestation issue as well as other JW information. If you would like to assist let me know. It would involve about 1-2 hours each week. It is a matter of simply copying and pasting the information directly on the website with a easy to use program that is in place.

Also as you can see we are also looking for individuals who can serve as chapter directors in each state for silentlambs. If interested or if you know someone who might be a good canidate please let us know. It is going to be a couple of weeks before we can impliment the Chapter program as we are waiting on final development of the Forums to start the program.

I was recently able to attend and speak for silentlambs at a conference in LA. The group consisted of around thirty people eight of which were JW abuse survivors. There is so much work to be done and yet so much that has been accomplished. Each week I am contacted by JW's who have found the website for the first time and are touched. Recently I talked to a young sister who stated that after spending several hours reading the website she was able to pray for the first time in five years. The issues surrounding her rape as a child had made her feel unworthy to even pray, now she knew it was not her fault as the elders led her to believe after reviewing the stories of other abused lambs.

Another brother was raped for several years as a child by the current PO. When he spoke briefly to a media person about it the Society appointed a judicial committee to df him for something he did not do. Now they can call him a liar and say no one should listen to him.

Legally there has been great effort expended in the courts to fight this issue, simply stated, we are winning. Hundreds of thousands of dollars is being spent to prove Wt policy hurts children, hundreds of thousands of dollars is being spent by Wt to prove they have the right to do so.

With the current war situation media attention is focused on areas that take priority. During this time we are working to complete the website and help the legal cases to progress. It is much effort spent behind the scenes but in the end should produce major results.

If you would like to assist please let us know, there is a history being written that will help people for years to come.


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