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Paul Berry exposed
A recent email provides possible allegations that Berry is not as innocent as he may appear to WT and give pause to witness forums on the internet
Today we received this comment/email of allegations regarding paul Berry, it appears Brother Berry may have a few problems, we were able to contact this person and it was interesting to find out that Berry was a major poster on the internet. He used the handle "Pablo" and was well known at the former forum and "Pablo" was a moderator at and well known to many JWs across the USA. We wonder how many knew he was a convicted child molester. This person would be willing to verify this information with the Wilton body of elders all they need to do is contact silentlambs and we will be glad to provide them with additional information to see how willing they are to keep the congregation clean. It appears Brother Berry was removed as a ministerial servant when charges were first brought against him for not being "irreprehensible" and he was assured he would be reappointed as soon as his name was cleared. Yet how strange WT can go to court and help protect his rights as a convicted child molester? Though these allegations are unproven and it is doubtful that they will be pursued, would you want to talk to a brother like this on the internet? Is Berry still on the internet as "Pablo?" Perhaps a better question is how many "Pablos" are out there interacting with Jehovah's Witnesses and using the internet to get away with conduct described below? Sobering questions for all to consider. Comments="To Bill: I have written before, but this information about Paul Berry is just making me sick! To see that the WT is defending him and saying that he is in good standing. I wonder what they would do if they knew that he was not coming forward and confessing his sins once again. I am disfellowshipped. I hate to admit this, but I know Paul Berry. He came to California to visit me. He did not tell anyone of his friends in New Hampshire. He and I engaged in loose conduct and ultimately fornication. Although not intercourse, shortly afterwards I read in the WT that what happened was considered fornication. When he planned another trip to see my while I was away in Arizona, he again said he was going to go even though I told him it was better not to. He insisted. I explained that engaging in porneia would be seen as "feet that run to badness" because he willfully was putting us in a situation without chaperones in a far away location. He came anyway. Porneia happened again. He made me so sick the way he treated people and me. The airport was the last I saw of him and he knew I was upset, angry and was probably ending our relationship. Of course, I did end it. But it was not without event and controlling behavior by him. By this time, I realized he was probably so verbally and emotionally abusive to his family and I was very sure that he was guilty of the rape of his children. He not only wanted to continue our relationship but he wanted me to come see him in October of 1999. I had long before purchased tickets. He was planning to whisk us off to Maine. I was adamant about not going and told him that what happened was not right and that we should go to the elders. He insisted that we planned on being married and that it was ok. So, if this information is useful to you, use it to say that he has a history of covering things up. And maybe he will confess if my name is brought up. Then maybe he will no longer be considered a JW in good standing.

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