silentlambs - It's time to protect children. It's time to stop being a silent lamb.
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A prayer for silentlambs
This week will be a major battle in court for abuse survivors.
This week we are going to court to present arguments in the Berry case. Watchtower is bringing in Legal Department, local elders and everything but the kitchen sink to protect their described "religious right" to continue a policy that hurts children. There are those working behind the scenes that you will never know of the sacrafice and determined effort to overcome the hundreds of frivilous motions and manuevers along with millions of dollars in paid henchmen to win this "right" to hurt children. We will be in court on Monday and Tuesday fighting to set a course and precedent legally that will lead to the end of this maddness. Think about those that are standing up for the silent lambs. Send them a prayer of support if you feel you can. We need all the help we can get. silentlambs

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