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Sweden Outrage
Today in Sweden Watchtower ran newspaper ads
Today in five newspapers Watchtower paid for half page ads to be ran. The three lagrest papers in Sweden refused to run the paid advertizement. It is estimated that over $5,000 of World Wide Work money was spent for each ad that did run. What did they run? The letter that was sent out to all congregations defaming Anders for appearing on the program. The letter is filled with misinformation and out right lies about the young man. These same papers are going to run for free Anders answer with "actual facts" to the paid smear campaign. Next time you contribute think about what your money is being spent for. Soon we will have scans of the newspaper ads as well as the letter sent to all congregations. Watchtower has crossed the line and now they are paying dearly. STV is goig to do another program and expose what they have done. You can review review the letter and 'actual facts' on the newletter section of the website and at "WT information" section of the website.

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