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CBS News Interview
Pictures and background for CBS interview.

We wanted to give a further report on the recent interview with CBS Evening News.  Earlier this year CBS did an interview with an abuse survivor that was part of recent civil litigation on how abuse is handled by Watchtower Policy.  There were depositions taken from four elders that clearly incriminated their actions as well as home office directing how the matter was to be handled.  There were over six hundred pages involved under sworn oath in which the elders contradicted each other, incriminated themselves, and showed a callous attitude toward the abuse survivors.  There are also other abuse survivors that have come forward to collaborate this information for CBS.  The evidence is over whelming yet how does Watchtower respond? In a recent letter from Philip Brumley (lead attorney for Watchtower) the response was to call the abuse survivors liars yet again by only accepting what the child molester (according to the elder's depositions) had to say about what happened. This amply illustrates what silentlambs has been saying for the last two years, Watchtower accepts what the child molester says occurred and calls the child a liar by not accepting their account of what happened. How can this man call himself an elder and look himself in the mirror each morning is beyond belief.


When Bill Bowen arrived on Thursday for the interview it was at the news studio for CBS Evening News.  About five minutes after he arrived, CBS went live with a "Special Report" and Dan Rather walked in to announce Terik Aziz was captured.  It was exciting to see it happen in real time.  Afterward the producer was debriefed regarding the background of how the child abuse policy in Watchtower works and substantial information was provided to show how Watchtower policy has hurt so many.  Bill spent the night at Essex Hotel overlooking Central Park.  That evening he met Jeannie Kraus that heads the silentlambs chapter for New York State and discussed future plans for the Lambs to "Protect Kids Worldwide" campaign, also supporting the upcoming SNAP conference in the middle of May.  It was a nice visit with Jeannie who has accomplished a great deal in the work of abuse awareness.


The following morning Bill met Jane Clayson that was the reporter for the interview.  For those that may recall, Ms. Clayson was the co-anchor with Brian Gumbal for the "Good Morning Show." She is a sharp reporter and it was considered a real asset to have a reporter with her stature doing the story. The questions were concise and to the point, the interview went very well. Both Ms. Clayson and the producer were very happy with the way things went commenting several times about it.


If you would like to see pictures you may do so here.


The interview was finished around 11 am and then Mr. Bowen was driven back to the Hotel to do a couple of walking shots at Central Park.  At this point the interview was over and Mr. Bowen walked down to NBC to meet with the producer for Dateline to discuss a possible follow up to the program that was shown May of 2002.  It was a positive meeting and hopefully framework was laid for this to occur soon due to upcoming events with the current civil cases going to court. 


As a side note it has been reported that elders and other leadership persons have been making comments that all the lawsuits against Watchtower have been dropped and the litigation war has been won.  For any that may have heard this, silentlambs can clarify that NOTHING has been dropped in litigation against Watchtower over child abuse lawsuits.  Currently there are around thirty-five suits that have been filed and by the end of the year we expect to have over one hundred very active lawsuits in front of judges to establish the negligence of the governing body by continuing Watchtower Policy on child abuse allegations.


It is interesting to note that an abused child and their family can be charged with slander and disfellowshipped for trying to warn others in the congregation that may have children, but if you wish to lie about abuse survivors and their efforts to protect children legally, it is encouraged and promoted by leadership in the organization.  Can you spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E? or simply describe the lowest form of humanity?


The truth continues to come out and Watchtower continues to practice "Theocratic Warfare" by supplying misinformation to the media and even to their membership. Many are contacting silentlambs disgusted and discouraged by their actions.  When you have to lie to cover the truth it is just a matter of time before it is exposed.  The exposure continues. - Watch CBS Evening News next week.



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