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Alvin Hansen
Information if you are contacted by Alvin Hansen.
Recently a person on the silentlabms email list was contacted by Alvin Hansen and given the following message: Subject: Watchtower Judgment followup Its the lawyers, Mario Moreno who hired Medford Oregon Lawyers, FBI and IRS and Bankof America to destroy my family. They, the Watchtower is owned by Zionist Jews who used the cult to launder billions to thier suisse banks and insurance companies for years. When I filed our UCC Judgment in New York July 21, 2000 the Governing Body resigned and the lawyers took over and attempted to "Reoganize to evade the debt. It did not work. Also filed in Pennsylvania UCC. Bill Bowen and I spoke in February 2002 the month before my Penni was murdered. He knew about it since 1999 and kept it "silent" His agenda is to keep the Watchtower in business and "Reform It". You dont reform killers and pediphiles. The government is thier friends wake up to reality. Like Dateline said. The Catholic Church gets all the bad press, and the Watchtower is more powerful to threaten for exposure. Proof. Law means nothing to them. They buy lawyers and Judges to dismiss suits, or kill thier serious adversaries. They paid my Dover delaware lawyer, Co Trustee Melvin E. Soll esq, $5,000,000.00 to abandon his trust appointment in March 1999, after he did the damage. The lawyers you are all hiring to sue know this. They are also bribed and covering up. They make a lot of money on victims and work both sides like Mr Soll. Theyre all whores. They have a license to protect. If they were honest they would be threatened and disbared or even killed. Check it out; We'll be selling off thier assets, and will need a lot of help. With Gods permission and help. till later Alvin ________________________________________ Mr. Hansen contacted me over the telephone and faxed me numerous pages to collaborate his claims. I asked a couple of attorneys to review the material provided of having judgement of around one billion dollars against WT that would force them to sell assets. Each attorney said he did not have a basis to make that claim. I also had the attorney contacted that he claimed accepted $5,000,000 bribe from WT. The attorney's response was to say that was absurd and he lost much of his own money trying to find a basis for Mr. Hansen's allegations. Mr. Hansen alleged this same attorney had taken money from him through some sort of trust fund. As anyone knows if you steal money it is eay to trace and prosecute, to date this has not happened. I am not aware of anyone being murdered, if this is so then it would stand to reason there would be a police investigation and some sort of charges filed. There is no evidence to indicate this. I think Mr. Hansen is disturbed but in my personal investigation it appears there is little substance to back up the claims he is making. Different people that have contacted Mr. Hansen find that he requests funding to assist him in claiming Watchtower sssets as he has no money to proceed. I would urge caution in this regard as often something that appears too good to be true often is. In this litigus society if Mr. Hansen's claims had true substance I am sure there would be attorneys lined up around his house to help him claim the "millions" he alleges to have in a judgment against Watchtower. I typically remain silent on issues such as this, as it has no bearing on abuse awareness, but when Mr. Hansen makes allegations about silentlambs as to our motive and purpose then it requires a response. If any others are contacted on the sl email list by Mr. Hansen we suggest that you be very careful before you send donations to Mr. Hansen in light of the information presented above. Hope this helps. Bill

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