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Press Release regarding CBS program
PRESS RELEASE Thursday, April 24 Contact: William H. Bowen: KY 270-527-5350, cell 270-703-2257 Heidi Meyer: MN Sex Scandal in Jehovah's Witnesses to Air on CBS EVENING NEWS Support Group Founder Interviewed Along with Abuse Survivors While sexual abuse by Catholic clergy has dominated national headlines, Jehovah's Witnesses are being exposed for an international policy on child molestation. A Kentucky man who founded a support group ( for men and women victimized by Jehovah's Witness leaders will be interviewed by Jane Clayson of CBS. Former Jehovah's Witness elder William H. Bowen has participated in ten documentaries worldwide since May of last year on the problems of sex abuse in the Jehovah's Witness community. "We have increased abuse awareness for all children by presenting this material," Bowen says, "It is sad Jehovah’s Witnesses continue to put their kids in danger." Heidi Meyer, 22, of ST Paul MN along with Amber Long who both recently were interviewed on CNN/Connie Chung in August, have filed a lawsuit against their local congregation and the home office located in Brooklyn, NY for being silenced by elders when they came forward to report being molested by a fellow congregation member. "I was told I would be disfellowshipped if I told anyone." Heidi says, "The Governing Body are hurting abuse survivors and refusing to change policy thus leaving children in danger." The Australian program, "Sunday" aired an hour long documentary this fall that highlighted one case in which over 40 little boys were molested by a Jehovah's Witness member. In November the Denmark program "Dags/Dato" featured a case in which a father murdered a baby that resulted from the rape of his 12 year old daughter. The Swedish Program Assignment/Investigate aired an hour long documentary two weeks ago in which a long time elder confessed to molesting multiple children but was not reported to police due to being forgiven. As the problem continues to be highlighted, Jehovah’s Witness key journal "Watchtower" 03/01/03, instructs members that "bad reports" by the media is spreading "published lies" and anyone that assists is working as "agents of Satan." Jehovah's Witnesses have one million members in the USA and over six million worldwide. Bowen, of Calvert City, is a lifelong Jehovah's Witness and a candle maker.

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