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JW Forum deals with abuse
Recently a brother posted a message for comfort on a JW forum-this was his response.
Recently a Brother posted this story on a Jehovah's Witness forum: This is a long and sad story I meet my wife in 1985, we got married in 1986. We had our difficulties in the marriage but also many good times, but when we got our first son it went down hill, but it goes and we now have 3 sons that we love. When my wife had born the last boy she couldn't almost get out of bed in the morning. We moved to an old farm with land and it looks like where my wife grew up as a little girl. She is born in the truth. One day she goes to meet her old school class, and when she got home she felt terrible, she began to remember that her father had sexsual abused her since she was 4 years and to 13 of age, it was all kind of sexual assult allmost every time it started with beating. She talked to her sister and she also began to have memories of abuse, and also her sisters daugther. Our kids didn't know anything about it, but when we told them that they no longer could visit my wifes parents, because they were evil and had beaten their mother when she was a little girl. One day I put one of my boys to sleep I told about my childhood, and he said to me, I have also some thing I will tell you, and he told me that my wifes father said to him one day my wifes parents had him and his brother on a visit, you must suck on my ...... My son said no, and he then threw him on the ground. My wifes memories began in November 2000. The elders have also looked on the case, but said my wifes father had to be vievved as an innocent man. Now we try to leave it behind us, but that is very difficult, so I hope that somebody could comfort us. The case was handled after the article in WT, 1995. 11th November. "Comfort for those with a stricken spirit". Scotch This was the response he got from the administrator: Dear Scotch, My name is Tag, and I am a manager on JWOTW. I am writing to you to let you know that I deleted your post in Families, called "We need some comfort". I did read it, and I am very sorry about what happened to your family. Satan molested the youngest of creation, so he sees how if he can attack the young, he can win at tearing down our faith over and over again. It has been brought to our attention that you are directing our members to the site "Little Lambs". We have also heard from other members that you are discussing this situation in chat, and it has been disturbing to our members. At JWOTW we are striving to upbuild one anothers faith. It is for this reason that we will be deleting your membership to JWOTW. I hope you find the strength to move on, and serve the only True God Jehovah. Sincerely, Teresa Miller/ JWOTW Administrative Manager ------------------------------------ Can you just feel the warmth of the spiritual paradise? These individuals are driven by protocal directed by leadership. It is important to not listen to the truth and get rid of those that do. silentlambs

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