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BBC Not so Bad
Comments regarding BBC media from WT publications
With the recent comments regarding the Watchtower Study and the negative remarks about media being from Satan, a person sent me the following, Bill Does the BBC hate, and report badly on Jehovah's witnesses? Below are a number of articles /reports mentioned about the BBC in the WT and AW magazines If they believe and quote the BBC when they report good things that are in line with WT thinking - , why do they not believe it when they report the truth about the WT? Indeed the society admits that one of the BBC's items was "equivalent in value to millions of pounds spent in commercial advertising and was more potent than all newspaper reports (of which there were unusually many for this assembly) to change the public attitude favorably"!!!!!! ------------------------------------------- *** w56 2/1 p. 94 The "Triumphant Kingdom" Assemblies of 1955 *** During the evening hour between 7 and 8 for the first time Jehovah's witnesses made news on British radio and television. The BBC broadcast an interview with a convention official and also excerpts of Brother Knorr's public talk, to be transmitted to America. Also for a minute and a half BBC newsreel televised shots of the baptismal procession and of the immersing of candidates. Both at 9 and 10 p.m. the BBC news gave short details of the Twickenham Stadium assembly. Hitherto the then noncommercial, monopolistic BBC has treated Jehovah's witnesses with silent contempt as being an insignificant group. Now all this vocal and visual publicity by the BBC is expected to heighten somewhat in the minds of the British public their estimate of Jehovah's witnesses. It was equivalent in value to millions of pounds spent in commercial advertising and was more potent than all newspaper reports (of which there were unusually many for this assembly) to change the public attitude favorably. *** g01 9/22 p. 28 Watching the World *** Loss of "Nature's Secrets" "The UN estimates that up to 90% of the world's languages could die out over the next century, and with them much valuable knowledge about nature," states a BBC News dispatch *** g93 12/8 p. 11 "Are Violent TV Cartoons Harmful?" *** Any Harm? According to BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) guidelines, TV producers must carefully consider the effects of any violence their programs portray, cartoons included. "Emotional arousal as a result of violence increases with the ability of the viewer to identify with the situation" is the official view *** w51 8/15 pp. 506-507 Theocracy's Increase in Burma *** A hundred persons stayed. Brother Henschel spoke while I went to the government radio station in Rangoon with some of the brothers who had arranged for me to give a fifteen-minute talk over the radio. The station was BBC, broadcasting on 7,500 watts power. On Wednesday evenings the station puts on an hour's English program from 8:45 to 9:45. This follows a Burmese musical program which I heard at the radio station and it was most interesting. They were playing the native songs and they sound quite different from the American melodies. Not only does Burmese music use whole tones and half tones, but in Burma they break the music down to quarter tones. In other words, they have another note between their whole tones and sharps and flats. To the Burmese this is natural, but to an ear trained to hear the Western music the Eastern melodies are very enchanting but difficult to understand because of the odd tones that are so prominent in their music. Just at the time I was to go on the air, Brother Henschel brought his talk to a close and Station BBC was tuned in at the City Hall. All sat and listened to the fifteen-minute discourse on the hopes of the people and what they could look forward to in a new world of righteousness. The brothers expressed afterward that they believed this broadcast would do much good, especially among the English-speaking Burmese, and they expected to find in the field-service work during the next few days many persons who listened to the program. *** g01 11/8 Why Do Men Batter Women? *** Nicaragua: "Violence against women in Nicaragua is soaring. One survey claimed that last year alone 52 per cent of Nicaraguan women suffered some form of domestic violence at the hands of their men.?" - BBC News. At a convention of Jehovah's Witnesses in London, a spokesman was asked by a TV reporter whether Jehovah's Witnesses are really Christians. He answered: "Yes, very much so because Jesus is our model. There's a lot of selfishness in the world, and we focus on Jesus Christ as the way, the truth, and the life. We believe that he is the Son of God, not a part of a Trinity, so our understanding of the Bible is different from that of standard religion." When the interview was aired on BBC television, the reporter concluded the program by saying: "I've learned a lot more about why Jehovah's Witnesses come knocking on our door. And I don't think I've seen 25,000 people so well dressed and so well behaved all together in one place at the same time." Fine testimony indeed from an outside observer to the wisdom of abiding by God's unchangeable standards! Why Ban Them? "Recently London's BBC Africa Service carried a radio report by commentator Elizabeth Blunt on the banning of Jehovah's Witnesses in Angola. She stated that the banning was not because of any direct challenge to the State. "Instead," she said, "although they are willing quietly to accept the rule of law, they only give their loyalty to God, and refuse to take any active part at all in politics. . . . In African countries where mass political parties urge party cards on all citizens and expect all citizens to share in nation-building activities and to demonstrate positively their loyalty to the state, the Witnesses have been banned and often persecuted, although as individuals they are usually quiet, sober and hard-working."

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