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Lambs to Protect Kids
New Program for getting the word out on child abuse Memorial Day!

Lambs To Protect Kids Worldwide


Special program to raise child abuse awareness scheduled for:

Memorial Day May 26th.


On a day that many remember those that were lost due to war the following is an effort to remember the innocence lost due to child abuse. Ten programs have aired around the world on child abuse and Jehovah's Witnesses key people within the movement have stated this matter has blown over and died down. This campaign is a way to remind Jehovah's Witnesses around the world this issue is not going to go away until Watchtower Policy is changed to better protect children.


Do your part for the silent lambs and help raise child protection awareness with Jehovah's Witnesses in your area. The attachment below is a simple one page announcement that suggests the proper reporting of child abuse allegations. The "bulletin" is designed to be posted on the information board with contact information for silentlambs in the event a problem arises regarding abuse allegations in the congregation. Click Here to review and print out.


Next find a stuffed lamb to deliver with each bulletin. You can often go to "good will" stores and find second hand stuffed lambs for a very inexpensive price the more battered or abused the better. Isn't that the point? A gift of a stuffed toy is hard to turn down and is less confrontational to the recipient. The stuffed lamb also makes it easier to hold the bulletin in the door and draws attention to it.


The procedure is simple just take the poster to your copy shop and make as many copies as you may need. Then look in your local phone book under "Jehovah's Witnesses" and take note of the Kingdom Halls in your area. Make up a list and use a city map to find the most efficient route to each Kingdom Hall. Plan your arrival in the morning between 10:00 am to 11:30 am . If in the afternoon plan your visit between 1:45 pm to 5:00 pm . Often there may be cars in the parking lot, but generally this indicates members are out in door to door work during the times cited above.




What should you do if someone is there? Simply smile look them in the eye and be friendly. If it is a man offer a greeting and shake hands. Then you might say something along the lines:


My name is ____ and I wish to offer a gift to your congregation to highlight the importance of protecting our children. Don't you think that is important?


(At this point hand them a stuffed lamb and the bulletin folded, Don't hang around and give them time to hand it back)


Then conclude with:


Thank you for talking with me, I have several more visits to make, have a nice day.



Remember to be kind as most often the person you are talking with does not know or is not allowed to educate themselves about this issue. Avoid confrontational comments that might put them on the defensive. You have a simple message, it is positive, it can protect children. When they read the bulletin they will get the message and will have an opportunity to educate them selves further.

If you would like to create a press opportunity we are developing a press release to be added soon that you can pass on to local media.


After delivery post your results on the silentlambs guestbook! Report the number of Kingdom Halls visited and what their names were. You can look on the meeting time sign for that information. We will put up a page on the website to report the total number of Kingdom Halls that had lambs delivered and where they were located. Lets see if we can deliver one thousand lambs to Kingdom Halls around the world and make a positive statement and reminder for protecting children.

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