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A sister writes
A sister wrote the following response to the recent Sunday meeting in which the media was discussed.
Good morning Bill, I was thinking about you Sunday during that WT study. Yes, our congregation discussed the media in detail too. Of course the media "lies and slanders Jehovah's people for no cause". "Our brothers never do anything wrong". "We have to believe what our brothers say and never what the media reports". I was in the process of getting my leg muscles ready to stand and walk out the door when an elder raised his hand and said, "Our brothers make some huge mistakes. Of course the media is going to report on what is done because the person was a Jehovah's Witness. We therefore need to be careful what we do because people are watching." This elder is aware of what I'm enduring. I thought his clearing the air was great. I stayed for the rest of the study. Funny, no one else commented on that paragraph after his comment. I wanted to throw up. The media is bad, it lies, it doesn't tell the truth and on and on and on. I was becoming so angry! One elder even said that we have to believe our brothers and know that they always tell the truth...........that was the same elder that told me that "Jehovah sees something worth molding in the pedophile and so he keeps him within the fold to mold and train him". And the victim that left being a Jehovah's Witness? "They didn't have a good heart", he tells me. "Jehovah let that person go because there was nothing for Jehovah to work with. Their heart was no good". That was supposed to be encouraging to me. That was a good answer though...........right? That should make me want to sit in the hall next to the pedophile because Jehovah sees something in that man worth "molding". The only thing I see molding is the brains of the elders that tell people that and think that it's encouraging! God save me from the do-gooders. Our CO comes next week. I will have one final meeting with the elders and the CO and then I am going to quit being called a "Jehovah's Witness". The name now leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I just can't pretend anymore. The friends are wonderful but I'm tired of being told that I need to come to ALL the meetings and get out in service if I expect to make it through Armageddon. I wish it was tomorrow. I am ready. I don't care anymore. I told the PO I don't think the witnesses have the "truth" anymore. They cannot have Jehovah's blessing and be allowing the continual raping of the children. The children are suffering while the pedophile is kept warm and happy,.........and molding. All my love to you and your wonderful help. I am a survivor. I can survive leaving the witnesses, and the abandonment from the friends and my family. I was abused before and survived. I can do it again. I can survive. Thank you, Bill, for being here for me, for all of us. Your friend, Beth

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