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Any Suggestions?
I just got this email, anyone with a possible solution?
Do I have a story for you. I am married to a JW brother, who is mentally ill, I am also a JW. I have read up on mental problems and he fits perfectly on being a narcissist. His behavior has been erratic, we/ my family and I always feel unsafe, he threatens to kill us all the time, I cant sleep at night, I am very stressed. My daughter has had physical problems caused from this, my son is very upset, and thinks well die and feels like he will turn out like him, but hes definitely much more like me. Me and my kids feel completely upset scared, and sad, because we have and never really have friends, they have shunned us and ignored us for years. I dont know what to do anymore, Im scared that it will all come out and the JW will hurt us or something. I dont know what to do, it takes time to explain the rest, there are more issues because we have no food, not much clothes nor money to leave, which me and the kids want. Its hard to know who to trust and what to do. If I leave I dont know where to go or how to get there. Ive been a JW for 23 years, and I was always the one to call the friends, I was to go out with them, I had to be the one to ask them for help, which they didnt give. I have never been abused ever physically. Me and the kids have had a lot of emotional abuse and mental abuse from him everyday. I wish I could just leave. But if youre dirt poor, you cant. If at all you could help us please write me back. The kids and I pray everyday for help, but we cant do it on our own. Thank you for reading, warmly T.

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