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video links to JW abuse policy statements

The Swedish program aired tonight and the response was tremendous! The guestbook was deluged with comments and many personal emails, so far all positive.

The Swedish program website posted the current WT video on their response to the abuse policy allegations. Outrage and infamy are the first two words that came into my mind as I viewed this material.  Below is a compilation of the WT response to the cry of victims to protect children.  These videos are posted in streaming format on the Swedish website and I think all should view this material to see the absolute wickedness perpetrated by this material. 


Below are links and comments about each one. You have to go to the swediah website and then click on SE deras eget material! link on the right side of the page.  Scroll down to the bottom of the Brumley picture to get to the links for Realplayer video. 


1. Policies


Mr. Brumley actually has the audacity to say that JW policy on abuse is far superior to other religions. He goes on to discount how the "two witness" principle is being used to determine the guilt of the perpetrator. Not once does he admit any fault with policy but instead blames the elders for mistakes. Paid "experts" are used to make positive comments on policy and by their comments show their ignorance of how policy works.  Interesting comments after ten documentaries have shown numerous rape survivors have come forward to say the opposite is true.   

 2. Jehovah's Witness response to child abuse


No admission of anything wrong with policy and the statement is "our top priority is to protect the child and then to assist the child molester." "The governing body uniformly is interested in the welfare of the child but laws prevent elders from taking a blanket action." These statements come across as more self serving than a description of reality.    

3. Education through publications

"We have a number of publications that educate about abuse." Funny not one of these articles advise reporting to police.  Once again paid "experts" masturbate positive comments about policy they have not properly investigated and show their lack of ethics by insulting abuse survivors defending that policy. Mr. Stark exhibits particular ignorance of even how the Awake magazine is used at meetings much less how WT policy on abuse works within the congregation.

4. How reliable are the views of dissidents


Abuse survivors are insulted as being persons with an agenda who are trying to make money off coming forward.  A swipe is also taken at silentlambs as implying abuse survivors are being exploited.  I implication is clear anyone who comes forward to media is a bad person with an improper motive.

5. How to maintain moral standards


Insult to injury, Mr. Rodney Stark actually discredits any abuse survivor to come forward as a disfellowshipped person who has some sort of agenda. Shame on him!

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