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Kristi followup
The followup to the court case today.
I received a call from Kristi this afternoon, the court case is settled and Brother Heroux went straight to jail. He got one year with three years probation along with having to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. He will not be allowed to attend church where children are present during his probation and will be required to undergo sex offender counseling. Though Brother Heroux is in his seventies it seems a light sentence for a lifetime of child molestation, at least now he has been identified publicly and to the congregation. How many like Brother Heroux remain unidentified to members of their respective congregations? We applaud the heroic effort of Kristi and Randy who came forward to courageously tell their story and put this pedophile away. They were accompanied by another survivor in the court room who also was victimized by this man, while she was unable to speak due to her emotional state she found the strength to be there, it was a very brave step toward her healing. A fourth person came in support also so at least they were not alone. The molester had five people on his side of the court room, gladly none of them chose to make character statements in his behalf instead they remained silent as they should. Kristi and Randy were able to stand and read victim impact statements to the court that now become part of the written record of this trial. We hope to have a transcript soon and share it on silentlambs. The silent lambs were silent no more and by their efforts children will be protected. If you would like to send a comment to Kristi and Randy I will be glad to forward it on to them. Send it to

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