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Kristi support
Request to support Kristi
With recent work of silentlambs many molesters have been reported to authorities who were operating freely in the congregation. The person mentioned below is one such person in the Boston area, this man has a history of molesting multiple children and remains a JW in good standing. Kristi and another person bravely came forward and pressed charges. The evidence was so overwhelming Ralph is choosing to plead guilty. What remains to be seen is how many Jehovah's Witnesses will show up in court to support Brother Heroux. Kristi will be there along with a couple of other of Brother Heroux's rape survivors. I know this is short notice but if any of you would like to go in support of Kristi and the other survivors we welcome your support. I will not be able to make it but if anyone is in the Boston area please set aside a day to be there on the right side of the court room and show Brother's Herous's supporters where they should be sitting. The email I recieved is as follows the court proceeding starts at 2PM on 4/1/03, if you can make it I think you will not regret it. regards, bill I am sending this email, per request of Kristi Hynes, in regard to the sentencing of Ralph Heroux in the sexual abuse case. The sentencing will be at: New Bedford District Court 75N Sixth Street New Bedford, MA...........on Tuesday, April 1 @ 2pm. I do hope you can muster up some support for her during this trying time. I also must take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the support you have given her. You have been most helpful. I visit your site frequently and am very impressed with the work you have done.

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