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I still find it surreal to see these stories still coming in after two years of making this known to the public. How many? Thousands? Ten thousand? I recall when I first started reviewing wt policy on abuse using various tables and statistics I tried to figure out how many children had been molested in the organization over the last ten years. I tried to be conservative with the numbers always taking the number that would show less as opposed to more. From my private calculations I came up with a figure of just over 127,000 in ten years. The number was so shocking I chose to not make it part of the website. I have talked to 6,000 abuse survivors who were raped as JW children, many have left the organization some are sticking with it and trying to make it work. Yet from the number above we have just scratched the surface, there are so many who have yet to find silentlambs, so many who live with shame thinking they are the only ones as they quietly self-destruct. Most survivors have expressed that when they found silentlambs information it was a turning point in their lives, they finally understood the big picture and were comforted to know there were many others who experienced similiar circumstances. They go on to say by understanding wt policy and why it was at fault instead of them, as elders lead them to believe, was very empowering. Those of you who read this subscribe to this news letter because you see this matter for what it is. The many sacrifices and contributions have helped the word to get out and by doing so you have touched and forever changed lives for the better mostly with people you will never even know. Could that be defined as the ultimate gift of love? I can offer a quiet thank you but perhaps you can never understand the importance and the depth of meaning until you listen to the tear stained conversation of a young person who for the first time in their lives have come to know it was not their fault. The story below is just another person finding that moment, a moment you helped to create by supporting silentlambs. thank you, bill I too, was abused by someone in the "organization". I remember going to an assembly at the age of 13 where they talked about being an accomplice if you knew that someone had done something wrong and had kept it a secret. I was babtized when I was 12, so I felt a huge "moral" obligation to tell the elders what had happened to me. The person who abused me was my uncle so I expected that my speaking out would cause a huge rift in my family but I also expected to be protected. Much to my surprise the one who was protected was him. I have no words to describe how humiliated and ashamed I was made to feel. I sought counseling and filed a police report and the perpetrator was arrested as a result, only to be bailed out by the very elder I had trusted the most, the one I had the courage to confide in. As in any trauma you don't get over it, you just learn to live with it. Although this happened 20 years ago it truly is more difficult to deal with than the abuse itself.

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