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Wednesday, February 7, 2007
@ 12:27 PM
Re: No true religion
Forget about the claims the WTBTS makes about being God's "organization". There is only one mediator between God and people. ONE! That is Jesus Christ. After what Jesus went through for all mankind, He most certainly deserves to be the one and only true mediator. Besides, I think it is a violation of people for a religion to claim it is the only way to go. No religion has the right to try and control people by yanking them around. It's almost as if the "rank and file" have symbolic rings in their noses, and with these rings the WTBTS whips them around any way they feel like it! Maluenda made some very good points! She has astute insight. I am very often impressed with her posts! Your post offered real food for thought. No way can the WTBTS be teaching people the real truth! I left the JW cult about 20 years ago, and I am so glad I am out of there! I think I would be feeling so manipulated, especially about the pedophilia issue. Besides, I just don't want to feel like I came out of a mold or like a marionette. I feel so much better, so much healthier having my autonomy. Furthermore, I feel so much more spiritual not being a JW. I don't have to be in the JW religion or any other religion to feel that spirituality regarding God and His only-begotten Son Jesus Christ. And prayer? Well, prayer is a very personal thing. A religion telling people how to pray, how to talk, how to live, even how to think and feel is truly a spiritual violation of those people! People have a right to their spiritual privacy! And, to paraphrase what Maluenda said, you can KNOW the truth from your HEART. All those meetings, all those books and magazines - - they don't represent the spirituality in your heart. As Maluenda said, listen to your heart. Follow the path your heart opens up to you, and love all things beautiful and good! Maluenda's post to you is full of beautiful and kind insight. I just want to reiterate what she said. Take good care, and be happy. You don't need the JW religion in order to be happy. Quite the opposite, in fact. In the very essence of your being, though, you can find happiness and joy and feel the love of our Heavenly Father.

Maluenda Wednesday, February 7, 2007
@ 10:01 AM
To: No true religion
My dear friend, you DO KNOW the TRUE RELIGION!!!!!!!! Do you really need someone else to tell you the truth. I KNOW you can see the truth from your heart. You know right from wrong. You know how to love and be empathetic to others. You know how to do good works. Religion is a thing taught by those who wish to achieve status, wealth, control, or whatever their purpose is. Some are true to their heart and beliefs but unfortunately those good people-like Mother Theresa- are few and far between. Do you need someone else to tell you how to pray? How to talk to God? Do you need someone to serve as a go between? I don't think so. God loves you. All you have to do is open your heart and concentrate on good things and beauty. Then you'll find the "TRUTH" exists within you where it has been all along. Forget what you've been taught by false prophets. Listen to the love in your heart and embrace lifes many many blessings. Embrace the love and peace that lives there in your heart. Then you will truly, truly know God and the truth. You're not going to find it in any magazine, book, or bible. You are love, you are the ezample of true religion if you choose to live a good life full of love and peace. Don't give up my friend, open your eyes! Blessings and love

JB Wednesday, February 7, 2007
@ 9:56 AM
Message to MT
Leaving the JW organization is very similar to going through rehabilitation for substance abuse. With correct counsel and enough time, a person eventually detoxifies themselves. When I got out almost 20 years ago, I spent time (and still do), being helpful to as many people as I could. When you put good out into the world, goodness usually comes back to you. May God bless you, and you will be in my prayers.

JB Wednesday, February 7, 2007
@ 9:51 AM
Thanks for your prayers
Thank you Maluenda, MT and anyone else who is praying for my brother. Several people in my local community are also praying and forwarding my request to prayer warriors who they know.

mt Wednesday, February 7, 2007
@ 7:52 AM
JW and politic.
Hi Has anybody here heard That JW are a member of Armeniens national commitee. One of the biggest political society's in the world. I just read a litle about it. But never heard about it. They donate money to Holocaust memorial day. Or so they say. I understod that it was to the military, President Bush and governments. Am I wrong in this, or have other here heard it also. If they really are doing this, we must have it out in the open. Every witness have a right to hear this. mt

Tuesday, February 6, 2007
@ 8:08 PM

Thanks, Maluenda! I'm really feeling these days that there is no real true religion on earth. All seem to teach some truths and some false stuff, like the devil did in the Garden of Eden. One thing he said was true and another false. The problem arises when they declare themselves to be the one and only true religion on earth and refuse to let their followers think otherwise. I'm really feeling that in Nimrod's day the sin that God condemned when He confused the languages was organized religion period, but that He is tolerating it only because we insist that we have to be a part of a group that builds a building and makes a name for itself to worship God. Much like He/God tolerated the Israelites having more than one wife. I find it very hard to believe that God would back an organization that has had policies for decades that caused and allowed children to be molested, not to mention that one of those molestors could've left the organization and molested and murdered a child as a lot of molestors do. Why would God expect us to be a part of such an organization if He commands that we be loving, merciful, look after orphans and widows?

Tuesday, February 6, 2007
@ 5:50 PM
When I read about the WTBTS being a "moneyed organization", I was completely taken aback by the gall they have in trying to get money out of people in so many different ways! They have a lot of nerve! It's obvious they don't care about people, they care about what they can get out of them. If only the "rank and file" were open to learning information such as this! They would surely have their eyes opened!! At least I hope so! What an education they would get about their religion, and I surely hope it would register!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007
@ 5:40 PM
Re: Your prayers needed
How trapped your brother must feel! He must literally feel "caught between a rock and a hard place"! I know how hard it is to take a stand when you know that you are risking alienation from people you love. I have been there, but I know, that for myself, I had to leave the JW religion. I had to write that letter of disassociation and get out of that religion. I just felt too unhappy and depressed in there! I believe that your brother has to be true to himself in order not to feel tormented by being in that rut, that cult. If he stays it will just bring him down even more! He has to make that decision, but I pray that he finds freedom from this cold and callous religion, even at the risk of alienating his mother, who doesn't sound as if she has ever showered him with maternal affection, anyway. Who needs that kind of "love"? I wish him all the best and much happiness!

Maluenda Tuesday, February 6, 2007
@ 5:06 PM
I think you've answered you're own question. It's the pot calling the kettle black. Everything that they condemn other religions for doing they do themselves. The difference is that when other religions are caught-they apologize, pay restitution, offer counseling, etc. Jehovah's witnesses, hide, refuse to cooperate, blame the victims, turn their back on the victim further victimizing them, and deny they've done wrong. I wish I had a dime for every time I heard an elder remind the congregation that jehovahs organization is infallible and we should be careful never to bring reproach on it. What they meant is when a brother, elder, sister, is caught doing something against the law-don't go to the police. I personally witnessed instances were brothers were caught stealing by their jobs, child abuse where children were starved to the point of emaciation, molestation, incest, wife abuse, and that's just a start. These were swept under the carpet-let Jehovah take care of it. Yet, they have you believing they are perfect men who write, run, and counsel the underlings. Claiming to be inspired by God. A god who obviously can't make up his mind what to tell his humans. They flip-flop more than a fish out of water. If that doesn't convince you then go look up the criteria to be classified as a cult. Then you'll be able to tell for sure your doubts are definitely not unfounded. Blessings to you friend and may you walk directly into the light of love and out of the shadow of this cult before it destroys your life.

SJG Tuesday, February 6, 2007
@ 4:00 PM
The Truth
In: g93 1993 (7), Title: Why So Many False Alarms? Response for why the governing body of JWs promoted the idea that the world would end at various dates, such as 1975. In their own words from the above article: "They are voicing expectations based on their own interpretation of some scripture text or physical event." Am I crazy or are they admitting that this happened because they interpreted the bible on their own and not by God's Holy Spirit? They admit this, so what's to say that other interpretations aren't simply their own and not from God's Holy Spirit? I am somewhat trying to leave the organization. I am not 100% convinced that they are not the truth. I must be nutso. How are we to trust their other interpretations when they admit that in the past they did this? Is the whole religion based on their own interpretation and not God's Holy Spirit? They also admit in the footnote of that article that what they write in their magazines could be wrong at times too because they are not infallable. This from a religion that disfellowships someone for going to another church or temple and studying other literature? Does anyone else see a problem here? Maybe I've just totally lost my mind. So God is using only them and we are to follow only them or be eternally destroyed, even though they admit that they may teach us something that is in error (wrong)? Other religions are called false for doing this. Why does God consider them different?

Maluenda Monday, February 5, 2007
@ 9:52 AM
TO need prayers
I have sent your request around the world. There are prayer groups in Missouri, Tennessee, Australia, England, looks like Denmark, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, etc. that are praying. Groups of people I might add. And I have also asked them to forward this request to anyone or any prayer group they know! It WILL get better. Blessings, love, and peace to you.

mt Monday, February 5, 2007
@ 9:05 AM
to need prayers
I will also pray for your brother and tell everybody I know. Hope so much your brother come out soon.

mt Monday, February 5, 2007
@ 9:03 AM
Hi M.A.N.
I would very much like to have the link you are talking about. I am right now in a discussion with the worst witnes I have ever met. He is calling all us x-witnesses liers. And he always explain himself out of every prove everybody is comming with. It's him who is calling silent lamb liers, because of Dorthe Tveiti. He is so cruel. So oh, I would like to give him prove, he never ever would be able to run from. Oh he get to my nerves. But I can also smile at him. I hope he someday get his yes up.

silentlambs Sunday, February 4, 2007
@ 11:38 PM
your prayers needed
Please pray for my brother, J. He suffered terrible emotional and mental abuse as a child at the hands of our demented JW mother and stepfather. As a grown man, he is married to a deranged JW woman and is currently looking for a way out of the marriage and the organization. At this point, he isn't even certain of God's existence but is hesitant to be aliented from our mother through disfellowshipping. I am trying to help him as much as I can, and I am hopeful that with your prayers along with mine and those in my local community who possess a spiritual nature, he will escape the madness of this evil cult. Please, even if you don't believe that God hears our prayers, say one anyway. Thank you.

M.A.N. Sunday, February 4, 2007
@ 12:22 PM
To mt
I'm happy you feel better. I think if current and ex-JW's knew how many people were out there with something to say, the WT would die sooner. And please don't ever worry about your spelling. Did you mean the "district convention" for the summer meetings? The WT are experts at avoiding paying the tax authorities. That's why they have so much money to defend pedophiles. So if the governments hit them in the wallet, I'm glad. Someday they'll run out. No child should be dragged out of bed at 5 am and spend 8 hours sitting listening to that garbage. It's child abuse, pure and simple. And parents used to spank 3 year olds because they moved or fussed. I've even seen kids slapped across the face. My last year as an attendant, I saw that and told the parents if they did it again, I'd call the cops and take the kid and they'd have to go through me to get him back until the cops arrived. I got dirty looks but I don't care. If elders fall asleep during talks, how can any sane parent expect a 3 year old to sit perfectly still (with no coloring books) and look at the Bible story book and listen to Brother "Let's see how boring I can be so I win the award of putting the most people into a coma" deliver the GB's latest dreams at "new light". If any of you are unsure of the WT's past, or any lurkers are here, do yourself a favor. Read the past beliefs of the WT since 1879. I can't post the link, Google it and read it. You'll break a few ribs laughing. Did you know that Leviathan in the Bible used to be a "steam locomotive"?? Can you believe that? And most diseases were caused by "biting worms" and not germs? Again, this isn't to just attack a few wacky ideas. My point is to prove that WT's claim to be the slave class is false because they weren't feeding the proper food. Didn't Jesus warn against following those who claimed that he had come back? Well?? Who claims he returned? The WT, in 1914. (By the way, it used to be 1874, they changed it in the 1940's.) There are many good books exposing the WT in the library. Look under Religion, Humor, or Fiction.

mt Sunday, February 4, 2007
@ 3:53 AM
Hi M.A.N.
First thank you for your wishes. It does feel good to write about it and meet other x-witnesses. I write this, because when I read your answer, I was thinking about something, I read last week. In their congretion hall here in Denmark, they used to serve food. But when the tax authorothies, (spelled right??) :-), found out that they had bought an own to 87.000 danish kr. and paied a lot more to make the kithcen up to date, they thought that they also could pay taxes. And then JW closed the kitchen. We were told, that it was because that the brothers and sisters working there, would miss some of the program. What a big lie. I was a JW when it happen. I remember, that I stood up 5 o'clock in the morning, ironing clothes for the family and making food to bring. I also remember the big summer meetings. (dont know the word in english.) When I was a child and a young girl. It was so cosy, standing waiting for food, sitting in the big tents and eat. Now everybody goes to their campingwagon, for them selfes. Not even an icecream you can get there anymore. Nothing for the childreen. Sitting there 8 hours a day in 3 days. It is a huge job for mom and dad, with litle kids. It seems so wrong, when I think back. Well came away from the money. But I agree that they should give money to the poor. What on earth, are they doing with all the money and new buildings, if armagedon is comming. That does'nt make sense. Henchel living in a big five star hotel on Malta. And they say that nobody should be a materialist. No something is absolutely wrong.

mt Sunday, February 4, 2007
@ 3:28 AM
Hi Maluenda
Hi Maluenda and thank's again for your answer. I know it will help and I will remember your words as my wounds are healing up. Off course you are right. The world are wonderfull and people around me are good and carings people. (Most of them). And I'm aware, that this takes time. What strucks me, is that it is now after 8 years, that the pain hurts. Or maby 4 years are more correct, because it's 4 years ago, I discovered that there was something totally wrong with that organisation. But in the past 4 years, I have been so angry, so I could'nt feel the pain. I can feel, inside me, that something is sitting there and can'nt get out. And I dont know what it is. If I'm afraid to see and feel that they are falshe at the same time, or what it is. You know a big stone around my heart. Or in my chest. I am writing in a homepage in Denmark, called And it does help a litle. Also the sime website where I dicuss with JW. But yes, it takes time, I know. I am just looking forward to live again. Without the fear and pain and anger. I am so happy to meet people like you. As I told my friend yesterday, that so far away from our litle Denmark, there are people there, helping and supporting and whom are not afraid to give out of their love. I read what you have been writing to me, and she almost cried also. She is an abused x- witness. And she is having a harder time than I offcourse. But she will also recouver. But I wish you all the luck and happiness, and it's good to know, that you are here. Sincerely mt

M.A.N. Saturday, February 3, 2007
@ 6:13 PM
To: MT
I would just want to add to what Maluenda said. Most people go through a certain process when they leave the WT. It is part of the trip that all seem to follow. I think she explained everything very well, so I'll let it go at that. It might help to know that you aren't the first nor will you be the last to take this journey. I think you will be a better person for it. My best to you.

M.A.N. Saturday, February 3, 2007
@ 5:45 PM
I'm glad you posted the material on donations. Again, we realize that the main purpose of SL is about abuse. But people continue to be healed by realizing that the WT is NOT God's organization and that they won't go to Hell or lose his favor if they quit. WT apologists and lurkers continue to accuse us of attacking their beliefs and actions. They follow the GB's quite clever and cute little articles about "what are the motives of these apostates and complainer"? This is classic propaganda, to divert the issue. Our motives are to help people NOT be abused in the first place, if they ARE abused to give them comfort, and to help them NOT to be abused ever again, we warn them of situations where abuse occurs and why. JW's suffer just about the highest rate of abuse of any religion precisely because they belong to a cult and they fear to break any of its rules. This sets them up for further abuse and the silencing of any past abuse. So it is necessary to expose who did it to the victims, how it was done, and why. Now to the donations. The WT couldn't last too long in court if they had no money, so any donations to the WTS actually are helping to keep rapists hidden in the congregations. They avoid jail time or the WT lawyers fight to hide the identities of the molesters. Many of you might remember the story we all read in high school "The Scarlet Letter", where Hester Prynne had to wear a large red "A" on her dress so the town knew her sin. I don't condone this, but in the case of abusers, the congregation should be told. In Florida, they publish a state-wide newspaper describing the abusers, with pictures, addresses, weight, height, tattoos, the works. In some cases, if one is spotted who is on the run (not having reported his change of address) citizens have arrested him by force. I find it perverted that the WT fights to hide the abusers (except from their own children) and the citizens (who are considered "scum" by the WT) care enough to do all that's needed to keep these animals in jail. Who has the better morals? You decide. Back to the money. The WT is obviously very knowledgeable and up to date about how to donate to the WTS. They continue to pump money from the JW's. Most JW's I know can't make ends meet because of not going to college or leaving good jobs in 1975. I would think the WT would be ashamed to ask for money. They should be giving every JW a pension instead of asking for money. I think HRC is right in that someday, the WT will have PayPal on its web site to take credit card donations. They have no shame. I strongly urge everyone not to give the WT one penny. Let them dismiss Bethel workers. Let them have to sell real estate in NYC and let their huge profits become known. I hope the Feds go after them for taxes. I hope Patterson goes broke and halls have to be closed. Decades ago they claimed they'd never ask for money or pass a collection plate. How is this any different? We all know how the JW's are going to feel. Guilty, so out come the wallets. Shame on you, WT. You become experts on financial affairs and ignorant as rocks about child abuse. I am now asking "what is YOUR motive for asking for money"? Don't you have enough? I know the typical JW doesn't. You attack other religions about anything you can think of. But do you run soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and give to the poor? What did Jesus tell the rich man to do? TO SELL WHAT HE HAD, GIVE TO THE POOR, AND BE HIS FOLLOWER. Why don't you try that?? Sell all the buildings (no one reads the WT anymore, it's the same old garbage), give the money to the poor (I know you'll find many in NYC), and try being a follower of Jesus (something you haven't done in 120 years). Wouldn't that be a nice change of pace?

Maluenda Saturday, February 3, 2007
@ 10:11 AM
You feel empty right now because all that you knew is gone. All that you thought was right and true is false. A lie. It's hard for your head to accept what your heart knows deep inside you. It will take time. You will learn to fill your life with happiness, beauty, and most of all true love! You will be free to love unconditionally. You will learn that yes there are bad people in this world but they are a majority. Think about how many people you meet every day when you go to work, the store, etc. They smile at you, hold the door, laugh with you, coo over a baby with you. These are not satan worshipers! They are good people. You will learn to live! As you do you wil see how sheltered your life has been. How void of love and laughter. Real love that comes from your heart, real laughter that comes from deep inside and makes you feel good the rest of the day. The farther you walk away from the cult the easier it will be to see how false it is. You'll see your family in a whole new light. You'll love them more. It will be hard to celebrate holidays, at first it'll feel all wrong, you'll feel guilt. But do it anyway. The joy in your childrens eyes and hearts will melt away the fear and the guilt. Soon you'll see that these are expressions of love. You'll be free to love and grow. You know what is right and wrong. You know what real love is. Open up to it , open up to this wonderful world we've been given as a gift from GOD! You'll see how quickly your hear twill become full and even overflowing. You are in my prayers dear friend. I am always here!

HRC Saturday, February 3, 2007
@ 6:38 AM
Jehovah's Witnesses a Moneyed Organization
Do not be misled by smooth talkers. Watchtower Bible and Tract Society loves money. An organization that talks about simplicity of life, still advocates big money making and spending. As my previous post about the "Charitable Gifts" indicates a new way of thinking has been indicated in the Watchtower. About 70 years ago, the Watchtower never outlined in specific detail this type of Donation arrangement. As you can see the article was kind of bold. Almost a covetous way of pushing JW's into doing something that should be done privately and between us and Jehovah God. Are Jehovah's Witnesses being more like the churches of Christendom in this regard? Will the Watchtower find themselves taking Credit Card transactions eventually? Time will tell.

HRC Saturday, February 3, 2007
@ 6:16 AM
Worship the God of All Money
Covetous acts of Jehovah's Witnesses Watchtower November 1, 2003: Cultivate a Giving Spirit Ways in Which Some Choose to Give CHARITABLE PLANNING In addition to outright gifts of money and conditional donations of money, there are other methods of giving to benefit Kingdom service worldwide. These include: Insurance: The Watch Tower Society may be named as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy or a retirement/pension plan. Bank Accounts: Bank accounts, certificates of deposit, or individual retirement accounts may be placed in trust for or made payable on death to the Watch Tower Society, in accord with local bank requirements. Stocks and Bonds: Stocks and bonds may be donated to the Watch Tower Society as an outright gift. Real Estate: Salable real estate may be donated either by making an outright gift or, in the case of residential property, by reserving a life estate to the donor, who can continue to live therein during his or her lifetime. Contact the branch office in your country before deeding any real estate. Gift Annuity: A gift annuity is an arrangement whereby one transfers money or securities to the Watch Tower Society. In exchange, the donor, or someone designated by the donor, receives a specified annuity payment every year for life. The donor receives an income-tax deduction the year the gift annuity is established. Wills and Trusts: Property or money may be bequeathed to the Watch Tower Society by means of a legally executed will, or the Watch Tower Society may be named as beneficiary of a trust agreement. A trust benefiting a religious organization may provide certain tax advantages. As the term “charitable planning” implies, these types of donations typically require some planning on the part of the donor. To assist individuals desiring to benefit the worldwide work of Jehovah’s Witnesses through some form of charitable planning, a brochure has been prepared in English and Spanish entitled Charitable Planning to Benefit Kingdom Service Worldwide. The brochure was written in response to the many inquiries received regarding gifts, wills, and trusts. It also contains additional useful information on estate, financial, and tax planning. It informs individuals of a variety of ways that gifts may be made either now or through a bequest at death. After reading the brochure and conferring with their own legal or tax advisers and the Charitable Planning Office, many have been able to assist Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide and, at the same time, maximize their tax benefits of doing so. This brochure may be obtained by requesting a copy directly from the Charitable Planning Office.

mt Saturday, February 3, 2007
@ 4:56 AM
Thank you so much
Hi Muluenda I cried so much when I read your answer. so full with loving and healing words. It's a very good explanation, that if I had children, would I kill them, because they believed something else. No offcourse not. I have children and I love them very dearly. And thank you for being there for me. It is a great help. You have had to been a JW, to understand how it is to leaving it. I just can't figure out, how to get ower it. How to feel completely free. I think as I wrote, that to see some prove that realy could tell that they are falshe, would help many people. But it's difficult to find. And I also think that I'm afraid of what I will feel. Because it has been filling my whole life. Somehow. So what shall I do with the big emptyness that will come. And what are there instead. If you can follow me. But thank you so much. It is a big reliefe finaly to talk about it. Many regards mt

Maluenda Friday, February 2, 2007
@ 2:55 PM
I know you are feeling afraid and confused. So many of us here have gone through what you are feeling right now. You don't have to a victim of child or sexual abuse to suffer after leaving the JWs. Keep in mind that this is a cult. Cults brain wash you. This helps keep decent people in line with their thinking. It also makes you feel guilty when you think for yourself. I'm sure right now your heart is telling you that the right thing to do is to LEAVE this religion behind. This contradicts everything that you have been taught. It makes you feel guilty, unworthy, and afraid. Let me tell you my friend, we have all felt this. It will get better but it will take time to heal. We will be here to help you, encourage you, and to listen to your pain as it poors from your heart. I want you to remember that GOD, whether you call him Jehovah or not-loves you. You are worthy of the love of the creator-your creator. You are his child. Do you have children? Could you ever imagine killing one of them because they didn't do what you said was right. Or killing them because they didn't believe a certain way? No, of course not. It's a crazy thing to suggest. So why would your heavenly father kill you or destroy this beautiful earth? Every religion that claims to be Christian and the only true religion has claimed an armeggeddon would occur. Many, including the JWs have even given dates that the end would come. It hasn't happened and it won't happen. Love, the love taught by Jesus and GOD does not involve killing but forgiveness. It doesn't involve punishment, just love and forgiveness. Are you a good person? Not perfect, but always trying to do good? Then why would GOD want to kill you when he teaches love your neighbor as yourself. Remeber these things my friend and let us be there for you. You are on a hard road, but you're not alone, you're not unloved. We are here for you. Many blessings and much strength!!!!!!!

mt Friday, February 2, 2007
@ 2:36 PM
Problems getting free
Hi Maluenda Thank you so much for your loving words. I was so touched so I got tears in my eyes. And I will always, talk in silents lambs favor. I am so happy, that someone is rising and talking the litle kid's causes. I wish we had such a thing in denmark. I would'nt mind. But I dont know how to get it worked. I know that this side, is a side for silents lambs. But I have a crises right now. And I am so scared and have my doubts about JV. Not that I am going back, but I am afraid. So I hope it is all right,that I write this in here. I would so much wish, that I could write a book about all this. Because if I can sit here after 8 years and feel so much pain and be so afraid of Armagedon, there must be so many people out there, with the same problems. I can see with my logic, that they just can'nt have the truth. But in my heart I feel different. And espaccely when I read on the danish web sites what they are writing. Inspice of all the stuff I have been reading about in the last month. Stocks in weapon and smoking facturyes. And Russell as a mansonry and so on. And off course all the poor childreen getting abused. Like my to girlfriends, which I love so much. Maby I am standing in front of, you know, soon everything is getting so clear, and the big emptyness. I dont know. What we all need, is that we all will discover that JW really is a falsh religion. Out to the public. I cant remember the word in english. But you know, when a robber is caught, he is ?......., Everybody could see that he was falsh. This is the best I can explain right now. I hope so much, that somebody can help. And sorry for using this side, with problems that are my own, and not about abusing. Sincerely mt

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