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SJG Friday, February 23, 2007
@ 12:48 PM
The Truth
Thanks M.A.N.! You're so right. It's not just the molestation victims who have suffered at the hands of the governing body of JW. To the so-called TFJWs, you are not the only ones teaching basic bible truths. This "We're the truth faith and everyone else false" crap is causing children and teens to be molested, people to commict suicide, possibly homicide, and it is destroying families. But we can't be surprised that after given the evidence there are still going to be those who insist that the people claiming to be victims on this site are a fake because there are still people who uphold the beliefs of Hitler after seeing the damage his regime did to people. I really feel that the problem is some people need to feel that they are on some kind of pedestal over other people cults like Jim Jones and false religions like the JWs cater to this in people "the elite, chosen who will be saved when everyone else is destroyed. The special ones who God loves more." It's crap and we all need to concentrate on loving our Creator with our whole being and our neighbor(everyone on earth) as ourself & stop worrying about being better than the next person.

janemissy Friday, February 23, 2007
@ 7:47 AM
how to find WT and NGO
If you want to look for yourself about WT and NGO, go to On the left side you will find UNITED NATIONS and the WATCHTOWER site. The famous beast will appear, and then again om the left side all the information you want. OSSE is the name to look for on any server. Its called OSCE in Norway. (For scandinavians to read) Randy Watters is the best and the most well informed person I have read about in these matters. Good luck on the internet! Best wishes from Jane.

Maluenda Friday, February 23, 2007
@ 3:12 AM
Interesting reading. This is the first time I've heard of such a group. It makes sense though. It seems to me that these folks are on target as to what their bible says they ought to be doing. I wonder though how they would handle a peodophile case? If a member of their church admitted or had charges brought against him that he was molesting children. Would you decide as a congregation to go to the police or would you let Jehovah handle it in his own time? Second question I have: What happens to all the good people on the earth when armeggeddon comes? Do all the people who have lived good , decent, useful lives die eternally because they aren't JW's? What happens to them? If whoever posted about the TJW's could answer those questions I would be most grateful. Blessings to you.

Friday, February 23, 2007
@ 12:40 AM

Question: Where are True Faith Jehovah’s Witnesses located? Answer: Well, let me say from the start that I am in the United States where I became a TFJW partly by reading on the internet as well as conversation, book reading and the Bible in particular. But I will answer this and all your questions as well as I know how. The answer, then, is that although TFJWs have now become worldwide most of us are still in Romania and other nations of East Europe such as Moldova, the Ukraine, Russia, Hungary and the Czech Republic. I have no documented statistics to give you but from what has been related to me there are also some in Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Germany etc. Similarly, relatively small groups are in large capitals of West Europe such as Berlin, Paris, and London. In North America here there are very scattered individuals and very small groups in places such as larger cities like New York City and immigrant-magnets such as Dearborn, Michigan, in the United States. In Canada some TFJWs are in Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, and Vancouver. You will not, however, find any listed in a telephone directory as homes and public meeting places such as parks and community centers are good enough, though we have had some really large conventions in East Europe. Up to 35,000 have met at conventions in Romania, for example. Because of the internet, I feel confident that every day people including from related groups around the world in Asia, Australia and Africa are also learning the truth about us and Jehovah’s will. Question: Where are most TFJWs located in Romania? Answer: In Romania TFJWs are throughout the nation in both cities and rural areas. Some cities for example I frequently hear of Cluj Napoca and Tirgu Mures. Question: How many True Faith Jehovah’s Witnesses are there around the world? Answer: Although only about 35,000 meet at TFJW conventions in Romania, due to barriers such as borders and expenses, there are about 60,000, in addition to which there are nearly 40,000 in about nine other related groups in Eastern Europe. Question: How do TFJWs view Watchtower Society-led Jehovah’s Witnesses and other groups that have split from the Watchtower Society? Answer: All Jehovah’s Witnesses who are still loyal to Jehovah ahead of any earthly group of religious leaders and actively in proclaiming the Good News of Jehovah’s incoming kingdom are viewed as brothers and sisters, warmly welcomed when visiting with TFJWs. A true friend of Jehovah is a true friend for us too. At the same time, we as TFJWs are fully aware of the fact that there are JWs and smaller groups who put the interpretations of their human organizations’ religious leaders over Jehovah’s Son, Jesus Christ. So, I again say that for a True Faith Jehovah’s Witness it really depends upon if a particular JW from another group is putting the will of Jehovah God and His Son first or, for example, giving primary allegiance to the governing body of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society which has elevated itself in apostate fashion. Question: Can you quickly name the common beliefs and differences regarding TFJWs and Watchtower Society JWs? Answer: Yes. As to God’s nature, the condition of the soul, the resurrection hope and so forth the beliefs are exactly the same. The major difference is that True Faith Jehovah’s Witnesses in contrast to Watchtower Society- headed JWs do not have formal Judicial Committees with harsh disfellowshipping. Instead those in congregations decide for themselves how to react to someone who has done something seriously wrong, doing so in a spirit of reasonableness in consideration of many different factors. This applies for example to the use of tobacco and blood. Also, TFJW women typically wear scarves as a sign of respect in line with what the Bible says. All TFJW husbands take very serious the need to be upbuilding Christian role models as older men for their families. For example a TFJW father would not want his children to be involved in Western style “dirty dancing,” but would encourage them to be loyal to Jehovah above all, also to enjoy some well-balanced wholesome Christian activities such as witnessing and picnicking. Question: What about the nature of God meaning the trinity doctrine? Answer: There exist Jehovah God Almighty, His Son Jesus Christ, and Jehovah’s Holy Spirit. They are different from each other although they are all holy. Jesus is not identical to Jehovah as a person although the same in regard to beliefs even as a mirror reflects a face. Let me make clear that we differ from the beliefs of persons in the churches, even strongly on some things, but we seek to be respectful and kind all the same. Christ visited with and helped people who were not only worshippers of Jehovah but also some who were sinners and pagans, is that not so? Question: Okay, moving on, why do True Faith Jehovah’s Witnesses believe the Watchtower Society headquartered in Brookyn, New York, is apostate, meaning against God’s will? Answer: That will take a minute or two. You see, during the Cold War the Watchtower Society leadership compromised in the Western group of nations which was led by the USA and its agencies such as the CIA and British intelligence, which we believe the Bible speaks of as the King of the South. Also they compromised in the Eastern Bloc of Communist nations headed by the USSR and its agencies including the KBG and Romanian secret police, a group which the Bible collectively calls the King of the North. Yes, the men in Brooklyn were infiltrated and at the same time Communist secret police used moles and traitors to try to destroy groups of TFJWs meeting underground in places such as private homes and outdoors in East Europe. The Watchtower Society also interpreted and still interprets the “superior authorities” to whom Christians owe ultimate allegiance to be the world’s governments while TFJWs continued, despite persecution, to see the truly “superior authorities” as Jehovah and the Christ. The Bible says to be respectful of governments, and we can do so well enough especially when those are respectful of us as Christians. However we have always refused to go so far as to have our faith bow down to the dictates of any dictatorship including those of the Nazis and Communists! Nor will we bow down to any U.N. demands against our faith! And, by the way, we know full well from reading the internet that on the sly the Brooklyn apostates have had a harlot-like liaison with the U.N. as an N.G.O affiliated with it. They still have a relationships but have hidden it a little more under the bedsheets. That may burn up some to hear it but, well, it is the hard truth! Let’s be reasonable. In all truth, many good-hearted JWs in the West can see for themselves that the Watchtower Society’s doings have brought reproach upon Jehovah’s grand name. Such JWs do not feel though that they can easily cut ties with the Watchtower Society because when they do the apostate leaders from Brooklyn have the local elders declare those who dissent are apostates and that they are to no longer be associated with as before. The best many have been able to do is cut down or cut out their money donations to the apostates. Back in the 1970s the Watchtower Society began setting up Bodies Of Elders who must obey their idea of a religious “Theocratic Arrangement” which in fact is a dictatorship. In particular by disfellowshipping those who dissent, their apostate dictatorship has caused great unhappiness and we sometimes hear of suicides or deaths. Unlike this dragon-like dictatorship, we who are True Faith Jehovah’s Witnesses allow dissent and encourage newcomers to express it so that the can all grow in our faith. It is also a fact that Watchtower Society-appointed elders are ordered to send any pedophiles they or Brooklyn head over them have judged repentant to also go preaching from door to door. As said, among TFJWs not a committee of Watchtower-appointed elders but all in a congregation freely decide how to deal with a serious sinner. Among us, all things being equal, we normally say of every Christian man who is an older man with children behaving that he merits our respect as one of our elders, but this word “elder” is not a kind of title or position for lording it over others and judging, even misjudging them harshly as it is with the Watchtower Society. Question: Okay, and how does Field Service differ for TFJWs? Answer: We too take Field Service seriously but do not use it to destroy the normal lives of our families. Instead it is kept regular but enjoyable. Those who can do more are encouraged to do so but not given unChristian pressure to do so. We seek to be reasonable and encourage people, young and old, in good health and in declining health, to do what they can reasonably do in view of their God-given talents, as said their health and other considerations. Question: Do you count time, and write down how many things you place? What about regular meeting attendance? Answer: No TFJWs are “forced” to do those things. Witnessing in an orderly way is encouraged and many do so, but it is not a requirement for being seen as a brother or sister in the faith. Nor is robotic rigid attendance written in stone. Hebrews says to not stop meeting but it does not order how frequently that absolutely must be. No, mercy, love and kindness go ahead of harshly inflexible Pharisee-style rules or laws! Above all, Jehovah knows our amount of “time in service” and as to things that get placed or left with people, usually for us such things are not made of paper but they are the speaking of scriptures from a Bible. We do have some literature about the Bible for studying and sharing, but the main tool for witnessing is the Bible. Question: So, how do you get the preaching work done if you do not have a human governing body, district overseers, circuit overseers and appointed local elders? Answer: We are an Association of Christians. This means there are local groups and sometimes in some places isolated Christians who all understand from studying the Bible what is to be done, that is that we must preach and conduct ourselves as much like Christ as is possible for imperfect, therefore sometimes failing but sincere humans. There is no need for an enormous publishing corporation and overseers elevated above other Jehovah’s Witnesses! That’s a business, not faith! We’re a FAITH, not a human organization like those bossed by corrupt big businesses, governments and religions. Instead, the One we all look to as our spiritual king is Jesus Christ, the Son of Jehovah God Almighty. There is a kingdom which is securely in heaven where no rust, moth, nor apostates can ruin it. And it extends down upon earth into the hearts and minds of all true Christians whom we seek to draw together in the faith which is an association of those witnessing to the goodness of Jehovah. Jesus Christ is the one and only truly faithful and discreet slave, the only needed leader over all true Christians. All the same, the Watchtower Society’s Governing Body says they, the sinful men sitting on that body, are the Faithful and Discreet Slave as class. What kind of sense does that make for any Jehovah’s Witness who truly is for Jehovah and His Christ?! Jehovah’s Holy Spirit was used to create the heavens and the earth, and His Holy Spirit will create a new heavens and a new earth as well as continually comfort and move us ahead in the ministry as a healing unto all the nations. We don’t need a pretend kingdom out of Brooklyn over the earth. That’s just a cult of darkness in the palm of Satan. Question: And do you have any idea how long it takes newcomers to become True Faith Jehovah’s Witnesses? Answer: The basic scriptures can be explained from the Bible in a single setting, but for many people it may take weeks, months or years because they need time to associate and gain strength to give up some bad habits. So the answer is it can be from an hour all the way to many years. For most, then, the length of time is somewhere in between. However, staying Christ like is something that is a lifelong exercise in the faith. Question: Interesting. Did someone from Romania, in the U.S. or another nation appoint you to be a spokesperson for the TFJWs? Answer: Jehovah’s Spirit can make the rocks speak if that is what it takes. I am a little rock who is rock solid in faith to Jehovah Himself. Therefore His Spirit comforts and encourages me to declare the Good News, set the record straight and to encourage others to do the same. Jehovah made my mouth and it is used to glorify Him. The one true Rock is Christ, not some modern Peter or Paul or Knorr, Franz, Henschel or other apostates of darkness. I myself am a puff of air but even when one little rock leaves Jehovah can and He does raise run a hundred, even a thousand others. Each can cry out what needs cried out. Question: So, were you previously a Jehovah’s Witness? I know I studied and attended a little with them. Answer: The fact is that I have always been a Jehovah’s Witness and a witness for Jesus Christ, and I pray to always stay so even to death. As to if I am a JW in the True Faith belonging to the truly superior authorities, or if I am a JW whose heart is for the Watchtower Society, as if that contraption actually were Jehovah, well, I already know that you know that answer! Question: Where can interested persons find out more information? Answer: I believe you pretty much have it. The Bible is the main light. We also make use of literature produced for JWs prior to about 1962 when the apostates tightened their grips in Brooklyn. As Christ said, you will know us by our fruits of love, joy, peace etc. We are dedicated to doing God’s will and making disciples for Christ. Question: Then it looks like we’ve come to the end of the interview, and I want to thank you for coming. As soon as possible you will be given a transcript of the interview. Answer: You’re welcome, and I thank you in turn.

Maluenda Thursday, February 22, 2007
@ 8:15 PM
RE: SL site
I think it's wonderful that DJB can express himself on this site. I think it's a perfect example of how many of us feel. It's so easy to think of this site as our home, belonging solely to us. So many of us find comfort, solace, and love here. We make it our home. Sometimes those who have different beliefs than us may post something that goes against our personal opinions or thoughts. I think we all need to keep in mind that the purpose of the site was to give victims a voice. It really doesn't matter if you are agnostic, Catholic, JW, Pagan, or what you call your higher power. What matters is that we are all here to have a voice. To tell our stories. To help others cope when times seem darkest and to share in the triumphs when progress is made and sometimes to vent against our abusers. That is the thread that has brought us together. The bond is that we, either directly or indirectly have suffered from the abuse (emotional, physical, or sexual) of a religious cult. Now we are all trying to shed the darkness and step out into the light of the real truth. It's a horrendous task to undertake alone, especially when chances are your lifelong family and friends have left you out in the cold. Being a moderator is a tough job. We have to give Bill and his team credit for the endless hours they put in to keep this site up and running. Especially Bill and his bride who more often than not fund this site solely with their own earnings. So with that in mind we should all keep in mind the real purpose here is not to convert anyone to a particular way of thinking. It is to offer support when support is needed, encouragement when it's needed, love always, and to not put anyone down for their belief or disbelief in anything. It is to help victims and their families who have been abused by clergy. This site is not for everyone. There are sites that encourage bible study, pursuing Christianity, and God as the path to healing from abuse. There are sites that support agnosticism as a path to healing. This site accepts all abuse victims from all spiritual paths, condones nor condemns any of them. So if you find the fact that SL allows everyone to express their personal views (as long as they do not attack or condemn anyone else on the site) then perhaps this isn't the site that would feel most comfortable to you. That statement isn't meant to discourage anyone from being here. It's just another side of the coin to look at. Since the point is healing we want everyone to heal in the most conducive, supportive environment possible. So like with anything else in life: Find what works best for you. As always Blessings , Peace, Love, and most of all a healthy path to healing.

M.A.N. Thursday, February 22, 2007
@ 5:22 PM
To SJG re: the chosen
I usually avoid doctrinal discussions, but this one can help victims. Many victims are afraid to disobey the WT or elders because they firmly believe that they and God are one and the same. You brought up the 1914 issue. Actually, the WT claims that Jesus made his inspection in 1919 and found the WT dispensing "proper food at the proper time". Since virtually all their teachings from that year are now "wrong", it knocks the support for their claim to be the "faithful slave" out from under them. My point is that many victims fear to displease God if they report the abuse. If they believed that God preferred that they DID report it (possibly saving others from being abused), they would feel better and heal more fully. "Captive of a Concept" is an excellent book written by an ex-JW elder whom I know. The book debunks the doctrine of the WT being the faithful slave class. I know that if victims feel that God loves them and does not blame them for seeking professional help or coming to this site for comfort, they will recover sooner. I hope this information helps.

Thursday, February 22, 2007
@ 5:02 PM
For the record, it helps many victims to recover when they are able to discuss their belief (or not) in God. Some stop believing, some still believe and blame him, and some hate him for allowing abuse. Every victim is different. I see no pattern of anyone posting an "anti- God" agenda. I know that MAN became an agnostic and there is a female poster who hates the WT but believes in higher power (s). Abuse victims need to go through stages in order to recover. You stated that you thought this was a place for JW's who were abused. It is not only for them. All abuse victims are welcome here. The majority who post here may be JW's or ex-JW's, but that may be due to other factors. No one has to prove his/her faith or lack of faith to post here. You complain about having "religion pushed on you", yet you state that you believe God sees everything and infer that he will do something. Isn't that YOUR religion being now pushed on others who don't believe? The issue isn't belief in God, it is how the abuse happened, how to stop it in the present and future, and how to help victims to recover. Then you again state you are religious and believe in God. The agnostics here would claim you are pushing your beliefs on THEM, since they don't believe in God. To be fair, you should consider that you are maybe doing the same thing that you complain about, but in reverse. You then again make the claim that this site is for victims associated with the WT, either currently or in the past. As the SL reply stated, it is NOT only for WT or JW victims. ALL are welcome here. I hope that you can view my comments objectively and will post here and benefit from the comments of everyone. We at SL care about ALL victims and this site is necessary until abuse ceases forever no matter where or when it occurs. Thank you for your support.

silentlambs Thursday, February 22, 2007
@ 2:11 PM
If you would like to write the Murray State University and express appreciation for the assistance with fixing the guestbook you may do so here. This link provides address and information to the president of the college. I helps them to know that their professors are rendering great service to the community. The person that fixed the website's name is Victor R.

Maluenda Thursday, February 22, 2007
@ 12:20 PM
To All
Isn't it wonderful that the GB is fixed. A huge amount of praise should go out to this kind professor that has helped us all. Good really does triumph over evil in the end! Love, Hugs, Blessings, and THANK YOU a MILLION TIMES OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

M.A.N. Thursday, February 22, 2007
@ 10:53 AM
Thank you
I just wanted to post this to thank the person who worked on the guestbook. I am a network engineer and computer "geek", and I realize how much work websites require. I just wanted to point out how difficult a job this person performed in order to make the guestbook operational. I'm sure we all appreciate this and hopefully abuse victims can post more easily and others can quickly offer consolation and comfort. M.A.N.

silentlambs Thursday, February 22, 2007
@ 9:34 AM
guestbook fixed!
We are happy to report the repair of the guestbook. In recent months misguided individuals have blitzed the guestbook with thousands of spams in an attempt to shut us down. They also included malicious viruses that would attack the person trying to delete the spam. Volunteers for sl have lost their computers on six different occasions just trying to keep the guestbook operational. We are happy to let everyone know that with the kind assistance of a professor from Murray State University a Capta Tag was installed that provides the letters below to cut out the spams. If you would like to express your appreciation for the efforts of this kind man please do so here. We were at the breaking point with over 1,000 spams a day. Now we can operate again. We greatly appreciate his kind assistance. silentlambs

DJB Wednesday, February 21, 2007
@ 9:17 PM
Can Victims Still Believe in God???
The agenda here has changed since I first wrote. Don't be mistaken I write for victims and I always have here. Some who write here are Anti-God and they push this agenda. I thought this was a site for victims of Sexual abuse and there families who were Jehovah's Witnesses not an anti-god siminar!!! I am sick of hearing them constantly pushing their Religion on all of us. Silentlambs seems no longer true to its mandate to support victims of s. abuse and families regardless of religious beliefs. My last comment should have been printed February 8, 2007. Yes I believe God sees what is happening and who are we to say he wont do anything?? For me as a religious person and a victim of watchtower policy you Silentlambs NO LONGER support me here at you web site. Respect should be for all. Some write constantly write and promote their Anti-God Relgion and I am tried of hearing them write in constantly and you know who that is and when I write you don't print my comments. Why don't you censor her comments??? Her anti-God push has nothing to do with support for victims of sexual abuse and victims of Watchtower policy. I do think you should put in my last comment and this comment to be fair. We have been victims and we live out here in the community and we are religious and believe in God!!! This is a support site for x and presently and inactive witnesses and those raised as JW is it not???? I have written and supported this site since 2002. You treat me badly by rejecting my comments... I Challenge you to read up on the comments I have regularly submitted and you tell me if I have a point here!!!!!DJB ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- silentlambs reply-Thank you for writing and due to the attempts to delete spam we may have inadvertently deleted your post. At sl we support those that have suffered abuse, some have lost their faith in God others remain active JW's while some maybe somewhere in between. We want the guestbook to be a safe place for all to talk and express their feelings. No one should be attacked for doing so. We hope you will continue to support the guestbook and this post is good advice to all our moderators to remember the mission statement for silentlambs. We simply support and believe all those that have suffered abuse.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007
@ 12:46 PM
To Lyne
I am so glad you went to the authorities about your abuse! It took a lot of courage to do that! Did you try talking to the elders first or just figure, 'forget that!' and go straight to the authorities? I hope others follow your example and go to the authorities as well. The appropriate authorities, and they are most certainly not the elders under the rule of the WTBTS! Good for you!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007
@ 12:40 PM
To janemissy
The WTBTS was and NGO of the United Nations as recently as October 2006?! Wow. I thought that they pulled out after ten years of involvement. And they're also involved with a political and military organization within the United Nations? Boy, they really have a lot of nerve! How do you find this NGO list? I wish I could tell the JW members of my family about this and have them take it seriously. Once I mentioned to one of my family members the WTBTS NGO involvement with the United Nations, and he made excuses for them! He thought there had to be a good reason for the WTBTS to do that. These Jehovah's Witnesses who believe that the WTBTS can do no wrong! They make me want to pull my hair out! There are many very intelligent people in this 'religion', but their intelligence is so manipulated once they become JWs that they are extremely hard to talk to about anything except the weather! They just can't see what's really what, and that is so sad!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007
@ 12:20 PM
I enjoyed your comments! They are right on! I hope that any JWs coming here are helped by your insightful intelligence. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

Maluenda Friday, February 16, 2007
@ 7:13 PM
To Lyne
It's a very hard thing to do to speak against ones own family. You did the right thing-the only thing you could do in this situation. There is no way to know how many children you have saved. You are very courageous and I applaud you. Welcome to SL. Let us know if there is anything you'd like to discuss. We are here for you. Blessings!

janemissy Sunday, February 11, 2007
@ 6:38 PM
WT and NGO-membership
Are the WT-boys still at it? The WT Society did participate in a conference in Warsaw Oct. 2006 listed as NGO-members. OSCE, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe had a meeting called: Human Dimension Implentation Meeting. OSCE is a political and military organization within the UN framework of laws. Looking at the other NGO-members on the list, you will find delegates from various organizations. Very ironic.. Just to tell you that the WT is capable on doing whatewer it takes to get what they want. Whatever that is. You may wonder............

SJG Sunday, February 11, 2007
@ 3:28 PM
The Truth
What god's power is it that allows one to convince another that false things said about God are true? One who manipulates=a manipulator, One who predicts the future falsely=a false prophet, one who teaches false things in the name of God=false religion. God's spirit never directs someone to do the wrong thing for decades. It directs in a correct, 100% truthful way from the start. There is an evil joke being played on millions of people on this earth. We'll have to pray for them.

SF Sunday, February 11, 2007
@ 2:26 PM
Just like the Catholics, Jehovah's Witnesses will forever be linked with protecting pedophiles. We have to inform the neighbors of Brooklyn Heights that the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society are protecting pedophiles and that their children are in great danger!!!

CFB Sunday, February 11, 2007
@ 2:20 PM
Jehovah rules in favor of Danish Newspaper
The Denmark case ruling is evidence enough that Jehovah God does not tolerate child abuse. When a well known newspaper is reporting the facts, the people will read and form their own opinion of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society/Jehovah's Witnesses. It is amazing that Watchtower accuses a Danish newspaper of slander when they slander the Catholic Church of Child abuse in their Kingdom News offering. The great God Jehovah will continue to allow court victories in favor of child abuse victims. It is time to sue the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of allowing this dispicable practice to continue in their churches!

keijo Sunday, February 11, 2007
@ 5:52 AM
"Then ha said to them all: If anyone would come after me,he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me."Christ yoke is easy that bear again today.Let us do this with love and hope and let us win many men to him,pray for blessed revival soon.Thanks and bless.keijo sweden

SJG Saturday, February 10, 2007
@ 6:30 PM
The Chosen
Let's just say that Jesus did return in 1914. What would he have found the people now known as Jehovah's Witnesses doing? =1)Celebrating pagan holidays, 2)teaching false things, 3)acting as a false prophet would (all according to their own teachings). Would he have assigned them as his chosen ones over all his belongings to distribute food at the proper time? THIS IS THE WHOLE FOUNDATION OF THEIR FAITH. They tell everyone that they are the chosen because in 1914, upon his return, Jesus found them dispensing food to his domestics at the PROPER TIME. If nothing else, history has proven their timing to be off. This is a fact, not someone's being misled by the devil against them.

Lyne Saturday, February 10, 2007
@ 5:12 PM

I was the first case in San Luis Obispo to call the authorities about physical/sexual abuse by my father a JW. So glad others have come forward and can hopefully heal.

man711 Thursday, February 8, 2007
@ 9:23 AM
I was wondering why I could not find my post here? Will it show up or must you only write against witnesses before it shows up.-------------------------------------------------------- silentlambs reply-Please resend we will be glad to put it up it may have got accidentally deleted.

Maluenda Wednesday, February 7, 2007
@ 1:53 PM

This insight is inside ALL of us. It gets hidden by religion. To me religion is about people trying to push off their beliefs in order to control others through fear. FAITH is a whole nother story. FAITH comes from within your heart! It is what connects you to the Divine! I too am out now 20 years. It took me that long to recover from the brain washing, guilt, anger, hatred, fear, and sexual, mental, and physical abuse. I thought for years the Divine had turned his back on me. I thought as an apostate (I laugh out loud and loudly at that term!!) I was the spawn of the devil. Really I did. I could see nothing as being good. No one was any good because I was left with that JW mentality that it was the whole world against me and since I left the organization it was me alone against the world. They had kept me in the dark so long that I was blinded. I couldn't see all the good people who stood in the light of truth who wanted to help. Who were reaching out to help me. Instead I thought they were out to get me and harm me. That's why it took so long to get that thinking out of my head! I turned away everyone who loved me and wanted to help me. It's all inside you, I promise! And we are all here to help you through this. You are good, you are love, and you are loved by the God you worship!

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