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Maluenda Monday, March 5, 2007
@ 2:43 PM
They have done protests but not for building KHs. Their protests revolve around child abuse and the policies that protect the pedophiles in the congregations from being exposed and brought to justice. It will be a plus for you if your father has dementia. You may have a case that he is not in his right mind and the stepmother is using his property for her churches gain when you have a claim to it as a rightful heir. Get an attorney quick! Call the local newspaper all of them the news stations and any magazine anyone who will listen. Rally neighbors, town officials, talk to the mayor, civic leaders, other church leaders. Emphasize the fact that these so called harmless people that knock on your door have policies in place that place children in harms way, protect pedophiles from prosecution, and lie in the name of theocratic warfare to get what they want. Write letters, but get an attorney! If nothing else you can stall them. Are you friendly with your stepmother or is she classic Cinderella?

M B Monday, March 5, 2007
@ 2:17 PM
Thanks for the reply...
And, my dad is still alive but has been brainwashed by the JW's, plus on top of all that, he is in the early stages of Alzheimer's....Dementia is the state he is in now..delusional if you ask me....but, I would like to organize some kind of protest if they do start building there...have the silent lambs ever done anything like that? Thank You Again!!

Maluenda Monday, March 5, 2007
@ 1:44 PM
My best advice to you would be to consult a real estate attorney in your area. There are so many variables here it would be impossible to advise you. For example: Is your father alive/deceased? Do you have any stake or claim to the farm? If you do and your father is deceased you could probably force them to buy you out or you might be able to stop them from building. If your father is alive and in a sound mind then there is nothing legally you can do to stop him unless there is a prior stipulation based on inheritance that says the farm is to stay in the family, etc. If it was left to your stepmother and your father is dead I would advise you to look into what the laws are in your state regarding what rights you have to claim a percentage of the property even if you were left nothing in the will. A trust is a different matter. There again you need to spend the 100.00 or so to lay everything on the table and have an expert advise you of your legal remedies. You may be able to get some type of order to stop the building until the matter is resolved. I would definitely encourage you to go to the media regardless. It would be a good human interest story for them. If your father is alive and you have a good relationship with him maybe you can plead with him to leave the farm for his grandchildren. To not give away his legacy. Keep us informed and good luck! Blessings!

M B Monday, March 5, 2007
@ 12:15 PM
How many members are there in the Silent Lambs?
I need help to stop the JW's from putting a "Hall" on my Dad's farm. He married into the cult almost ten years ago, and now is letting them build on the "home place." Anybody out there got any suggestions?? Thank You!!

M.A.N. Monday, March 5, 2007
@ 10:46 AM
To Mike
First, I like your name. LOL. You made some excellent points against the WT. Clearly, history (whether Bible or secular) shows that God "punished" his people whenever they disobeyed him or lived contrary to his standards. Sometimes the entire nation suffered for the sins of a few, be they kings or whatever. Not very fair, but hey, I can't beat God. However, there is a pattern of the Jews NOT being blessed by God when they were bad. So why would God use the WT today when it is more corrupt than the Mafia? (Sorry, Godfather.) What HASN'T the WT done wrong? They own stock in war industries, lied in court about their money, evade paying taxes, lie in court during child custody cases and say their children have "normal" lives (that's a REAL puker), call Jehovah the "editor" of the WT magazine, elect Rutherford as the President (he was a drunken bully), and deny in court the concept of "theocratic warfare". I could list thousands of points, many of which Silent Lambs has exposed right here. The WT has NO conscience at all. It's pretty sad when the WT and Hitler showed the same level of remorse: NONE AT ALL!! I'm glad that California is stepping up and putting the WT in its place. Florida is big on taking pedophiles and throwing them in jail for life or killing them. I complain about the heat, but I love their laws and hobbies (guns, boating, and the right to protect yourself). Mike, a good point on elders. Why the heck are so many JW pedophiles elders? We know it is often a father who molests, but an elder?? I know many of them are fathers, but wouldn't you think they wouldn't be allowed to be appointed? Where is God's "Holy Spirit" in this process? I thought it couldn't make mistakes? Either the HS makes mistakes, God makes mistakes, or the WT is NOT from God. I leave it to all of you to choose. (Guess which one I chose.) The "two witness" rule does NOT apply in child abuse. First, look at Deut. 22:25-27. Secondly, think about God's viewpoint. Do you think he wants children raped because of some technicality? And then have the elder defended because of some stupid verse? I don't think so. Another good point was lawsuits against media. I find that SO hypocritical. You at the WT almost get cramps whenever anyone in the world says something bad about you. In fact, the more true the accusation is, the madder you get. Gee, that makes sense. Yet you attack the world and its religions all the time. We all know how much you love the Catholic Church. It's against the law to threaten people if they go to the police. You might be allowed to DF them, but if you imply anything further as a threat, you might be able to be charged with a crime. I state again, if my child is ever threatened with ANYTHING because she told the police or warned others so their children could be safe, and she suffered because of it, you will pay dearly. And I'm not talking about the fact that we won't exchange Christmas cards with each other anymore. I'll see you in court. I never lose.

Mike Saturday, March 3, 2007
@ 7:08 PM
Another Bad JW Elder bites the dust.
Still more problems with Jehovah Witness' Elders and the world of child pedophilia. Another California JW man has a twelve year jail sentence and more excuses to tell the judge. Hey Watchtower, what is the excuse this time? Are we truly to believe that Jehovah's Witnesses are the "true religion". How many more Elder pedophiles do you have? Does your God, Jehovah, tolerate this practice or are you guys plain stupid? While Jesus was on this earth, did he practice this child pedophilia practice? Watchtower. If you are reading this web site post, let me recap the law for you. A simplified version, if you will. 1. The law states that protecting child pedophilia is wrong. That's right, wrong. 2. Telling judges excuses for such a practice. Plain wrong. Watchtower, do you see a pattern? 3. Using the Bible to justify the practice of your elders badness. You guessed it. Wrong. 4. Sueing newspapers for truthfully telling the story of victims of JW pedophilia. Wrong. 5. Disfellowshipping individuals who truthfully tell the authorities about illegal practices in your religion. Wrong. 6. Seeing Watchtower's "dirty underwear" for the world to see. Priceless.

SJG Saturday, March 3, 2007
@ 5:04 PM
Someone please correct me if I'm wrong here. The JWs use the calculation from 607BCE to 1914CE to prove that in 1914 the Gentile Times ended and Jesus began to rule as King or returned invisibly in Kingdom power. The calculation is supposed to be such strong proof. Now, where was Jesus when the calculation was being written? We say he was in Heaven and could see and hear everything. We believe that he knows and understands the entire bible, not just some parts. But in the first century in Matt. 24 of the JW bible, he tells his apostles that no one knows when he will return, not even him, only Jehovah. Couldn't he have just done the calculation and come to 1914? Doesn't this prove that the calculation is erroneous, a false teaching. If JWs are teaching false things and insisting that they are THE ONLY CHANNEL GOD IS USING ON EARTH, they are a part of what they call false religion and God is not with them. Therefore, say what they must, we do not have to be afraid of them and their tactics. The whole religion is a sham. I forget the exact article, but they have declared themselves to be prophets, God's only true prophets in the earth and claim that each member is a prophet because of the "house to house" work they do. So, sometimes a prophet of God predicts the truth and sometimes he predicts false things. Humm! There is a god using trickery here. If you can get the CD and skim through all of the garbly-gab, their entire teaching is like this. They make a play on words to manipulate. Jehovah is not the trickster God. I think we pretty much know who the real trickster god is.

M.A.N. Saturday, March 3, 2007
@ 9:38 AM
Re: elders as abusers
My most important point here in this post is how so many elders slip past "Jehovah's Holy Spirit" appointing them as elders. I brought this up years ago when an elder no one liked was DF'd for meanness and some secret sin from his past. I could care less about his past, but he was the cruelest elder I ever met. I was a MS at the time or I swear (and please forgive me, he hurt our family but wasn't the one who abused my daughter) I would have punched his lights out. Dozens of publishers came to me, a MS, to beg me to talk to the elders about him. I did and was told to mind my place. You all know me well enough to know I don't take that from even an angel, so I quit as an MS. NO ONE tells me how to think. Basically, the elders told me that he qualified "at the time" and if he "changed", then God's spirit would remove him. I said since he lasted less than a year, it was a waste of time of god's spirit and the damage he did wasn't worth his being an elder for one day. Now take the case of an elder who IS a child molester, has been one for years, and is currently abusing a child. He gets appointed as an elder. He abuses more children and finally gets found out and removed and maybe arrested. How did this piece of slime slip past the GB and "God's spirit"? I mean no disrespect to those who believe, but back in Rutherford's day, god's "spirit" was joked to be 160 proof Bourbon. (Rutherford was an alcoholic.) But now they supposedly cleaned that up. Can anyone answer this question? How does the GB make such terrible misjudgments when it comes to appointing elders?? I can't believe God would want these animals appointed to positions where it would be easier for them to find innocent victims. Does anyone have an answer?? Would any of you JW lurkers care to explain this insanity?? Thank you.

M.A.N. Saturday, March 3, 2007
@ 9:24 AM
To Maluenda
Yes, he fits many of the classic behaviors. Blame the victim, it's not my fault, I couldn't help myself, "God made me this way", etc. It's funny how elders hate to admit that they are imperfect. JW's LOVE to say in general "we are all imperfect" but if you ask any elder for a specific fault in his character, you will get a dirty look. When I went to the local hall seeking help and to see what they'd do, the elder (secretary, I think) told me "We know that a few mistakes have been made concerning the handling of abuse cases, but they are rare and are being taken care of." I wanted to puke. "A few mistakes??" Mistakes??? NO WAY!! The WT has an official policy and it is more than a "mistake". It is hiding evidence from the police. It is non-cooperation whenever they can get away with it. There is lying to the congregation and the public, not to mention the media and in court. These are not mistakes. Threatening to DF a victim is a BIG mistake, if it were my child and some elder told her that. I hope people can begin to see how twisted JW minds can become when they decide to give up their right and their ability to think. There is a verse about "through USE" people's consciences become mature. Since the WT tells all JW's what to do, even which hand to wipe their nose with, how can they make decisions on their own and develop their minds?? What minds? They don't think, they just obey like robots. Where is the Christian freedom that we are supposed to have? This is the danger of allowing a cult to make your decisions. This is how Hitler got power and how he did what he did. One final thought. Why is there such a high percentage of abusers among the elders? I know from my studies that fathers are often the abuser, but why elders?? They have wives, why abuse children? My point is that the WT loves to bash the Catholic priests for abusing children because they can't marry and have no healthy outlet for their needs. But JW elders can marry and most of them are, so what is going on here? Next post.

Maluenda Friday, March 2, 2007
@ 2:26 PM

I think it's very interesting that he said BECAUSE he was an elder he couldn't seek help for his problems and THAT's why he molested the girl. Classic Pedophile case! First of all he groomed the mother to get to the child and second has absolutely no sense of responsibility for the harm he caused to a child and no sense that what he did was wrong because he is unable to blame himself for his own actions. Text book case-don't you think MAN.

M.A.N. Friday, March 2, 2007
@ 12:46 PM
Re: latest elder arrested
I found it disgusting that this elder did this in the first place, but as we all know, the WT is full of pedophiles. But what was really terrible was that the elder tried to make excuses for his crime. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR CHILD ABUSE, NEVER!!!! NOT A BIRTH DEFECT, NOT A GENETIC TRAIT, NOTHING!!! In the Mosaic Law, you DIED, period. Why does an elder, someone who supposedly has all the answers (the WT claims to have all the answers and they tell the elders what to say and do) need to molest someone because he's "having problems"? We ALL have problems, and we don't molest children to solve those problems. Psychologically, what does this say about the WT?? That it has "culture" so to speak, that lets people act this way. JW's have no normal coping skills for life, so they turn to unnatural things for their answers. This cult is sick and should be outlawed throughout the world. They truly are "emotional terrorists". How many more people will be hurt or die before this cult is stopped for good??

M.A.N. Friday, March 2, 2007
@ 12:39 PM
To S Daley
They are not Christians. Christians wouldn't lie about anything, especially their history. And they wouldn't destroy signs that others put up. This is how we know that God is NOT with them. As Maluenda said, the law might be able to help you. Good luck to you.

Maluenda Friday, March 2, 2007
@ 7:40 AM
To S Daley
It is amazing that they avoid their own history like the plague! I would WANT to know how my church was founded etc. When I mention anything about it to my father who is an elder he changes the subject or denies it. I am noticing that the average person is waking up and hearing "the truth" about the jw's. We have one at our school and she was trying to secretly pass mags on to another mom and a group of moms saw it and all rolled their eyes in disgust. Onesaid,"Those people are just horrible!" Another said,"If they're so Christian why do they have to hide?" Keep those posters going up. I don't know about the laws in Italy but here you have freedom of speech and posters are everywhere! Stay in touch with us and let us know how things are going!Blessings to you

S DALEY Friday, March 2, 2007
@ 6:02 AM

I live in Spain although im english.I have to say im astonished how jw can call themselves christian.If people knew from the start they werent christian,people wouldnt go near them.If they were honest and said they dont believe JESUS is GOD.They wouldnt be able to trap innoccent peopleThey spout hate about all other religions, but are completly unabable to read about their own history.I go out evey night and put 100,s of posters about their history,its so sad when you see people tearing my posters down,and when i ask them why.they say im doing the work of satan.When i point out its there own history,they call me a is it they can know the history from 2000 years ago , but they dont know their own short history.I often think its ok for freedom of belief, but if a sect is able to lie and control people so much, why cant goverments intervene.The other thing is, they always phone the police to complain about my posters,and when i point out to them about their propaganda ,they are completly unable to understand.Thanks just for being here, its a great site.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007
@ 2:09 PM
More on religion
I used to go to a Bible study once in a while with some friends, and the women all had their heads covered. I tried that, but it felt so wierd! It was as if my body wanted to reject the scarf (I know this may sound corny!). I just can't handle, just can't stand, the idea of covering my head in a Bible study. Also, this is the 21st century, and some of the Bible teachings make me think of the mid- east 2000 years ago or more. Men weren't supposed to have long hair, and women weren't supposed to have short hair. Yet so many Christian women have short hair! So, why don't they have long hair and wear head coverings and go the 'whole route' if they think they should wear head coverings? The mid-east still has the 2000 + years attitude about women, but common sense seems to indicate, at least to me, that in this day and age - - well, things should be so different. Nobody should be oppressed. Nobody should be suppressed. Nobody. Not women. Not children. Nobody. And repressing JWs, so that they can not do the right thing about pedophilia - - well, that just takes the cake.

M.A.N. Wednesday, February 28, 2007
@ 9:45 AM
Re: Barbara Anderson
I agree with you about Barbara Anderson. In fact, I would find it difficult to understand it if she knew what she did and did NOT come forward. One of the KEY issues here and with the WT’s attitude concerning child abuse is whether or not the abuse of children is more important than the reputation of the WT or its interpretation of their faulty Bible. All Christians need to analyze what Jesus taught about God’s standards and then make a personal decision. There are dozens of cases in the Old Testament when loyal and faithful servants of God refused to go along with the wicked kings and/or the majority of the population because they were NOT obeying God’s standards. God rewarded these faithful people, he did NOT approve of their being killed by the evil kings because they “spoke their mind”. The same thing is true today. Most JW’s are too brain-washed, ignorant, or even stupid to realize that they are defending leaders who have strayed so far from decency that they don’t know how to find their way back. We here at SL see that God could never want these precious children molested and not reported just so his supposed “organization”, along with a twisted verse about “two witnesses” would be upheld. May I remind everyone that Deut. 22:25-27 REQUIRES that the man be punished and the woman released. If this verse doesn’t provide for the protection of innocent girls, then what the h*** is this verse in the Bible for?? Aren’t little children “screaming” silently in their hearts and minds, but there is no one to hear them? My God, how can the WT leaders expect a 7-year-old to tell on her own father or an elder and be believed when they laugh at her or call her a liar??? When I got my degree in Psychology, many courses used the practice of “putting yourself in the other person’s shoes”. If anyone needs to appreciate the terror a small child endures while being raped, then I leave it to you to mentally picture the scene and her feelings. It is especially horrific if it were to be the child’s father or a trusted elder. Now please picture that this father or elder is denying the accusation and calling the child a liar or a whore. Pretend you are a nine-year-old girl and picture the entire scene. I know this isn’t pleasant, but I had to do this during MY therapy since this happened to my child. Now pretend you are God (or a NORMAL human being, not a JW) and decide which scene is more disgusting, the one where you pictured that you were the little girl, or a scene where you as an elder are picturing a family or two quitting the congregation because they knew about you raping your child and you are concerned about the loss of donations. Which scene SHOULD bother a sane person more?? I challenge any person, especially JW’s, to defend their choice to protect the WT instead of the child. I think you all know what my reaction would be. Now read the following concerning God’s opinion and his punishment of STONING. Does anyone else feel like executing these animals, or is it just me?? Stoning to death is NOT a pleasant way to die. Think about it for a moment happening to YOU. Now, remember that this punishment was God’s main method for executing people who committed certain crimes, including sexual misconduct. GOD WANTED PEOPLE TO THROW LARGE ROCKS AT THE HEAD OF THE RAPIST UNTIL IT BROKE OPEN AND HE DIED, BLOODY AND GORY!! Am I not correct in this appraisal?? This is God’s verse, not mine. I want to shoot them. That’s painless and they die in a fraction of a second. Think one more time about stoning. Is God barbaric? Or is he so disgusted with child abuse that he wanted the abuser to suffer stoning? I have no answer, he doesn’t talk to me. I know in my heart that the WT doesn’t have much longer to survive. All that is needed is one good TV show and they are finished. These topics are discussed on Freeminds quite often, and there are dozens of articles that Randy Watters posted to help abuse victims to heal. (He was a Bethel elder for six years in NYC.) I know him and his site has an interview with him and Bill Bowen. To conclude about Barbara, at times we must all draw our personal “line in the sand”. A line beyond which we WILL NOT GO. When I’ve tried to talk to my soon to be ex-wife, she yells, “We’re not going to go there.” Meaning, she will NOT discuss anything bad about the WT. Now I say to her and the world, “WE HERE AT SL WILL NOT “GO THERE” (TOLERATE ANY MORE ABUSE OR LIES FROM THE WT).” Another way to phrase it would be “We will not let YOU (the WT) go there (molest children and then lie about it) any more.” If you lie about us or to us, you WILL pay the price. There are courts and we will use them. If you slander us, we will sue you. Your money will not be enough. We have more money than you do if we fight you together. We outnumber you one thousand to one. You CANNOT win, since you do NOT have God on your side. I respect Barbara (and her husband) very much for taking the stand that they did. They no doubt lost many friends. But sometimes principles (and saving who knows how many children from being molested in the future by the WT) are more important than “friends”, if that’s what you want to call JW’s who will drop you like you are poison if the WT tells them to. Any JW who believes that the reputation of the WT is more important to God than the safety of our little children is SUB-HUMAN.

M.A.N. Tuesday, February 27, 2007
@ 8:19 PM
To Lynn and Maluenda
I also had questions about the True Faith JW's. They somewhat seemed to be an offshoot of the WTS. A little similar to the Book of Mormon sounding very much like someone took the Old Testament and inserted a subplot. The style of writing was copied, names, things like that. The TFJW's are too similar to the WTS for me to take them at face value. Almost like that "conform to non-conformity" behavior. They also believed in certain things that I thought had been done away with or else were not accepted from the WTS, so why accept it from them? I don't like organization, and this one seems to still have more than I want. I don't know any members personally, so I cannot judge their motives. Maybe more info will come out soon. I would have thought we'd have heard of them by now. Any thoughts? Thank you.

Maluenda Tuesday, February 27, 2007
@ 7:20 PM
To Lynn
I looked them up on the net and visited their official site. I wasn't impressed. It almost seems like a joke. I asked many questions and never got a response here or from emailing them directly. They use old books and watchtowers from the 30's and 40's. All the woman have to have head coverings. They haven't responded and don't seem to have a large following. They don't have an eldership and don't believe in Bethel. They say the congregation as a whole responds to issues or problems that arise. So that's what I know about them. Funny though they won't respond to emails. I wonder why?

Lynn Tuesday, February 27, 2007
@ 4:13 PM
I have many questions do you have a membership list. Is your group legally incorrupated (sp)??? I was always told the witnesses have no other groups braking off... I find this fasinating but very understandable. Tell us more. Is there a website one can go to????

Maluenda Tuesday, February 27, 2007
@ 2:54 PM
So I'm not crazy. It is illogical. I can't imagine not loving one of my kids. Even if they did something terrible, I would still love them and not wish them to die. I may not agree or like what they do but LOVING them has NOTHING to do with that. I feel so sorry for those who have hardened their hearts to their own families and dear friends. The very ones who love and adore them. They have no idea the joy they have given up. By doing so they can't even see that they have judged and condemned them to be unworthy of God's love. Yet, they profess that only God can know the true state of a man's heart. Very, very sad. But I can tell you now that I look at people ain a whole new light. I don't want to be superior to anyone. Not a movie star, political figure, relative, or jw. I just want to live in this beautiful world, enjoy it's gifts and blessings and encourage others to practice peace and love.

SJG Tuesday, February 27, 2007
@ 2:18 PM
In Response to Re:Relion
How can a man and a woman who chose to get together, make love, create a child, love God if they can not love the child they created? I've been thinking that the governing body of JWs reminds me a lot of Nazi Germany. God loves you and you are not dead to Him. He sent His Son to suffer and die for all of us and Jesus 'hungout' with the prostitutes sometimes because although sinners, they are one group that needed to feel his presence and needed his love the most. God HELPS people in their hour of need. He does not discard them. Look at the example of King David. He is with us through our mistakes and arrogance. He is working with us overtime to help us get our act together so to speak.

Maluenda Monday, February 26, 2007
@ 9:39 AM
RE: Religion
I find all religions very interesting whether they be Pagan or Christian in origin. I understand different ways to worship. Different beliefs in the afterlife. I can even kind of understand why people would want to believe in an armeggeddon. The one thing that I just can't figure out, that I cannot come up with a logical explanation for is why a human being who is at the very least a son or daughter (put aside brother, sister, mother, father, cousin, friend, teacher etc.) would want harm to come to another. Now, the Christians all profess love as their main guidance for their thoughts, actions, and teachings. Yet, they can't wait for their God to destroy unbelievers whether they are honorable and good or evil. Many Christian cults like the JW's practice shunning, disfellowshipping and other tactics that are the opposite of love. I find it quite confusing. I asked my parents if they prayed every day for me. Prayed that I would find their "truth". They said no because I had made my decision so basically I was already dead to them and Jehovah. So how can you preach, "Love thy Neighbor..." and then discard nonbelievers as already dead? Especially, your own flesh and blood! We all know this is prevalent in the JW cult but it is also prevalent in other religions as well. I prefer to try to find something likeable in all people no matter what they believe. I truly believe their is good in all of us even though we choose at times not to show it on the outside. It's very sad to me when a person or group of people have to degrade or lessen the value of other human beings to elevate themselves to a superior position. Why do people need to feel superior to others. Isn't that what is responsible for all the wars, bigotry, hatred, and evil acts in this world-superiority? Well, all this is just my personal opinion of course. The post about Anderson sent my mind on a tangent. Hope all of you are having a beautiful day full of love!

SKB Saturday, February 24, 2007
@ 3:00 PM
Barbara Anderson is beutiful in Jehovah's Eyes
Barbara Anderson's personal loyalty to Jehovah God and Jesus Christ will be rewarded when Jehovah displays his disfavor on the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society and its "unfaithful and indiscreet slave class" on this earth. These men clearly do not read the Bible and its standards. They slander all religions in favor of their own. They have pointed fingers at others and have not pointed to the faults and falicies of their own religion. The pride and covetous attitudes of the Watchtower/Jehovah's Witnesses are a disgrace and they deserve to be sued for their cowardess handling of pedophiles. Any individual can see the absolute hypocrisy in the Jehovah's Witness religion. Barbara Anderson did the right thing by coming forth and shedding light on this religion. She obeyed God as ruler rather than man.

M.A.N. Saturday, February 24, 2007
@ 2:09 PM
Re: Catholic/JW newsletter
I have seen this comparison quite often. It is an excellent analysis. I don’t know if you could find any other two religions with the same amount of hubris, unless you included the Islamic terrorists. Although, to be fair, the Jews, Mormons, and others do insist they alone have the truth. Actually, I know very few religions that DON’T think they are the “truth”. (When you back them into a corner.) Why else would they belong to that particular religion? If anyone’s faith is “okay” then no religion would care how many of its members left and they wouldn’t care which other religion they joined. I somehow don’t think this is going to happen. (By the way, the word “hubris” means a kind of “religious arrogance”. It’s not found in some dictionaries.) There are many interesting facts about the Catholics and JW’s. The second largest religion in Italy, after the Catholic Church, are the JW’s. In fact, the JW’s are the second largest religion in many Catholic countries. The Pope has often bemoaned the fact that Catholics should be going to the people with their faith. The Catholic Church, when asked questions about illogical things and doctrines that they cannot explain, calls them “Blessed Mysteries”. The WT, when asked about doctrines THEY cannot explain, calls the people who asked “Cursed Apostates”, “Diseased So-and-Sos”, and other flattering and Christian terms. There are many similarities, and reasons for them. The Catholic Church produces a climate where homosexuality and child abuse flourish because priests, often healthy young men, cannot marry and satisfy a normal desire for love and sex. So they turn to nuns and children. There are hundreds of nuns in convents who had babies fathered by “Father Whoever”. Wearing drab, brown baggy outfits, their pregnancies often went unnoticed. JW elders, often frustrated by a lack of love at home (often their own fault for ignoring their wives for months while busy “snooping” on the congregation and holding petty judicial committee meetings) then turn to willing single women and/or children. The Catholic threat: “Tell and you’ll burn in Hell.” The JW threat: “Tell, and you’ll lose your family and burn alone (after they commit suicide or whatever they do). Not too kind of a shepherd to say, is it?? Another thing. The Catholic Church ravished and destroyed entire countries to “convert the natives to Christianity”. Many died. The Watchtower destroys families using shunning and lying to the public. Many died here also. The Catholic Church thinks the WT is the “man of lawlessness”. The WT thinks the Catholic Church is the “man of lawlessness” and the “whore of Babylon”. Oddly, both are correct on this one. The Catholic Church lets you “buy” your way out of Hell, Purgatory, Limbo or wherever with money and prayers. The WT lets you “buy” your way out of dying at Armageddon by selling the required amount of propaganda (known as “Bible study aids”) and spending at least ten hours a month lying to the public about God and the WT itself. The Pope acts like he is “God on Earth” and talks like he is. The WT’s leaders do the same thing. I think I have a solution. Since the JW’s are cutting back on how many people they use at their headquarters (Bethel) and the Catholic Church is having trouble finding new priests for the seminaries, why doesn’t the WT send the extra men to Rome so they can become priests? It solves many problems. It shouldn’t matter to either religion. Neither of them teaches the truth, neither follows the Bible, and neither of them would be allowed in my home because I don’t trust them. One last similarity: The Catholic Church has many members who only go to church on Easter and/or Christmas because they really don’t believe and can’t stand to be there. The JW’s have many members who only go to the Memorial because they don’t believe anymore and cannot stand to be there. I guess it doesn’t matter which religion a person belongs to here.

Maluenda Friday, February 23, 2007
@ 2:42 PM
I think you and MAN have got it right. If we just lived peacefully and loved our neighbors as ourselves what else would we need. I think that superior attitude breeds prejudice and where there is prejudice there is injustice. It's such a basic childlike concept. Blessings

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