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william Friday, March 9, 2007
@ 3:42 PM
I would enjoy participating in this ministry! I am a personal friend of Randall Watters from Please let me know how to help and buy dvd's and videos, etc. Also can you help me with ideas on how to get more people involved in this ministry. Thank You, And Jehovah Bless you.

M.A.N. Friday, March 9, 2007
@ 12:32 PM
To George
I answered you before reading Maluenda's comments. She said many of the things I said or meant. People can't heal when they continue to live a lie. And being a member of the JW cult is a lie to many still in it and those who quit. It would surprise you to know how many active JW's wish they could quit without any trouble. I've been to the hall, I see it in their faces, and I hear it when they talk. I also am active on many JW discussion boards and I bet half of all JW's would quit tomorrow if possible. If the WT told all JW's that they didn't have to go to meetings, out in service, or read any literature, and to just live their lives and wait for Armageddon, many halls would be empty. I live in Florida, it's 80 degrees now, dry and sunny with blue skies. Last night at 10 pm, I watched a NASA rocket go up while sitting on my boat dock ten miles away. There are more birds than I can count and our area is a wildlife sanctuary. Now, do you think many JW's would like to knock on doors all day with no success or would they rather be out like me and now enjoying nature? If they had the truth, then I could see their devotion. But I don't think they do. And many JW's don't think it's the truth. This may sound strange, but that's a form of abuse as well. It's called "cognitive dissonance". It's holding two ideas in your head that contradict one another while you try to stay sane. It's hard to do. And if it's a child, I call that "child abuse". Do you see how many ways children can be hurt? I hope this information helps you.

M.A.N. Friday, March 9, 2007
@ 12:23 PM
To Adrienne
I posted my comments before reading Maluenda's. I would follow what she suggested. It's very good advice. Especially about magazines and books. People were happy centuries ago and they didn't have books. People went to nature or other people for help. My best to you.

M.A.N. Friday, March 9, 2007
@ 12:20 PM
To George
I wanted to add something to SL reply. Child abuse is not just sexual. If adults wish to die for their beliefs about blood, many would say that's their right. But no one has the right to allow a child to die (called MURDER by some) because of the beliefs of the parents. What if that child, when it grows up, doesn't wish to be a JW? He will never have the chance to quit this cult because he will have died at the age of maybe 14 because his parents told him that God wanted him to die and the WT said so. Murder is child abuse, isn't it? And here's something no one ever wants to deal with. If the mother doesn't take blood and dies, then what is the effect on the child? Maybe she's his only parent. Now what? Isn't that child abuse, to take a child's mother away for a reason most people consider stupid and for a reason that the child doesn't understand or agree with? Another purpose of this site, although it's a very indirect one, is to help people break loose from cult thinking. Following cults and being afraid to disobey their rules is how many children got abused in the first place or is the reason many don't report it. If we who post here can help victims and the public to realize that the WT has no special power over them because they are NOT God's organization, then many are helped psychologically. It sounds like you agree with the WT. Are you a JW? "If they have Biblical evidence....." is what you said, to paraphrase. Most here don't think they do. Doctrinal arguments aren't the usual posts here, but they are behind some abuse or the fact that much abuse isn't reported, as I said. The medical community doesn't have the right to accept the parents' request that the child not be given blood and then die. The child's life doesn't belong to them. That's why it's against the law to beat children, abuse them in other non-sexual ways, not feed them, etc. Do you understand?

M.A.N. Friday, March 9, 2007
@ 12:09 PM
Re: adrienne england
I think you have a very good outlook on life and an accurate picture of the WT elders and what happened to you. Please don't feel badly, we ALL were fooled by the lies of the WT and the elders. The elders, by the way, only become elders because (and if) they follow the WT closely enough. In other words, they are company men. There are good men serving as elders. Bill Bowen was one and I've met others. I was a servant for years. But when the WT says one thing and your heart doesn't agree, then the good elders have to make a decision. Bill did and so did I. We all lost things because of it. But we gained our self-respect and we gained TRUE knowledge of God and life, including love. The elder who told you that you'd never see your son again is a jackass. You won't see HIM again after he dies. Jesus said that people like him would be tossed into the sea because they were hypocrites. If your fears come back to you, then talk it over with the people helping you. I think you are a brave person and you are the kind of person that the WT doesn't want out there telling people that the WT is what it is. Please continue your progress and you will get better. Plus you will be free. My best to you.

NF19 Friday, March 9, 2007
@ 12:00 PM
I think MAN gave you good advice. Just keep telling everyone you know. Use whatever things you have there. Posters or signs on telephone poles, signs in stores, stuff like that. People will see it. It just takes time and time is free. I hope you do okay with it. nf.

M.A.N. Friday, March 9, 2007
@ 11:55 AM
Re: location of pedophiles
Some states, counties, or towns maintain lists. Floridad publishes a newspaper and I've seen a county paper here. It has picture, name, residence, physical description, place of employment, everything. Some states are behind in their promise to provide online lists. New Jersey is not good in this regard and the man who raped my child was supposed to be put on the list. He wasn't. Alaska has a good online list. You could ask the local police or social services what is available in your area.

Maluenda Friday, March 9, 2007
@ 11:12 AM
To George
Welcome. It must seem like we are all over the place on this site. The real purpose is to help the abused who suffer at the hands of this horrific cult. It's hard for someone who has never been a witness to understand what goes on inside this cult and how it's negative effects last for generations. We do discuss all issues here on the site because part of the healing process is healing the whole person. Many people were told organ transplants were a no-no only to be told after their loved ones died, oh we changed our minds it's OK now. Their policies flip-flop all the time. The problem with the blood issue is that , I too, believe adults should be able to make that decision based on what they believe. But in most instances they have elders breathing down their throat threatening disfellowshipping, losing Gods favor and a host of other horrible things if they accept blood. Children are in no position to make that decision. They lack the knowlege. Many children have died. That's not fair to the child. Having a sick child with a life threatening illness is bad enough without elders telling you to let them die so they don't bring reproach on the organizations name. Scarry stuff. Everything is done so as not to bring reproach on the organizations name. They want people to think they are perfect-literally. They don't want you to know about the rampit sexual and physical abuse of children that is blaitantly covered up. They don't want you to know about the money they've got socked away. They don't want you to know all the ways they contradict themselves and what hypocrits they are. If you meet or know an exjw sit down with them and listen to their story. It'll make your skin crawl. Hang out here, read some of the personal stories on this site and other exjw sites. This is a cult not a religion. It's dangerous to the health and well being of children, woman, men, and their relatives. We as a group are trying to protect the children-the Silent Lambs.Blessings to you.

Maluenda Friday, March 9, 2007
@ 10:58 AM
To Adrienne
I know what your going through. It's called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Sudden panic attacks, depression, sadness, guilt. It will get better over time but in order to heal you must live. Go for walks. Take in the beauty around you. When a stranger is kind to you remind yourself that this person was nice and not at all what the JWs teach you. You have to actively talk yourself through the process. Everytime you have a guilty thought talk yourself through it logically. It may feel strange at first but after a while it will calm you and the fear will subside. For example: You here of a earthquake where thousands die. You think: Armeggeddon. Reality: Earthquakes have always happened. Years ago the earth was not as populated and people didn't have high rise buildings so their chances of getting hurt or killed were slim to none. You have to do this constantly. Your brain has been trained to look for doom and gloom. Now you must retrain it to see the beauty and love that God meant for us. My advice would be to put the bible down for a while. What do you really need to do is just talk to God to ask him to show you the way. You don't need magazines, bibles, and other things that need to be interpreted. Pour out your heart in prayer and you'll get the answers you need. Just don't be afraid to be open to new answers. God isn't going to answer you like an elder would. He will answer you with love and kindness and empathy. Blessings to you and hang in there!

George Friday, March 9, 2007
@ 7:45 AM
Does Silent Lambs support the French Government's document? I do not support child pedophilia of any sort. However, I feel the beliefs of Jehovah's Witnesses on their no blood transfusions belief is a personal one. If they have biblical evidence that they should abstain from blood, then its their own personal decision to either accept blood transfusions or not. If the medical community offers a waiver of procedures to these patients, then the medical community should respect their beliefs. What is the goal of this web site? ______________________Silent Lambs Reply: The purpose of this site is to offer support to the victims of sexual abuse and work for the strengthening and reform of laws regarding this issue. We are also working to see that internal religious rules protecting pedophiles and causing further harm to victims are changed to protect all children.

adrienne england Friday, March 9, 2007
@ 5:49 AM
fear of
its almost 15 years since ive come out of the it is still fear that is not allowing me to move on with my life, i cant even pick a bible up without reading it through there eyes i have now seeked help and am having a help by a profesional person in the form of talking these things over. both my children needed help they both suffered depression i feel so guilty in letting them become to believe what is a complete lie about life , at least they have been able to make a life for themself and there children and we are free from control of the elders who some need help themselfs as they are completly brainwashed to the point of cruilty to others. when i lost my dear son aged 16 in a river accident they said i would never see him again as he wasent one of them, how dare they they are not god, although they think they are gods people, god would act in a more kindly manner and they do not know him, they only give there love to an earthly organisation that is man made while condeming the whole world as being evel exept themseves. by presuming this they are setting themseves up as being fooled by there own lies.when I came away from them they said i was dead in there eyes, and in gods eyes but i was set free to think for myself but the fear sometimes comes back to me .

mt Friday, March 9, 2007
@ 5:46 AM
much more information out in the open air.
Thank you very much for your help. I will go on working with it. I am harmed, that no one is working harder in this world, especially here North. We do not hear very much about anything, and I am thinking, why does'nt anyone response to all the awfull things, there is going on in the JW. If we just could somehow create a circle, there is getting bigger and bigger, you know like circels in the water. It's fine with the web-sites. But not enough. Much more informations must out in the open air. So the witnesses who are warned to read any stuff from x- witnesses, will hear about it anyway. I think it's so great, that you are challenging the Organisation. Something much more people should do. And I think it's great, that so many in USA are puting posters up everywhere. But here in Denmark, is nobody reacting. They have a few web-sites, but thats it. So therefore I was thinking, I will try and do something. But it's difficult in Denmark. Sincerely mt

PCC Thursday, March 8, 2007
@ 12:55 PM
Where Can I find a list of JW Pedophiles in a certain area?
Hi, My aunt attends the Kingdom Hall in a place called Newport News, VA., in the Hampton Roads area. How can I find out if persons in that area are known JW child offenders? Are they listed as these types of offenders? ___________________________________________________________ Silent Lambs Reply: Go to our home page and in the middle column you will see a link titled: Locate towns where alleged sex offenders were reported to SL. If anyone knows of a sex offender in a particular area please contact us so we can add it to the list.

M.A.N. Thursday, March 8, 2007
@ 12:11 PM
To: mt
I appreciated your comments. I would contact the local media, maybe the editor of a newspaper. They could get you started with some columnist who writes articles on religion. I think SL has brochures and info you can download and give out. Check with Bill personally. There may also be a link here with suggestions. Many people put up flyers in grocery stores or on cars if that's legal. You can also email all your friends and ask them to do the same. If you know about newsgroups, some post there as well. Many ex-JW's have good websites and if you use Google and contact them, they will help you. Good luck to you.

mt Thursday, March 8, 2007
@ 2:40 AM
What can I do?
Hi Everyone I was reading what M.A.N has been writing. And I was thinking, why is'nt anybody doing anything here in Denmark. I dont know why, but it seems so difficult or maby it's just me. I would so much like to help here from Denmark and the danish childreen who are abused, and them who already has been abused. But I dont know where to start, or who to go to. Has anybody any surgestions? And for my self, I am so ready to work with it. I do not feel so frightend anymore. I am so happy about it. It was Raymond Franz's book, that helped me. Also what I have read here, and on the danish webside, So thank you to all of you also, for helping me out into the real world. Smiling. And thank you silent lamb, for the great work you are doing.

Re someone you know Wednesday, March 7, 2007
@ 8:32 PM
its me..........
the someone you know is me Catherine Manna and my husband Darryl Taylor thank you for your kind words, everything will be allright, and we will carry on with our song for healing, ourselves, for you and anyone who needs uplifting we try to do the wright thing allways, but at the end of the day its you, your loved ones, and the one and only who loves us our creator...thank you maluenda and man....peace God be with you, thank you thank you....keep the faith and search for truth "outside the walls of man made religion" the power of love is from God, and he gives freely to anyone who wants it...i believe.........

M.A.N. Wednesday, March 7, 2007
@ 2:39 PM
Re: Barbara Anderson, part 2
Taking the information in the previous post about what Barbara Anderson did for the victims, I think it would be fair to require the following. Since the WT claims to be so moral, then they should report ALL cases of suspected child abuse to the authorities, no matter what state they live in, whether it is required by law or not, and even if the victims are NOT JW’s. (Why would that matter? Didn’t the Good Samaritan help a “non-believer”?) The WT should not only report ALL cases, but after doing so, they should provide ANY information they have to the police, no matter how private they feel it is. It ISN’T private. In fact, if they had any previous information about any pedophiles, the police should already have that information because the WT should have reported THAT info when they first got it. In other words, there should be no “secrets” or “surprises” locked up in ANY kingdom hall or at Bethel. We have the right to know if animals live near us and certainly if they sit next to us in “church” or go out in car groups in field service. Do you know that “repentant pedophiles” are allowed to go door to door as long as there is someone with them? But what the hell does that matter if the person with them doesn’t know that they are a pedophile?? How can this “chaperone” watch what the pedophile does when they don’t know what to watch for? What if the person with the pedophile at the door is a young brother or worse yet, a child, especially a girl? What child or female is going to feel right about “monitoring” an “older man”? Can everyone see how this rule about men being treated as gods is scripturally stupid? And how do you think the householders would feel if they knew that the elders knew this man on their porch was a pedophile and was free to roam the area using a Bible as a “holy cover”? And remember, all the ELDERS know who the pedophile is, so THEIR children are safe. But what about the children of the other publishers? Isn’t this favoritism? I thought there was no “clergy class” in the WT? Now we see there is. Not only are the children of the elders safe, but only the elders know the whole story. And they have the power to DF others, yet the publishers cannot DF an elder for hiding these animals. That’s not fair. If we are all equal, then we are EQUAL, period. And that means that WOMEN (perish the thought) should be elders (but that’s another story). SO THIS IS MY PERSONAL CHALLENGE TO THE WT AND I HEREBY MAKE IT PUBLIC. IF YOU WANT TO DO THE MORALLY PROPER THING, THEN DO AS FOLLOWS: You will immediately report ALL cases of child abuse to the authorities, no matter what the state law requires. If the state doesn’t require it, we will work with lawmakers until they ALL do. You will provide ALL information about ANY pedophile that you have to the authorities. You will cooperate in EVERYTHING they ask you to do. You will punish NO ONE for going to the police or for warning others in the congregation about who the pedophiles are. In other words, there will be NO cases of “slander”, “gossip”, or “causing divisions”. In fact, you will warn them yourselves. If this isn’t required by law, THAT will be addressed with the courts. You will publish an apology in the WT magazine for your failure to do the morally right thing over the last several decades. You will compensate ALL victims and their families financially for ALL damage that your policies and actions have caused. You will NOT mark or attempt to get revenge on ANY person who ever opposed your actions in this area. You will stop lying in court concerning child abuse cases. You will cease encouraging JW’s to go to court and sit on the side of the pedophile in order to serve as a “cheering section”. If you fail to perform even ONE of these demands, you should pay dearly, no doubt with your lives (if the Bible is correct). You will certainly pay financially. And you will answer to God personally. In the future, I intend to make sure that Silent Lambs is funded and I will arrange for additional funds to be made available to Silent Lambs until their work is done. I will organize people, ex-JW’s, the media, and any other resources that I can in order to force you to comply with these demands. I hope I have made my position clear. I consider you to be a plague and a pestilence on the face of the earth. I will not rest until you comply or are destroyed, either by God or by the efforts of decent people who care about morality, and you clearly don’t qualify as such. It is such an irony that a religion that has existed for over a century and has repeatedly claimed to be the ONLY source of spiritual and moral guidance in the world has turned out to be one of the most hideous and disgusting group of people I have ever seen. I am thoroughly ashamed that I was ever a member of this evil and satanic child-raping cult.

M.A.N. Wednesday, March 7, 2007
@ 1:52 PM
Re: Barbara Anderson
I was typing a comment and the power went off, which I’m sure JW’s would say was a sign I shouldn’t be posting here. Well, now I type into a Word doc, which autosaves every 2 minutes, then I paste it into the SL box. So I’d like to see whatever? try to stop me now. LOL. The point I was making was that people who visit the guestbook should really read Barbara’s story on Freeminds. She also has been involved here on Silent Lambs. She was faced with a moral decision and was DF’d because of it. As usual, the WT, through JR Brown (who has no conscience at all, he is a lying swine), denied that she was DF’d because of the child abuse issue. They called it “causing divisions”. I have a feeling that Jesus himself would have been DF’d for this very same thing if the WT had any influence with the Pharisees. Actually, they ARE the Pharisees of today. They apply their own man-made rules and value them over the rules in the Bible. I found this quote to be very applicable to the WT’s methods and actually its very existence. “Morality is doing what’s right no matter what you’re told. Religion is doing what you’re told no matter what’s right.” I think this says it all. Barbara made the point that child abuse is a CRIME. It may be a “sin” depending upon which religion you ask. But in the US, ALL suspected cases of child abuse should be reported to the police. I would certainly think that a religion that claims to be holier than any other on earth (the Watchtower) would be leading the way when it came to running to the police with ANY suspected cases of child abuse. But no, they are usually the LAST religion to do so. This is shameful. If they want to have a JC meeting on fornication or adultery or even masturbation, that is their business, and if these acts are not against the law, then they can have their little court cases and not let some brother handle the microphones because he doesn’t handle other things in his life properly. The police clearly do NOT care if some JW young man engages in “self-abuse”. But I bet they care VERY MUCH if a JW child is molested, and especially if the elders hide it. Another point I was trying to make was that they continue to require TWO witnesses before they believe anything. I have a challenge. And I don’t mean any disrespect to any believers who post here, but I need to make this point. I now want TWO witnesses that Moses existed, and Paul, and particularly JESUS. I never saw him, I know there are no living TWO witnesses who did see him, and there is no video tape of him doing miracles. Yet billions of people believe in him and the WT demands total obedience to their rules because they come from Jesus (whom we haven’t proven ever lived). Their claim is that thousands of people were and are willing to die for the teachings of Jesus, so he must be true. They also say Jesue is real because the Bible says he’s real. That’s circular reasoning and patently false. That’s like my asking everyone to believe that I’M Jesus Christ because I say I am. I doubt that would work. So now on to my main point. Would thousands of victims go public, risking the embarrassment and shame they feel, risking being DF’d, being ignored by their own PARENTS and friends, if they didn’t believe in what they were saying, that they WERE victims or else like me, that they KNOW victims personally and know they are telling the truth? Most victims don’t have two witnesses, yet we know they are telling the truth. And if that’s not good enough for the WT, why is the total lack of witnesses that Jesus lived no problem for them? Can someone please help me with the logic here? Or maybe LACK of logic, since we ARE discussing the WT? (WT stands for “Won’t Think”). We have over 6,000 victims who have contacted Silent Lambs. We know there are over 23,000 pedophiles in the Bethel database. There are millions of child abuse victims and family members who know they were victims. And NONE of this matters at all to the WT. Yet the WT demands belief in Jesus based on “upwards of 500 people who saw him after he was crucified”. Uh, WT, I think you should check the odds here. Five hundred for Jesus and he’s a fact. Five million for chld abuse victims, and they are lying?? Are you all crazy?? I’ll let all of you do the math.

M.A.N. Wednesday, March 7, 2007
@ 9:55 AM
To: Someone you know
I'm sorry about what happened to you including the house. Why don't you contact the TV show "Extreme Makeover"? They rebuild houses for those who have had a tragic situation happen and I think you qualify. It would also bring some publicity to this shunning and the WT. It's possible the fire was not an accident. I hope that you can have that checked as well. My best to you.

Maluenda Wednesday, March 7, 2007
@ 7:58 AM
RE:Who are you?
You are the face of thousands. I am so sorry for these terrible events. Being shunned is a ridiculous and HATEFUL practice. You'd think by now they'd figure out it doesn't work. Well rarely! Doesn't the bible say you catch more flies with honey? Anyway that's the truth! As far a the house the red cross will help you with whatever you need, including housing. Also I'm sure other local churches will rally to help you if you tell them your story. After it's all said and done go to the local story and tell them how your family rejected you , the JWs rejected you , but the local churches took you in. Hang in there. I wish I knew who you are but I don't. But I will pray that this all works out for you and better than before. And that your family can recognize their ungodly ways and repent!

someone you know... Tuesday, March 6, 2007
@ 9:31 PM
feeling bad
my husband disassociated himself last year and i did too and his family wont talk to him. We love God, but hate religions and there hypocracy. We write music for God freely give it away for anyone who asks us. at no charge and when my husband sees his family in public, they dont even talk to him or look at him yesterday, he said hello to his niece, and she reply'd im not talking to you.... my husband is very well known in this town, and respcted by many, but his family. 2 days ago, our house, that we rent out burned. he called his father to tell him, no response. from no one we are shaken up over this, we have a small family ourselves. no conmfort from these people, what so ever. its like we are dead to them what an eye opening. its so strainge, so unnaturall, so in human! do you know who I am? anyways, we dont deserve this, because we matter, and we are worth much more than this and God does love us. peace...

Maluenda Tuesday, March 6, 2007
@ 1:07 PM
RE:repressed memories
MAN is correct. I started repressing my memories of the rapes as a small child. It was the only way I could sleep, eat, or function. If I didn't block them I would throw up, be awake for days, and shake horribly. (And no one at home or the KH noticed this behavior as abnormal?) I still am afraid to sleep because of what I might dream. Not the crazy stuff normal people dream. I dream my attackers come back and the scene of being raped replays itself. Chronic insomnia another gift from being raised as a JW. Pills don't even help because I am so hell bent on surviving that my body refuses to process the meds, rendering them useless. I'm just that afraid to sleep and when I do it's for short periods of time. No dreams allowed! I started having flashbacks at about age 20. There are still whole years of my life I barely remember. Just the simplest details. The elders told me it because as a new mother and stay at home mom I had too much time on my hands. They showed me some scripture about an idle mind is the devils workshop or something like that. And then told me to become a pioneer. I never spoke of those things to them again. They basically told me Satan was in my head and I needed to become more theocratic! I suffered in silence. Hiding the pain, not understanding what it all meant, living in terror not knowing what would trigger it. It was hell. There are certain smells and things that trigger flashbacks like thin mints candy and chickens. It can be a sound or the way something is said. I still have memories that I have never acknowleged until they rear their ugly heads from a trigger. So it's real, theymay sweep it under the rug but it's still there and if you don't get help you will kill yourself because it is a torture chamber in your head and you have no control over what happens in there and you have no warning when it will happen. Professional help is the only way to get it out of your head and under control so it doesn't control you. Blessings

M.A.N. Tuesday, March 6, 2007
@ 12:43 PM
Re: repressed memories
Another point from Barbara Anderson's article on Freeminds, and which has also been dealt with here on Silent Lambs, is "repressed memories", "forgotten memories" (isn't that an odd expression, how do you forget what you remember?) or whatever term they use (there are several). Again, in most cases, there is something to this. Many people who have a quick flashback memory of some type of abuse are not necessarily remembering a dream, some movie they saw, or something that a friend told them. If these memories persist, or are usually similar, it is a good idea to seek professional help. Again, the WT belittled these even more rudely than they did current or recent accusations, but we all know by now why. One of their favorite tactics is to try to weaken the statement or the person's resolve. Often they outright attack the victim and ridicule them. Loyal JW's then feel that there is something wrong with THEM, but I assure you, it's not YOU, it's the WT. Let's think about this a moment. Even any decent stranger on the street, if hearing of such a story, should have the kindness to urge the person to seek help. The WT is supposed to have a "superior love" compared to the world's religions and people, or so they claim. So why would the WT be MORE cruel than a complete stranger? I've discovered that down here in the South, people care about others more, or at least slow down and take the time to show it. In NJ everyone's in a hurry. The South, especially Florida, also has a higher percentage of older people. Most of these people have grandchildren, are more mature, think more carefully, and have more experience in life. Since many in Bethel are younger, newer, and often from that area, they don't have the compassion or knowledge to help victims. Plus, to be honest and blunt, they just don't give a damn. It's just one more item on their "to do" list, and they do NOT like any list or items that reflect poorly on their reputation. Does anyone see a pattern in all of the observations that people report here, including me? I don't condemn people without the facts, but it's usually true that where there is smoke, there is fire. And the smoke around Bethel is so bad, it's almost dark as night. The WT forbids "gossip" about these "memories". But as a person in the field of psychology, I strongly urge anyone who has these memories to seek help (NOT FROM ANYONE IN THE WT) and if you hear of others, I would ask around if it's the same "brother" whom everyone is "remembering". As I've proven many times, pedophiles RARELY reform. My offer still stands about giving money to the person who can prove to me that any JW who was a pedophile is now cured for life because he's now a JW. I still haven't had to pay a penny yet. So if you remember being abused ten years ago and you hear rumors about the same brother abusing a child now, I would try as best you can to see if it's true. You both might be part of a long string of victims. Maybe a case can be made in court if this all ties in together. Of course, the WT will deny it, but since they know nothing about psychology, I would ignore them and their threats. Remember, you might save some children from being raped in the future if you report what happened to you NOW. Why allow these animals to continue doing this? Why let them get the last laugh at your expense? My family was destroyed and a fortune was spent to help my daughter and a fortune was lost because it happened. Now a fortune will be spent to bring them down. I'm not materialistic, I just wish to point out that victims that don't get help will suffer emotionally, financially, and psychologically for a long, long time. You are not a bad person if you try to follow up on this. I urge you to do so, using only legal means of course. But this doesn't require you to obey the WT's rules. Their lawyers lie and the elders also lie. The GB has committed perjury in court many times. My final point is that you won't make God angry at you if you defy the WT over this issue. You are trying to do the right thing and help victims. God will take care of the WT, believe me. You victims need and deserve to care for yourselves now. You may already have suffered terribly as a victim but you don't have to suffer any further by listening to the empty threats from the WT. The way to deal with bullies is to call their bluff, ignore them, or hit back. Believe me, they'll stop if you hit them hard enough. Remember, they are cowards and weasels. My best to all and my sympathy to any out there who are in pain.

M.A.N. Monday, March 5, 2007
@ 8:10 PM
Re: GB help
I've been reading the article on Freeminds that was written by Barbara Anderson. She was involved in the database at Bethel and either wrote or helped to write many articles. I just thought I would remind everyone here that there are and were good people at Bethel who tried to do the right thing. But as she brought out, the leaders were not of this group. She specifically mentioned one member of the GB (Ted Jaracz) as being dead set against victims seeking therapy from "worldly" psychologists because they were "Satan's world" and that the WT could offer all the assistance any victim should need. As we all know by now, this is total garbage. I met Ted Jaracz and many other GB members and many of them are arrogant and rude. If you are new here or don't know what to do if you've been abused (especially if you are a JW) I promise you that you will receive NO help from the WT. They are NOT therapists. You will only heal if you get professional assistance. The reason that many victims remain in agony for years, or commit suicide as the one young woman did who helped Barbara with the article, is that they are afraid Jehovah will be angry if they go to professionals outside the WT. You must do so, because there aren't any professionals INSIDE the WT. They simply don't have the training nor, in many cases, do they care if you get better. They only care about lawsuits and how the public views them. Since it's way too late to save their already destroyed reputation, I don't know why they keep trying. To conclude, I hope any who are in pain will realize that even the highest elders at Bethel do not care about your problems like they should. Please seek help and my best to all of you.

NF19 Monday, March 5, 2007
@ 3:26 PM
Dude, find a lawyer right away! If he has Alzheimer's, then he shouldn't be able to do legal stuff. I think a few doctors have to sign that he has it, then he's not allowed to let the JW's rip him off. Make sure whoever gets put in charge of his stuff won't help the witnesses. Find a family member who hates them and if they get put in charge, they can tell the Watchtower to get off the place and stay away! You don't want a JW church there, do you? Maybe you can ask some nieghbors to help keep them away.

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