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Maluenda Sunday, March 18, 2007
@ 8:32 PM
Congratulations! May your life be long, healthy, and happy! It's amazing how they changed the words, no wait, they're inspired by THE god so god changed the words to fit their agenda! Crazy! I'm sure your decision to leave made God smile and his heart happy! Blessings friend!

SJG Sunday, March 18, 2007
@ 6:49 PM
Abstain From Blood
Greetings All! I have left the JWs and have never been happier. My constant prayers for God to get me to worship Him were answered A Jewish person told me that the word used in that scripture ("abstain from blood") is 'damin' which actually means 'abstain from blood guilt'.

TB Sunday, March 18, 2007
@ 4:06 AM
Whatever they say is from God
Not long ago I attended a Sunday meeting at the Hall and the visiting speaker strayed completely off of the talk outline. After five minutes he had resorted to his “Stump Speech”. A “Stump Speech” is an hour’s worth of a varied assortment of that Elder’s pet peeves and whatever else he wants to jabber and soapbox about. This tripe wasn’t even distantly related to the title of the talk, but no matter. The boys were already tuned out, the girls were writing their names over and over again in tablets (a cry for their individualities?). The adults had already found a “Happy Place”, judging from the glazed looks on their faces. What snapped me out of a mental inventory of my sock drawer was a statement he made. “We Elders are sooo imperfect (pause) just ask our wives (insert audience laughter here) (pause) but obey the Elders, because everything they say is from God.” Let’s examine that. Let’s see, you’re imperfect, yet you’re infallible (perfect). The Ignorant, like this Elder, like to think that holding two contradicting ideas in your mind at the same time is a mark of sophistication, intelligence. An educated person who is logical-minded would be appalled. That is a strong reason that Education is denounced and discouraged among the “Rank and File”. In the average audience in the U.S. about half of the people would start to get up and leave upon hearing that remark, many of the remainder would not be back for a second meeting. Reverends and Priests in the rest of Christendom do not make such claims, unless perhaps at a meeting of the Branch Davidians, etc. This audience, however, was not an educated one and most folks (Sheeple) just “Zoned Out”. I asked a brother later about the visiting speaker’s Bio. (BTW every JW Elder is peer-encouraged to develop what I call a Ninety Second Bio, it usually has nothing to do with reality). It turns out that he quit school in the tenth grade just prior to nineteen seventy five. Explains a lot. He’s a tenths grade dropout janitor who’s chief hobby is watching Gilligan’s Island reruns, who only reads Watchtowers and Awakes (Thank God for all of those pictures and illustrations I guess) and he’s telling everyone to obey him because he’s on a direct pipeline and downlink from God. Everything the Elders say is from God? I think not. What about all the Molesting and Wicked Elders? Does that include them? The astounding claim that this Elder made on our platform was not greeted with any shock or even notice from the audience, they’ve heard it many times before. The reason I recount it here is that it goes a long way to explain why the Elders tolerate and cover up Molestation. I am not carrying someone else’s football on this, I have seen the cover ups first hand. It involves the very important concept of “The Credibility of the Body of Elders (BOE)” . Most of the Publishers (Pubs) never hear about this, but if you’ve ever been an Elder or MS you’re quite familiar with it. Anything and anyone is expendable just so long as the local BOE never loses face among the Pubs. No Elder will ever apologize in behalf of his own position or that of the BOE no matter what suffering they have caused. To do so will get an Elder deleted. This is at least a USA-wide policy on which the BOE is hung in every Cong. They pounce on even the slightest glimmer of dissent, run “Bitter Ones” (EG: Molested ones and their families) out of the hall thru endless run-arounds or library meetings, reverse-blaming or simple discouragements or verbal put-downs. Proof: Where do you find molested ones and their families? Not in the Halls, they’ve effectively been run out of the Congs. (This makes it harder to put together cases against the offenders as the victims are long gone). Most of the abusers are still in the Halls though. The Elders will sacrifice anyone in the Hall for the credibility of the BOE, be it young child, his or her parents, or little old ladies (unless she’s generous and rich). Their Massive Male Egos equate God’s will with their own prestige, and they become intrinsically intertwined. The more they pray before each and every decision the more they mantra- hypnotize themselves into believing that “Everything They Say Is From God”. Our best and kindest Elders nowadays are the ones who have already resigned their Elder’s positions. Look around you in the Halls. The best guys are never Elders. Many of the few balanced, humble good Elders who have retained their Elder’s posts report that it’s a never ending battle to keep the New Breed of Elders from ripping the Halls apart. No wonder Non-JW’s call us the “Borg”.

Maluenda Saturday, March 17, 2007
@ 6:34 PM
To James
No James what it means is that the hospital and the doctor/nurse who administered the blood are guilty of malpractice and you have the right to sue the pants off them. You are due compensation because your child died and they were negligent. However, if you are the parent as well as doctor/nurse that administered the wrong blood type then YES you are guilty of neglect and should be held responsible. I doubt that is the case, so you tried to do what was medically necessary for your child's health. Those who administered the life saving measures screwed up - get an attorney. And I am very sorry for your loss.

James Saturday, March 17, 2007
@ 2:03 PM
I have known non-Jehovah Witness children that were given blood transfusions and have died. The hospital staff did not give the right blood to the child and the child died of blood poisoning. Does that mean that the parent was abusing his/her child? Thoughts???

Baby Girl Friday, March 16, 2007
@ 6:33 PM
Hi. My Father is a Jehovah's Witness, My mother is Disfellowshiped ,and my step-father is a Catholic. They are all child molesters and liars. That will be all.

Alex Friday, March 16, 2007
@ 5:57 PM
Not worth it.
The Watchtower religion has brought nothing but sadness to my life. My family is never a family. There is always unhappiness and turmoil. I personally will never go back to that life.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007
@ 5:44 PM

It's a very good Idea. Let us stand together in this. The more people, the better. How come the danish are'nt so "agressive" as you are? I wonder. But I am working at it. I will proceed in my work. I can see that there are much to do yet. So let's stand together. Even thou I feel like standing alone here in litle Denmark. But that does not keep me from doing anything. I promise you I will do what I can. I am working on it. I will get in touch. But let me know the date, and mail adr. to Ophra and I will join you. Blessing

M.A.N. Wednesday, March 14, 2007
@ 12:34 PM
Re: Cults
I agree with Maluenda. I believe that TV shows and producers pay a good deal of attention to what the "regular" people have to say. After all, we are the ones who watch Oprah, Dr. Phil, and the other shows that can expose cults. I watched "Dateline: To catch a pedophile" last night and they did a behind the scenes episode showing how they got started, the close calls (one guy coming to meet a "young girl" was a cop with an arsenal of weapons in his car) and they also showed Chris Hanson (sp?) on the Oprah show. So she DOES do shows on sex offenders. Why can't we be next? Dateline has caught 260 men in 10 or 20 towns. Warning the world about the WTS would prevent hundreds, if not thousands, of children from being molested. And if the database in Bethel should be made public and ALL the names reported to the police, then over 23,000 pedophiles could be investigated. That's far more than Dateline caught. (I'm not knocking their work, but the problem with the WT involves far more pedophiles than Dateline caught.) I urge EVERYONE to research ways of getting the attention of ANY show, TV or radio, that might do a program. I tried the Montel Williams show a few years ago and got a response that they received my email and would contact me. Well, they didn't. But if hundreds of us contact the few major shows I mentioned, I bet we'd get far better results than just if a few did so. I hardly think any producer would ignore 5,000 emails in one week coming in to the Oprah show. Does anyone have an idea as to how to do this? Do we choose a date and all do it on that day? Or choose a week? Is there a "protect children" week? We've all heard of "take your daughter to work" day, and "secretary's day" and things like that. Maybe there is a day dedicated to abuse or something similar that we could use. Any ideas would be welcome. Thanks to all for your help.

Maluenda Wednesday, March 14, 2007
@ 10:19 AM
To Marilyn
Welcome and good for you! Blessings!

Marilyn Wednesday, March 14, 2007
@ 3:24 AM
Moving into freedom
Because of your experiences with JW/WT I've been able to walk in a different path. One full of freedom, hope and thruth. Thank You very much. I won't be a Silent Lamb. MBN

Maluenda Tuesday, March 13, 2007
@ 6:37 PM
RE: Cults
I hope that you will send the producers an email or letter asking why the JWs weren't included in the show. I hope you request they do additional research and include them in a second show. I also hope you post the link here so we can all do the same. If everyone would send an email we could help yto draw attention through the media. Every week we see new articles exposing them. We need to support the writers, producers, and other media personnel who bring this issue to the public eye. You can bet the JWs are sending emails, letters defending themselves why shouldn't make sure the TRUTH is known! Blessings

Joan Tuesday, March 13, 2007
@ 1:03 PM
Comments on the French Study
Words that come to mind when talking about France and its government: Unstable, untrustworthy, high unemployment, and unpopular with the people. Can you really trust a French Government study?

mt Tuesday, March 13, 2007
@ 10:51 AM
Hi Jane
I just want to tell you, that I have been writing to Poul Dal. And he wrote back, that he had send my mail.adr. to you. So I look forward to hear from you. Sincerely mt

Monday, March 12, 2007
@ 8:23 PM
To all
I have been reading some posts from very brave and courageous people here. I want you to know that I admire all of you so much! I wish you all well, and please keep coming back!! About blood transfusions: I have a cousin, an adult now, who was born a "blue baby". If it weren't for a blood transfusion, she might not be here today, and it is hard to imagine her NOT being here alive and well. Her parents were not JWs, thank goodness, or who knows what they would have done when she was born. They are not JWs, though, and all turned out so well. I do not think, do not believe for one second, that having a blood transfusion, is the same as 'eating' blood. Not at all. That concept seems so illogical to me. Eccentric even. I watched part of a documentary on cults last night and wished that the Jehovah's Witnesses were included in it. The documentary was about extremely controlling and abusive cults, like Jonestown, etc. Well, there is child abuse in the JW religion (so-called), also. And it is promoted, permitted by the JWs guru, the WTBTS. I wish the media would recognize how manipulative and controlling the WTBTS is. It's all about power. Just like a cult.

mt Monday, March 12, 2007
@ 1:49 AM
Hi Jane
Hi Jane Thank you for writing. I am so happy you wrote to me. Like a sign from heaven. smiling. I will mail Poul Dal. I know who he is. You may also ask him, my name is Maja. Not so many with that name. My lastname starts with T. Tell him I think he knows. I have been early awake, thinking what to do, and I think I know. So I will later write to Bill for some advice. I dont think scandinavian, and especcially Denmark, is fat up. I think it's because the countryes are to small. And people are afraid to be recognised. Some are'nt disfellowshipped, and are afraid of it, because of their family. And others (many I think), are afraid of us who are out, because the JW compair us with satan. Awfull thought, but they do. Makes me so angry. So I will do something to help all those people and victims of phedofils. (Suddenly I forgot how to spell it). smiling. But Jane I look forward to hear from you, and very very happy if you would help. Thank you so much. Sincerely mt

Maluenda Sunday, March 11, 2007
@ 6:58 PM
To Adrienne
I'm so happy you are seeking help. You are a good person. Remind yourself of all the people you love and all the wonderful things you do for them. Do you realize that just by being here and sharing your experiences and thoughts with us it helps others to have the courage to reach out for help. You have friends here on this site. Please stay intouch with us. It is a hard road to travel alone. You and all the other people hurt by this cult are not alone. We are here to listen, offer advice, and support you when you need it. Just make sure that you choose someone who is familiar with cults and how they work and has at least a small understanding of how this particular cult works. Blessings to you my friend!

Jane Sunday, March 11, 2007
@ 4:10 PM
To mt
I would like to get in contact with you. I do agree with you that nothings seems to happen in Scandinavia. Are we too fed up with all? Maybe it is that we are so few compared with the US. If you could mail Poul Dal, he will give you my E- mailadress. Those at the supportgroup in Denmark seem to be nice people and they have had their fair share of "silentlambsstuff" to handle too. Lets try to figure something out, or maybe just talk. Yours sincerely Janemissy.

adrienne england Sunday, March 11, 2007
@ 2:21 PM
thanks everyone for your answers they have been a great help in the last few days i have aranged to speak to a proffesional person who deals with what i am going through and i think it will help me , although it was a while ago all this happened, its time i moved on but i needed help and with your kind words and helpful hints im determined to put the jws behind me. i do pray and love god dearly, and the guilt will go when i can learn to love me. once again thanks to you all.

George Sunday, March 11, 2007
@ 10:51 AM
Silent Lambs
I wish Silent Lambs well.

Maluenda Sunday, March 11, 2007
@ 10:47 AM
You are wonderful. So many people sit back and do nothing but let that fire burn in their hearets. You are taking action! I applaud you! Blessings and be sure to keep us all posted!

M.A.N. Saturday, March 10, 2007
@ 11:14 AM
The legal system
Thanks for the compliments, but I don't have the health or time to do this. I'm a little older than you might think. Maybe I can get some legal person near me to help out with this issue. If I work in the therapy field for the county or state, I may be asked to speak about victims in court. Perhaps the agency would have its own legal people and I could work with them. I hope to write a book about this from the angle of how the children/victims are affected and what type of therapy helps them best to move on with their lives. I'm not going to write much about doctrine, there already are hundreds of books on that. I'm going to approach it from the psychological viewpoint. Thanks again for your compliments.

George Saturday, March 10, 2007
@ 7:00 AM
Blood Transfusions or not
According to SilentLambs post of my comment, the protection of children from pedophiles is the main goal. As a lawyer, I have read countless articles regarding medical malpractice from the American Bar Association's publications. Many medical institutions have been taken to court and sued due to not following patients written orders. This site should be extremely careful regarding medical issues it posts. However, child pedophilia either by family or outsiders is a growing menace in society and needs to be dealt with seperately. We have to seperate what is indeed a religious orders direction and what is clearly not a biblical, or religious direction. Obviously, child pedophilia is not a Biblical direction. My observation of this web site is that it should be governed by a legal source. If not, this site could have serious legal issues in the future. ------------------------------------------------silentlambs reply-Silentlambs reports on issues that affect children. The commentary posted on the website is a government investigation of JWs and how they might endanger children. This is of concern to JWs worldwide and certainly important information for all that may read the website. As an alleged attorney you should be aware that investigations by government officials are not subject to lawsuits and people that attend law school generally know how to use a spell checker before the make public comments on a guest book. If an adult chooses to make a life threatening decision due to religious coercion it is their prerogative. If a child is involved the rules of the game are changed due to the same laws that protect children from sexual abuse. At silentlambs we support the welfare of children.

mt Saturday, March 10, 2007
@ 2:06 AM
Thank you nf19. I will work on it, and see what I can do. I have been writing a lot on homepages until now. And working with my fear, so I'm almost ready to work further with it. I have got a lot of help and have been reading so much. Have had bad discussions with the JW, who called me a liar severel times. In fact one of the headlines at the homepage was: manjana (nickname there) is a continuing with her black lies. I got so mad. And now 3 witnesses has said goodbye to the homepage yesterday. But you must know that we all who writes there, have been showing them the link to silent lamb's severel times. So in DK they know. But I dos'nt care what they do to stop me. The thruth must out in the open. And I will find out how to do it. I live in a small city, and have some people to think about also. And that is holding me back a litle. But my heart is burning to do something, so I will. I shall inform you, when I start and how I am doing it. Have a nice weekend. See you all soon again. Sincerely mt

Friday, March 9, 2007
@ 3:56 PM
The legal system
M.A.N., have you ever considered going to law school or at least becoming a legal assistant? If you were to do this on top of your degree in psychology, plus your past experience and your knowledge of pedophilia in the JW world, I bet you could REALLY make great waves, especially with your writing talent! And I bet you could make a great impression in court when you speak on behalf of the victims. This is just a thought.

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