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M.A.N. Monday, March 26, 2007
@ 12:17 PM
Re: Child custody site
I just wanted to encourage people who are going to be involved in custody battles not to give up. The WT will throw a lot of money, time, and lawyers into this battle. But more and more judges are seeing through the WT lies. Some have obtained copies of the WT publications and studied them on their own. I will post the link when I find it, or possibly it can be done privately. I cannot warn people strongly enough not to underestimate how far the WT will go in order to help the JW parent to get the children. As we have seen, in many, if not most, cases just being raised as a JW from infancy to adulthood could qualify as child abuse in many countries. If any non-JW parent is tempted to give in to the JW parent, remember that your child will be taught to lie when it suits them, to look forward (drooling) to the death of most of the human race simply because they didn't "get it" (assuming the WT is true, which it is NOT), not to enjoy the normal things in life like sports, music, arts, after school clubs, etc. Then this same parent will testify in court that their child is free to do all of these things ("No problem!", I can just hear them now.) No band practice, no football, no senior class prom, no joining the chorus or putting on a show, etc. Think of "Mr. Holland's Opus" and all the fun the JW kids would miss. If my parents had been JW's and raised us as JW's. I would not have been student conductor of the HS orchestra, would not have started to write a symphony, never learned to play the few dozen instruments I know, no chorus, no drams club, no weightlifting club, no chess club, etc. I think you all get the point. I think, from a psychological point of view, that at least half, if not more, of the education that HS kids receive is from the extra activities, not the classroom history tests. Outside the classroom is where we develop normal social skills, self-confidence, and the other things that we will cherish and need all our lives. To prove this: What do you remember about HS with the most fondness, your English teacher or if you played in the band or were on the football team? But according to the WT, God forbid that we should have some fun, right? At Bethel, I don't think they have "after work" activites. You work five and a half days, go out in FS, study several times for the same meeting, and wear a fake smile. I have never met a person my age who left Bethel a happy person. Most of them couldn't wait to get out. In the 70's, it was glamorous to say you had been a "Bethelite" (source of new "lite"). Now if you say that, my first thought is to send you a sympathy card. I know for sure that people leaving Bethel will have psychological issues for years to come. There are exceptions, but that's the norm as I saw it. Now, my point is, if the adults from Bethel can't take it, how could anyone subject a child to this upbringing? Would any parent want to forbid his child from being in the band, only to find out years later, that they had a talent like Mozart? Wouldn't that be a terrible waste? My question to all: Does anyone have a story about how a life or a person's talents were tragically thrown away because they didn't join after school activities? Thank you for your input. M.A.N.

M.A.N. Sunday, March 25, 2007
@ 2:27 PM
Re: Child custody site
I wanted to add a few points to the comments that Maluenda posted. First, I'm very glad that this site is available to those who need it. Make no mistake, the WT HAS and WILL continue to LIE, CHEAT, TWIST THEIR BELIEFS, and do ANYTHING short of shooting the judge in order to get their way. I have access to copies of the "secret" Elder's Handbook as well as much of the "child custody packet". What the WT teaches at its meetings and in its literature is the very opposite of how they will attempt to portray themselves in court in order to pretend to the judge that they are "normal" people. It's enough to make a person throw up. I forget which commandment it is, but they definitely violate the one about "not lying". And to the WT: "If you don't like it, too bad. Sue me. (Bring lots of money, you'll need it.)" Most of these websites are only quotes from WT literature. I find it odd that 20 years ago, the elders verbally had to beat the publishers in order to get them to try to place this "new light" with the public, and now that a few people who no longer are JW's put it up for free so that the whole world could see it, and therefore did the WT's work for them for free, and far more effectively, the WT now finds this objectionable. What hypocrites!! If anyone reads the elder's handbook (but especially the child custody material) I urge you NOT to eat first and you should drink some tea to calm your nerves first. Those of you on anti-anxiety or anti-anger medication will need it very much. It is no secret that I would never win "Most Mellow Person of the Year" when it comes to the WT. Let me assure you all that I have to count to ten after reading each and every paragraph, that's how disgusting this material is. I have never seen more lies in my life. As far as what the WT lawyers will attempt to do in court, all I can say is that NO ONE should try to get custody of his children (if your mate is a JW) without a lawyer. I have seen videos on Freeminds of elders actually lying about what books they have as elders, the existence of "theocratic warfare" (one elder of 15 years said he never heard of the expression or the concept), and he also denied that a booklet existed. He got in trouble when the judge held up a copy of the very booklet and said, "This one?" (A few details may be different, I saw it once and the audio was not the best.) I want to encourage every non- JW parent not to give up if you are trying to obtain custody of your kids. I assure you that the WT won't give up. My advice is to obtain the material that the WT will try to use against you and then find literature of theirs that teaches the opposite of what the lawyer will try to lie about. One thing most judges hate is when lawyers lie to them and commit perjury. I know it makes them angry that the WT lawyer will try to make a fool out of them. I'm not a lawyer, so check all of this with your lawyer. But I do know Psychology, and the "proofs" that the WT quotes from in their material are out of context and twisted. If you are using a lawyer, make sure he is aware of the scholastic dishonesty of the WT writing committee, along with its legal department. I hope some of this will help any of you good parents out there in your fight to keep your children from being brought up among liars, lunatics, pedophiles, and mentally ill people. We all want the best for our children. A life in the WT and sanity are mutually exclusive. My best to all. M.A.N.

Maluenda Sunday, March 25, 2007
@ 8:34 AM
To MT This is the site. Please send it to anyone you know who might be getting divorced or fighting for child custody. I went through this and you can't even imagine ! These people will lie about any and everything to get these children.

mt Saturday, March 24, 2007
@ 5:56 PM
Hi Maluenda
I would like so much if I could have a copy or link to Bowens new site.

Maluenda Saturday, March 24, 2007
@ 6:49 AM
To: The Bowens
I just want to thank you for the new custody site. I wish you had been around when I was fighting my battle. The information you will provide is so valuable to attorneys and their clients. It will help save so many children from the doom and despair of the wbts. Thanks for caring so much for those who wouldn't have a chance at life otherwise! Blessings.

M.A.N. Friday, March 23, 2007
@ 6:21 PM
Again, I'm sorry to hear what happened to you. For those who are new, I'm now beginning to collect stories and notes for my book. I intend to write it from the angle of the psychological damage the WT does to people, not the doctrinal issues. There are already many books about that aspect. I have a BA in Psychology and will utilize that when doing the book. If anyone wants to send anything personal or wishes your situation to be in the book, please leave your email on the guestbook and SL will get it to me. I will never divulge names or any information that you don't want given out. Also, if anyone just wants to email me just to receive encouragement, that is also fine. There are so many cases out there, I'm sorry to say, that I could use 10% of the stories and I'd still have a twenty pound book when I was finished. Next week, I'm speaking to a few people that I've known for awhile to formulate a plan concerning contacting the media in order to get this issue brought to the American public. After reading about Eva Braun (the woman who abused those poor children that we all received an email about and whose picture is on the main page of SL) I decided that I've had quite enough of the JW's. It's time to take them down for good. I have the ability and the time. Oh, while beginning to type this message, the power went off. That happens often here they don't know how to trim tree branches that are next to electric lines. (Too much alligator beer, I guess.) In any event, as you can see, I won't be stopped no matter who or what tries to do so. I would also like to remind everyone that the WT's latest tract strongly condemned "false religion" and said that one of its identifying marks was protecting clergy who molested children. If that isn't the must disgusting, lying, hypocritical statement that the WT has ever made, I don't know what is. I'm getting sick and tired of their lies and the damage they are doing. This year is the year that we are going to attack. I also feel that it is necessary to remind any victims that if you feel the need, to please get professional help. As I said, I would be willing to email anyone who just wants to talk, but I must stress the need to see someone in your area on a regular basis if you need that. I think we all need to remember the "iceberg theory". For each single thing that we hear about, another nine are happening under water, so to speak. Just like we only see a fraction of the entire iceberg (above water), we only know about 5% or 10% of what is really going on out there. So for each victim that posts here and for each elder or JW who molests a child and it gets in the news, another nine are doing it and we don't know about them. So this problem is ten or twenty (maybe more) times worse than we believe it to be. If you look at it that way, it might sink in how bad the WT really is and how critical it is that we begin to save ALL of the current and near-future victims ASAP. Again, my best to all and I urge anyone and everyone who wants comfort to post here so they can receive it. We are all willing, able, and eager to help anyone who needs it. Most of us who have been posting for awhile have been molested or know of family members who were molested. We care about all of you victims and wish to help. M.A.N.

mt Thursday, March 22, 2007
@ 12:36 PM
We are here for you
Dear ms I feel so sorry for you. But it is a good thing that you left the organisation. They dont want to help you. I have never tried what you and unfortunally so many others has gone through, or are going through, but I have 2 girlfriends who are sisters. And they have been raped by 4 elder. And afterwords hanged out to be liars, in every church in Denmark. Every single one. Because they are very dearly to me and have heard and seen all their pain, I can deeply follow you. It is so right that you speak out, but as maluenda says, in your time. I know you will find help and healing here, because I has. And I dont speak for my self. Many others have had help through here. So write all you can, it help's you. My heart is crying with you. But be strong we are here for you. Cincerely mt.

Thursday, March 22, 2007
@ 12:07 PM
Yes, please post your story!! Maybe you could still go to the proper authorities about what happened to you, about all you have been through. How old were you when the sexual abuse started? It is just terrible that your mother kicked you out! That is just not natural. She should have been there for you! I am so sorry. Well, you have family here, so please keep coming back! Take care. I hope you are now getting counseling to help you work through your pain, your Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Maluenda Thursday, March 22, 2007
@ 11:48 AM
Take your time. Take it slow. As you write it down somany emotions will flood out of you. It will bring up so many emotions too. Anger, grief, relief, hatred, confusion, sadness. Thank God for your brother. It's not to late to seek professional help. If you choose to do so look for someone who is familiar with cult activities and rape. Not every counselor deals with cults. As always you are free to tell us your story and we will listen and help anyway we can. We all know how hard this road is. You'll find many people will respond with that's what happened to me or that's what I was told. You are not alone. We have all lost family and friends because we spoke out, did the right thing, or left this dangerous cult. We understand what you've been through, we understand the pain, guilt, anger, and other emotions. We understand the post traumatic stress symptoms. We are here to help you anyway we can. We are all here to help each other through our experiences and stories. Blessings to you!

ms Thursday, March 22, 2007
@ 11:21 AM
changing of times
None were ever charged. I lost my family and friends what sadness me more is the fact that you almost feel guilty for doing it for tlking about it the worse case is that when i did confess they were only censured and i had to see them every meeting. Until i had enough i couldnt take it my mom kicked me out of my house and im fortunate enough to have a brother who loves me dearly. He gives me shelter and support. I thought i was alone .... but to my suprise WOW im not. I never got counseling because it wasnt gonna help me according to the elders. They expected me to get over it. I just feel like if all my life they tlk about this god who has this organization who will protect you from evil and i would see evil within the organization. I wanna right down my story here... and it will take time for me to do it ive never done it...... BUT I WILL!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007
@ 8:45 PM
To M.S.
You were raped by seven people, four of whom were elders?! Oh, how horrible!!! Didn't anyone try to help you?! Seven people!! That's incredible! I am so sorry! I hope that you are getting help with the aftermath of such horrific abuse. As Maluenda said, please keep coming back for support from people who care about you and who feel friendship for you. This is a healing place. Please keep coming back!

Maluenda Wednesday, March 21, 2007
@ 7:50 PM
I am so sorry to hear of your situation. You will find many people here who have had similar experiences. Post as often as you like , we hope to get to know you better. You will certainly find comfort and healing here! Congratulations on your escape. Blessings to you.

m.s Wednesday, March 21, 2007
@ 6:04 PM
im new
hi i barely left the organization i was raped by 7 ppl in the organization 4 were elders. and it feels so good to come out of it !! hope to be here more!

mt Wednesday, March 21, 2007
@ 9:33 AM
Hi M.A.N.
Thank you so much for you offer to help. And for your kind words. Every day, I got testemony, that what I am working at, is so right for me to do. And it really means a lot to me. Yesterday, my sister in law, said that I should stop what I am doing. Because I would loose the entire family. They would support their father, which is a strong JW. That make me think a litle but only 2 mn, if I should stop. Then I said to her, that if that happened, there was nothing to do about it. So many x-witnesses can'nt get the help they want's. And need so badly. So I would carry on no matter what. My husband and childreen supports me, and that means of course everything to me, in this important work. I also said, that no one should ever again tell me what to do or in any other way stop me for what I am standing for now. And I am burning for this. Really burning. I have a hard time getting connection's, but I will find a way. It will come, with God's help. And of course you are right. No matter how small a country are, the people in it, must have a place to get active help. I will try anyway. Thank you again, bless you.

Maluenda Wednesday, March 21, 2007
@ 9:13 AM
RE: Just in time
I think it's interesting that when a small snowball rolls down a snow covered hill it picks up momentum and when it reaches the bottom it's the size of a boulder crushing everything in it's path. I also find it interesting that the screams of people who might be in the snowball turned boulders path can not be heard. Why? Because when something is on it's way down it usually goes so fast that it's not seen coming? Now, you're asking yourself what does this have to do with the issues we discuss here? Just this. Bill along with others have started a new site to help the little lambs caught up in a custody battle. How I wish the site was in place when I went through this. Anyway, there are those, though I can't say for sure, are jws who are intimidated and frightened by this site. Rightly so. They have chosen to speak out against Bill and those involved and call names, tacky and immature at best. They make statements like he's doing it for the money, (When I heard that,I had to belly laugh), Bill doesn't care for the lambs just himself. That's what made me think of the snowball. Societies and courts around the world are becoming familiar with the JW tactics. Their inner circles are being exposed by elders who are leaving due to ineffectual and harmful policies regarding children and abuse passed to them by the GB who are suppose to be inspired by a "true god." Even the JW's are having a hand in their own downfall by distributing door to door their own publications with headlines like "Must we always tell the truth?" The answer to that according to them is -NO. They are contributing to the avalanche with each magazine they distribute. Then there are those trying to scream out statements designed to make the work of SL look bad. Unfortunately for them, the world knows the truth about SL and turns a deaf ear to those screams. It also looks on with pity for those swallowed up by the giant snowball of jw policies that is heading to the bottom of the mountain. Poor brainwashed , misguided souls. All the way down the mountain they cry out against those that expose the cult and its policies and secrets for what they truly are. The Jehovah's Witness cult is on it's way down the mountain, no one hears it's name calling and cries. Even it's flock is trying to get out before the snowball becomes a boulder and crushes this horrible monster that preys on innocent children. Blessings to you all and may you escape JUSTIN TIME

mt Tuesday, March 20, 2007
@ 11:31 AM
Hi maluenda
Thank you so much for your kindly advisses. It goes directly to my heart. It is good to know, that you are here. And I hope so much, that when I am going in the air, with my project, people also will know that I am there for them. But is'nt it awfull, you know in your heart, that they just cannot have the truth, but anyway you can get scared. What a controling mind Organisation. You asked about my source to the new understanding. He who wrote it, have been reading about it in one of your own web pages. jehova' Under the discusions forum. Did the heavenly calling cease in 1935? Not anymore! There a 2 pages from the wachttower 1 may 2007, where you can see it. Yes what they can get along with. Bless you all. Have a nice day, here in Denmark it's 6 am, and I have to go cook now. smiling.

M.A.N. Tuesday, March 20, 2007
@ 8:30 AM
To: MT
I also wanted to add to what Maluenda said. We all benefit by helping each other. You said Denmark is a tiny country and it might be compared to the USA. But you are just as important a person as anyone else. One of the earliest stories about the WT abuse policies broke in Denmark. All we have to do is keep planting seeds in the minds of any person who will listen and someday the WT will be destroyed forever. My best to you, and if you need anything, let me know. M.A.N.

Maluenda Tuesday, March 20, 2007
@ 8:16 AM
It is spooky but it also has a medical name: Post traumatic stress disorder. I have been out of this cult for over 25 years yet when I hear of a great disaster I immediately think armeggeddon is here and my heart beats faster. Now I am able to say to myself: These things happen as a part of nature (earthquakes, mud slides, etc) and the true God would never purposely hurt anyone-it's not armeggedon. So yes, you'll live with the fear and maybe some guilt for a long time. Just know that soldiers who have been to war, and any person who has suffered any type of trauma or abuse suffers from the same thing. The important thing is that you recognize it and learn to deal with it so that the symptoms can become less and less frequent. The more you do to empower yourself and others will help too. You come across as a strong and sincere person who really cares about others. What a blessing you are to the world! We are always here for you!

mt Tuesday, March 20, 2007
@ 2:59 AM
Hi maluenda
I will not forget about you. You are also doing a great job here. I admire you all, for what you are doing. It was because of you, I got the idea, to start this project. And also because of you, that I have come so far, with my own fear. So thank you so much. I can see, that so many people are suffering, and need help. I am writing with some x- witnesses in DK and Norway. And they all have physicall pain. A good friend wrote to me, that it is spooky, that after I have been out for 8 years, a witness still could get to me. Yes it is spooky, that the Organisation have been able to put words so deep in our mind's, that we still can be hurt, so many years after. But I am looking forward to get this project running and getting started to help people. But I still need advises, and contacts. I will see what I can do this week. I will be in touch. Bless you all. mt.

Maluenda Monday, March 19, 2007
@ 5:29 PM
I don't doubt it, I was just curious. I think it's wonderful what you are doing. Be sure and keep us posted. I hope you find many Danish people to help you with this quest but don't forget about us here! Blessings to you!

mt Monday, March 19, 2007
@ 5:24 PM
Hi maluenda
I must admit that I only have it, from a x-witness from the danish web-site But he is totally okay. But I will write and ask him just in case. But I have no doubt in not beliveing him. I will be in touch as soon as I know. Sincerely mt

TB Monday, March 19, 2007
@ 11:13 AM
Certified to Procreate
Certified to Procreate -- I post this because I believe it may be helpful in understanding part of the thinking and MO of the Elders. The main problem we JW’s have today is the Elder Problem. A while back a post commented that most of the Elders were married, that the Elders and WTS made fun of Catholic Priests for their staying single and for some of them molesting young people. You don’t hear so much about their antipathy towards Catholic Priests anymore since the media has finally bucked the WTS platoon of Long Island Lawyers and publicized the massive Elder and MS (and others) Molestation problem. As most of you know, we JW’s have a much more immense problem of covered up molestations than the Catholic Church ever had. At least the Catholic Church is making admissions and apologizing and making financial amends. The Elders themselves often encourage singleness: Many Sisters are encouraged never to marry so they can carry the bulk of the door to door work as pioneers. The Elders usually decide that they want the Eceptionally Pretty Sisters to marry their sons and can usually get this to happen by manipulations, all the rest they want to Pioneer. In any City KH the Pioneer Sisters are pumping in a massive amount of hours into the box in the back of the Hall, thus making the Elders look good to the CO on his next visit. (Thus becoming our NUN culture). Elders monitor the Pioneer Sister’s “Progress” and try their hardest to thwart them from ever marrying, running off suitors if they have to, lying to them (Excuse me, Theocratic Warfare). Marriage would take the Sisters out of Pioneering and thus take those hours out of the box. JW Elders constantly preach from the platform (at Assemblies and also Cong-level) that Sisters should only marry Ministerial Servants (MS) or Elders. I’m married now but in years past I have courted sisters, been in excellent zealous standing but had the Sister’s Elders secretly urging them to dump me because I didn’t have a “Position” at the time. The Elders go to the Sister and breathlessly swear her to secrecy “This is confidential”, and say, “If you continue in this course you will sooo discourage the other brothers and sisters”. When a non-programmed person hears such a statement as that they can see it for the manipulation that it is. The Sister (always hearing from the platform that everything the Elders say is from God) does her ‘duty’ and dumps the Brother who doesn’t have a Position. The Elders not only try and announce the policy of “Sisters only marry a Brother with a Position” from the platform fairly frequently, especially in “Marriage and Family” talks, but also at Assemblies (Why not, that is where all the young JW’s are trying to find each other to get honorably married). Usually the brother will never find out that the Sister’s Elders have made her drop him, they swear her to the utmost secrecy, and she feels that to tell her suitor will be letting down God himself. I have gotten the sisters to admit it to me after being very persistent. I found out the first time it happened by accident, after that I always suspected it and queried the sisters after the breakup and they would finally give in and admit to me that they broke up with me on orders from their Elders. The Sisters think that somehow the Elders have special powers of divination and must know something about the brother, so they go along with it. Actually the Elders swear her to secrecy so she won’t tell her suitor so he won’t get enraged and come back and knock their blocks off. (I say this because it’s actually their thinking). This is all a numbers game, Hour, Hours, Hours. Whatever lives they can manipulate or wreck to “Pump up the Hours” in a KH, they will do. If you have Daughters they will be taken from you and they will start to be programmed by the Elders for whatever purpose they have for them. Your own daughters will hang on every word the Elders say and will even be contemptuous of what their own father says. If they’re exceedingly pretty the Elders will swing them towards their own sons or their buddy’s sons. If they do not meet with their visual approval, they try and regulate them to Pioneer. This is so manipulative as to be beyond belief. I feel so sorry for the poor sisters involved. My own wife would never win a Miss America contest, but she’s the most beautiful woman in the world to me. I can barely imagine what it’s like to be a woman in “The Truth“, they are way more programmed than us brothers, it must be horrible. If you look, you will find that very few women actually convert to be a JW nowadays, it’s usually only if they come in “the Truth” with a husband or father. If a Woman studies and gets baptized by herself you can bet she has had a horrible childhood, been abused, etc.. The way the Elders manipulate courting couples and sisters and how they try and get a brother to “Reach Out” first, marry afterwards, reminds me of the scripture in Jude, “In the last days, Men will be forbidding to marry”. Earlier in life I always put my education and Job-Skill first, Marriage second, Position in KH third. The Elders Want young men to put it exactly in reverse, but to do so brings upon them lots of problems. So many never amount to more than welfare receiving Janitors. And the Sisters, when they marry only an MS out of Duty, usually wake up ten years down the line and realize they don’t love the guy they married. Depression and/or divorce follows. What are the two main causes of depression among JW’s?: Money problems (Due to poor jobs, lack of Job-skills) and Marriage (Lack of it or to the wrong person). Male or female: If you hang on the Elder’s every word, you will be sorry for it, if not then than after years of depression later. Watch your children closely and Do Not let them go out in service with anyone that you don’t know very well. And if you’re a father, don’t let the elders steal your daughters out from your household. You and your wife are the only ones who deserve to influence your sons and daughters, don’t give birth to them only to throw them at the whims of the Elders. These guys have Massive Male Egos and eat up all of that Power, often with little to no education. When the courting couple meets with the Elders (They try and meet with every one of these couples) this is really an interview that may determine whether or not they even allow the two to get married at all. If you are a JW Courting Couple, refuse to meet with them, to meet with them will get them to try and establish persuasive power over the sister. They want to be the ones who “Certify to Procreate”. They want you to have to get their approval to exercise your most basic human right (Marriage) that is protected in most constitutions and human rights documents around the world, The UN’s and the EU’s in particular. Thus you will see Marriage as a Privilege to be dispensed by the Elders, rather than a basic Human Right that was given to us by God and our Humanity. When they admit they do these things at all, they say, “We’re just trying to keep the Congregation clean”. How can it be unclean when people are just trying to honorably get married? How about them Deleting Elders who are mean or molesting? How about them keeping the Congs clean by not tolerating Molestations and Molesters?

Maluenda Monday, March 19, 2007
@ 8:23 AM
Would you be able to tell us how you found this out? It's just another example of the huge stinky fish flip-flopping on the bank while it slowly dies. Anything to keep the flock from running away. Like changing the 1914 date as the beginning of the end. Funny how quickly a century can pass and you can get caught in a lie. When I was a kid they would always say that the generation born in 1914 would not pass away before armeggeddon would come. I wonder what they'll change next? Blessings

mt Monday, March 19, 2007
@ 3:50 AM
Hi everyone
I just want to inform you, that a new understanding seems on its way. The JW, has always said that in 1935, the litle flock, 144.000 was collected. A question not to be questioning. Because it was absolutely the truth from the bible, and so the bible doesn't lie. But now they have changed this. So now it's an open date, and if you feel like it, you can enjoy the symbols, without anyone asking questions. I have read that it will be stated in the watchtower in May. In the place called readers asking. Isn't that amazing, and I bet they get away with it. Just a litle information. I hope you all are well. God bless you all.

Maluenda Sunday, March 18, 2007
@ 8:42 PM
RE: infallable imperfect elders
That's amazing! But I'm not surprised! It shouldn't be Jehovah's Witnesses it should be Jehovah Hypocrites! I loved your take on the whole meeting. It temps me to go to a hall and sit through the hour just to observe from an outsiders point of view. Thanks for sharing that with us. My dad is an elder. He has an eighth grade education and get this: A requirement for him to be elder-he had to learn to read! Yes, you heard me right-learn to read! When they were grooming him they said they wanted him to be an elder but the first step was to be a MS. To get to MS had to learn to read. So when I was in first grade and reading every book I could get my hands on dear old dad was practicing reading my older preschool books. He learned to read and now he has been an elder for thirty years. Of course, his marriage has always been rocky. He cheats on his wife, lies, tells dirty jokes, cusses like a sailor when angry, and says brilliant things like, " All child molesters have to do is pray to Jehovah with a sincere heart and he'll heal them. Then if they go to meetings and service and live a christian life everyone else knows they are healed too." And to think all those college graduates with PHD's in psych wasted all that time and money on false info. They should have just asked an 8th grader! Blessings to you!

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