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Maluenda Tuesday, April 3, 2007
@ 5:24 PM
I had planned on going but something came up with my kids and that ended that. I just saw a blurb on Utube where the Wilmington KH had pickiters outside and you could see the JW cars slowing down to read the signs. But the good news is that my parents-remember dad is an elder --are planning on coming for Easter dinner Sunday! Yep! Easter dinner. They are full aware that there will be egg hunting and a house full of guests and they're coming! I'll be taking a lot of pics and video! Blessings to all!

Anonymous Tuesday, April 3, 2007
@ 12:15 AM
The Memorial
Did anyone attend this years memorial at their local Kingdom Hall...I'm just curious!

Maluenda Sunday, April 1, 2007
@ 10:21 PM
To Tony
I'm happy for you! That's all you need. Keep your heart open and you will find the way to your personal spiritual higher power, God, whatever you deem it to be. I am always here and so are many others! My heart is always open to you and all the others who come here. Blessings!

Tony Sunday, April 1, 2007
@ 9:45 PM
To SJG and Maluenda. I wanted to thank you for your kind and loving words. I will pray and do nothing else. God is love and he will heal and comfort all of us. Thanks so much for repsonding.

TB Sunday, April 1, 2007
@ 2:21 PM
Origins of certain teachings
Question: "Where on earth did the idea of pyramidology come from? I couldn't find anything in the Bible regarding pyramids. I couldn't find anything about the Pleides (sp.?). Somebody told me that heaven is in the Pleides, something about "the sweet influence of the Pleides"." Answer: Pyramidology and The stuff about the Pleiades was what Russell was interested in. It definately has not been taught by JWs for many decades. Some sites present fairly accurate info on excerpts from the early Russell books, which I won't get into because they've already been discussed fairly accurately elsewhere. I think if Russell had lived a few more decades he would have repudiated it, he was a genuinely good man. He had a Beroean outlook and was willing to discard eroneous beliefs. He never claimed "Infallability" like modern day Elders do. The connection with the Pleiades comes from the fact that they are a cluster of bright stars and almost form a visual stellar "Gateway". If you look into the western sky at night with binoculars you will see them clearly. The ancient Greeks believed that they were a stargate for their Greek Gods. Russell was a voracious reader and truthseeker and viewed that there were 'truths' even in otherwise false readings and materials ("Truth Harvesting"). EG: The channelled book "Women and Angels" (written by a non-JW at the turn of the last century) obviously formed the basis of the elaboration of the understanding on 'nephilim' and all the preflood imagery used in many modern publications. These things have never been Core Doctrines though. There's nothing about Nephilim and the Pleiades (etc..) on the couple hundred questions new recruits go over in the "Questions for Baptism". I have to admit, we need to focus mightily on Core Bible Study and get away from the speculations of the past. If Witnesses would be allowed to go to College then their intellectual yearnings and minds would be satisfied and fullfilled by matters that were more beneficial to them (such as jobskills and career goals) rather than some stuff about Nephilim and other Demonclature.

NF19 Sunday, April 1, 2007
@ 2:14 PM
To Tony
Yeah, I read somewhere in the Watchtower that witnesses are supposed to hate people who don't agree with them, Satan, wicked things, and lots of other stuff. I'm sorry you got hurt by those people. I also like reading the stuff that the people post who are here all the time. We need time to get over what happened to us and they help. I know lots of witnesss who fight at home. ONce I went to a meeting and it was about love in the family. When the elder got outside his wife didn't get the car fast enough and he screamed at her. At least 10 people saw it happen. Funny, huh? If you want to help stop them, maybe you should write to Bill or someone here. I think they have ideas.

TB Saturday, March 31, 2007
@ 11:30 AM
Must We Always Tell The Truth?
Headline Article -- "Must We Always Tell The Truth?", Watchtower February 1, 2007 (This is a slightly non- current issue so it's probably being given out as an 'oldie' in malls near you right now). Page six is a restatement of the "Theocratic Warfare" doctrine ('It's okay to lie for a good cause, EG to help an Elder dodge something, or whatever else that the Elders deem is necessary to conceal'). This astounding statement is made on page six: "Every Lie is an untruth but not every untruth is a lie". Most of page six goes on to re-support the notion that 'little white lies' and half truths are okay and are not really lies. Under a veil of my former JW Zealousness/ Blindness I would not have been able to see the outrageousness in such statements. God does not need us lying to protect his assets here on earth. Only wrong minded Men would lie. If the Elders or anyone else did not want someone to have some information, then they could simply say, "None of your business", end of story. Evasion, Trickery, White Lies, Half Truths, promote distrust from substantial numbers of the Friends and a promulgation of it as a policy (to counteract the publicity and attack on the "Theocratic Warfare" doctrine from the Internet) serves no purpose but to cleave to a policy totally lacking in Nobility and Honesty. I've met Atheists who would not stoop to such things. I've met many Elders who lied, lied, lied. This policy (Often referred to as 'Theocratic Warfare') becomes the basis for coverups of the numerous cases of Molestations of Children in the Halls. Also it provides a moral backdrop for the WTS manual for child custody which urges the JW Rank and File, (when under duress) to Lie, Conceal, Spin, etc.. You can really tell the Manuals, Letters of Protocol to Elders, and Policies are being written by the Long Island Lawyer set among us JW's but apparently they are at least counselling the writing of the WT itself. Why are Pubs punished (DF'd) for lying to Elders but they can lie to the Pubs? I know I've seen the written basis for Theo-Wr before, but I thought that due to the exposure of this wrong doctrine on the Internet we would back away from it, instead a WT comes out and imbraces it all the more. It's a big mistake and a WT page that will probably be introduced into courtrooms everyuwhere now.

Saturday, March 31, 2007
@ 8:25 AM
The truth will set you free of false religion
After so many truthful stories of Child pedophilia that the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society has, they still feel that their code of conduct is far superior than the majority of religions. However, with the Jehovah's Witnesses pandemic issue still going stronger than ever before, their protecting pedophiles is still in great use. Thank Jehovah for allowing the court system to illuminate this modern day disgusting thing in a holy place. Eventually the judicial system will have enough of this issue that they will have to confront their board of directors of their non-involvment. Their "Governing Body's" non-response on this issue has brought great approach on Jehovah. I thank Jehovah every day!

Friday, March 30, 2007
@ 8:02 PM
Origins of certain teachings
Where on earth did the idea of pyramidology come from? I couldn't find anything in the Bible regarding pyramids. I couldn't find anything about the Pleides (sp.?). Somebody told me that heaven is in the Pleides, something about "the sweet influence of the Pleides". I tried to find something about this in the Bible but couldn't. The concept of these teachings had to come from somewhere! But where? And why? I don't ever want to use Bible "aids" for learning about the Bible again. I just want to use the Bible. Period. Exclamation mark! Does anyone have any ideas about these teachings, how they got started? Did I miss something in the Bible? I'd sure appreciate any thoughts about this!

Concerned Thursday, March 29, 2007
@ 5:54 PM
How is Bill Bowen doing? ___________________________________________________________ Silent Lambs Reply: Bill is doing great. Working hard as usual and busy helping those in need.

SJG Wednesday, March 28, 2007
@ 5:01 PM

To Tony, PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! I left the JWs, sent a note over a month ago and the elder came to my door today to get me to meet with them and go the that memorial. I thought once you sent the letter of disassociation they left you alone. I know that particular elder means well, so I didn't want to hurt his feelings. BUT, when I used to study their CD, I found that their governing body does declare themselves and each witness to be God's only prophets on the earth, yet they made false predictions. God's true prophets will not sometimes predict things correctly and sometimes incorrectly because it is really God Himself making the prediction. If it's false, obviously it's not Him. Jesus did say that the false prophets would give great signs so as to mislead even the chosen/elect. There's no way the governing body can be who they claim to be. Worse yet, that all-seeing eye that used to be on their literature is an occult symbol. Are they rooted in the occult? God is a god of order, not of disorder and confusion. So I'll be praying to that the damage they did to their former members, etc. can be undone. You don't have to worry about taking them down. God will do that in His time. I would suggest, and I'm taking the advice myself, to just keep praying and working on being close to Him. Take care!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007
@ 2:58 PM
To all you victims
I was thinking that maybe you victims of sexual abuse from JWs could try contacting Nancy Grace of Court TV. Some of you have been victims of MULTIPLE abuse! That is just so terrible, so horrible (just ONCE is terrible and horrible!). Maybe you could share your stories with Nancy. I am sure she would find them appalling!! She might be a good person in the media to approach for help and publicity about the JWs and pedophilia, also other types of abuse. Spousal abuse, verbal, mental, emotional, and spiritual abuse. She comes across as a very caring, empathetic, and sympathetic person, and she sure cares about justice!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007
@ 2:42 PM
Another thing about children
Something that is very sad to me is when children get baptised in the JW religion, when they are too young to really know THEMSELVES as well as the religion they are committing themselves to! And then if they decide later that they made a mistake in getting baptised, that the JW religion is not for them after all, they are pretty much stuck, literally "caught between a rock and a hard place". They might feel they have to stay in the JW religion in order to still have relationships with their JW families and friends. They might be terribly unhappy in the 'religion', but not feel that they can leave it. What a spot they are in! I urge young people to please hold off on baptism, at least wait until you are 18 before considering making that commitment, because if you don't wait, you may be making a huge mistake! Huge! Besides, other religions don't make people answer zillions of head questions before letting them get baptised! And then make a commitment to an organization! Baptism has to do with the heart! And a commitment to Jesus Christ. NOT an earthly organization, a corporation, a glamorized book company! Please, if there are any young JWs who check out Silentlambs or Freeminds, DON'T jump into the baptismal pool until you are old enough to really know what you are doing! Take a lot of time to ask YOURSELVES very thought provoking questions. Don't put yourselves on the line with premature baptisms that you may come to regret someday! PLease.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007
@ 2:23 PM
To Maluenda
Your childhood was so horrific! I am so sorry, and I wish there was a way to wake your parents and so many other JWs up!!! How any adult could possibly think it is okay to abuse a child (in any way!) is beyond me! It's incredible that any parent could do the kinds of things that were done to you by your parents and be able to live with themselves! It is just sickening, and I am so sorry. How they can make excuses for themselves is beyond comprehension! In spite of the abuse you underwent by your parents, you have turned out to be a very wise person, with a caring, loving, and warm heart. And you have great empathy, compassion, and sympathy for other victims, which is truly therapeutic for them! You are a real asset and a true Godsend to this site!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007
@ 1:52 PM
To M.A.N.
I am happy to report that there are some exceptions to JW kids and extracurricular activities. At least when it comes to my great-nieces and nephews. I have a great- nephew who plays the trombone and is in advanced band, which played at the jazz festival in February. His little sister has recently started taking gymnastics a couple of times a week (she's four). Her seven year old cousin performed in a ballet at Disneyland, and eventually the four year old will also be taking ballet. I'm so glad! She loves ballet! My seven year old great-niece has also been involved with a soccer team, while a couple of my great-nephews have been on baseball teams. And look at the famous tennis players, the Williams sisters! So, there are exceptions, but they may be rare. I am so happy for my great-nieces and nephews that they are not being held back from their talents and abilities, which are fullfilling for them and help make them more well-rounded individuals!

Maluenda Wednesday, March 28, 2007
@ 9:45 AM
To TLA and Tony
Welcome to both of you. I am glad that you found us here at this site. everyone here is an exjw or a family member seeking help in healing, answers, a place to vent where people understand, or just to be heard. I have made many wonderful friendships at this site. People who have helped me through the rough times, got angry when I was angry, and shared in my joys and triumphs as I have made my own escape from this mind altering, child molesting cult. It's hard for the average person to understand what it's like to leave this cult. They equate it to leaving the Catholic or Baptist churches. You just kind of stop going and maybe feel a little guilty. They have no idea how deep this cult sinks it's roots into your soul and mind and the stress, fear, and confusion it causes when you break free. Not to mention the heartache, anger, and loss. I hope you'll visit often and get to know us here. We are always here to help or listen. Blessings to you both!

Maluenda Wednesday, March 28, 2007
@ 9:36 AM
Welcome Lynn
What a horrific event to have to suffer through. Just remeber that all cases of blood loss without a transfusion do not turn out so happy. Many children have died. Many adults. The issue isn't really about whether it's right or wrong it's about children who are not old enough or have the mental capacity to fully understand the ramifications of such a decision to deny needed blood. Children should not be placed in harms way for any reason. They are innocents and deserve every advantage and adventure this world has to offer. They can decide these things when they are adults. Your x-hubby does indeed sound like a Nazi. A brutal man with no empathy or appreciation for life. I'm glad you were able to escape him and this cult! Blessings!

Lynn Tuesday, March 27, 2007
@ 11:22 PM
JWcustody website!!
I just went there. It is very interesting. I do disagree with the comments on the blood. Let me tell you my experience. I have a blood disorder(my blood is thin) and when I was pregnant my x arranged circumstances where I would have a miscarrage as he had tried this before, his mother said also with his first wife(apparently he almost killed her). I never took any blood. I hemoraged for 5 hours but I survived because when I first came in the nurse told me that with all JW's they give you right away the biggest IV they can in your arm. My sex offender husband was so sure I was going to die that he sexually assaulted my daughter and told her I was going to die and she would have to live with him(He told her in a humorous way). They gave me a dnc the next day. I survived... So you see one can survive without blood and do well...I got my children away from their step father witch when we went to court resulted in a restraining order on him for eight years... HE WAS FORBIDDEN TO CONTACT ME OR MY THREE CHILDREN... a friend of mine who went through the Holocost and was in one of the camps told me when he saw him he thought he walked and acted like one Hitler's sss men one of the gastapo. The brutal look in his face... He was right he was extremely violent and cruel...

Lynn Tuesday, March 27, 2007
@ 10:50 PM
Always fight for your kids. Go for Custody even joint custody. Your kids need your in put. That way later when they see the witnesses the same way we do(about the Watchtower and Child abuse) they will realize that you cared as a parent. THEN THEY WILL HAVE SOMEONE TO GO TO WHEN THEY NEED SOMEONE AND THEY WILL ONE DAY. My brother is not an active witness any more but he always kept up seeing his kids and paying big support payments, who were raised by their witness mother. He is very close to them now as they are in their twenties. They often go to him for support and advice. He did not make religion or their mother the issue but made sure he was there for them.

justin time Tuesday, March 27, 2007
@ 1:32 PM
A good website doing a good work
Thanks for posting my comment. Even though you deal with such a terrible and tragic crime, I did get a good feeling that you are doing your best to expose the WT's wicked policies. I hope that you can do this as often as needed until all children are safe. Can I assist you in any way? Oh, by the way, I love the front page of your home page. It is very professional and I believe that it presents this issue in a fair light. I'm eternally grateful that Bill Bowen and others have the moral courage and integrity to confront the WT in order to see that justice is done. I will pray for your success daily and I look forward to the time when child molestation, especially when done by hypocritical religions, is gone from the face of the earth. Please give my best to Maluenda and M.A.N., who work so hard to comfort those in need or those who are hurting. I offer you my blessings.

TLA Tuesday, March 27, 2007
@ 1:15 PM
Will write later.
I to was a molested JW child. I am no longer a JW, I was beat out of the congregation @16yrs old. The Elders also knew of my molestation and my molesters wife went to the Elders with her husband so he could repent of his sins. Out of all people I thought she would (wife) understand because she was raped as a teenager and had a baby. My Uncle is one of the Elders who knew about this and refused to tell my Mother. The wife told me if I told my Mother she would kill me and that the Elders took care of it. She later divored her husband but they both are still JWs. I dont know were to go with this because I still wonder if he did this to others after me and if he is still doing it. Do the nightmares ever STOP?

Tony Monday, March 26, 2007
@ 10:59 PM
I hate Jehovah's Witnesses
Hello. I know hate is a strong word. But despite that even God said there are seven things he "hates." So I'm not ashamed or chagrined to use that word to describe this cult. I was emotionally and spiritually abused by elders in this false religion. I would love to mention their names but I do not want to disrepect this website. But someday I will confront brothers X and Y and Z and let them know how they ruined my life. But I'm not writing this about me ... What I would like to say is that as a grown man I'm still feeling the pain of what they did to me. So imagine what it's like for a child who is molested. I love to read the words of M.A.N. and Maluenda. You spread love and healing to so many victims. And I want to thank Bill for the courage and conviction of instigating this website. I want to see the JW organization come to an end NOW. My parents and older brother are still involved. Often I hear about the bickering and animosity and disenchantment that is going on with this so-called "true" religion. They are constantly flip-flopping on beliefs and pawning their lies on people. Someone please tell me what I can do to help bring them down. Please. Anyway, God bless this website and those of you who have suffered. I pray you all find peace and healing. I love you all and wish you all spread your love to others who need it. Let's all unite to bring this cult to an end. Thanks.

M.A.N. Monday, March 26, 2007
@ 5:01 PM
To Maluenda
Even though I've known you for a long time, your story always makes me feel sad for you. I will never understand how human beings can treat children this way. Here I lost my daughter at the age of 16 because her brain-washed mother moved out due to my finding out the real "truth" about the "truth" (isn't that ironic?). Then we have parents who have children just dying to be loved and they ignore them or worse. I never had the chance to ignore her or do things with her, she was just GONE. And gone for good. She's now 21 years old and it's been over five years. I also had to move, so I'm over one thousand miles away. There is little chance of her wanting to see me in the near future. The WT produces family breakups like this due to their shunning policies. I wonder how God feels about a CULT teaching family members to purposely inflict pain on those who just cannot stomach the lies and treachery any longer. I find it extremely odd that a CULT that pretends to be the only one approved by God ends up breaking most of his commandments concerning love and how to show it. Has anyone here experienced what you consider to be hypocritical behavior to the point where it made you doubt if the WT was God's people? Because if you did, it might make healing more difficult for you if you have been abused. The reason? If you are taught, and really believe, that the elders speak for God, then whatever they tell you to do seems like it comes from God. So if any elder was abusing someone, or one of his friends were doing so, he could tell the child to "drop it" and what else would the child be able to do? This is why I keep hammering on the point that elders have NO BUSINESS getting involved in child abuse cases. If they are going to report them to the police, then fine. And that's ALL they should do. They do NOT have the qualifications to counsel the victims WHATSOEVER. I don't care what "holy spirit" they think they have or that appointed them as elders. This "holy spirit" makes mistakes daily, so is it holy spirit? (actually Bethel's quick vote on "we have a list of 385 men up to become elders, all in favor, say "aye", okay, make them elders. They used to molest children? Weellllll, that was over a year ago. We need elders. Tell them to knock it off. Motion passed. Let's go to lunch, I'm hungry." It's a shame when theocratic activity occurs with the only consideration being if the elder will keep his job, not whether or not it pleases God or even is good for the child. (As if they'd even know.) So Maluenda's future was decided by how certain people would look to others, not what was best for her. That is a shame. I'm sure she would have loved to been trained as a writer (although she still is a good one). So we have 20 years of a man being an elder so he can look good (and according to her previous posts, not a good one at all) versus a lifetime of a talented, precious child getting to do what brought her joy and happiness. Any guesses as to what Jesus would have said? I hope those who read these posts begin to see that the WT causes damage much more extensive than just chld abuse, which of course is heinous enough. My best to all. M.A.N.

justin time Monday, March 26, 2007
@ 4:32 PM
Grateful to you
Bill, You are such an impressive person. Thanks for all you do to expose the truth about this cult.

Maluenda Monday, March 26, 2007
@ 12:54 PM
Hello friend! You are so right! I was not allowed to do anything. I was backwards socially because since there were no other kids my age in the congregation I was constantly with adults. My parents would go out to eat on Sundays and sit for two hours at a time while I just sat there starring off into space. I never had friends at school because all the girls would have birthday parties or play dates and at first I was invited. Then my mother would explain we didn't celebrate any of those things and the invites stopped. There was a neighbor girl a year younger than me right next door. Once in a while we would sneak and play through the chain link fence. Several times I got caught and was stripped naked and beaten head to toe for associating with a worldy person. On the play ground I would just walk around by myself or there was a boy everyone hated that would chase me to hit me. When I got to high school I was recognized by an English teacher for my writing talents (don't laugh) but I would cower and skip class because I was afraid of his attention. He nominated me for a prestigious summer program through one of the universities. It could have opened doors for me for college and who knows what. I was the only one nominated out of a very large school. Parents said no even after the teacher pleaded for my future. Then they beat me again. I quickly learned that if you smoked pot, did dreads, and drank you fit in with the druggies because they didn't care who you were as long as you didn't do well in school and partied. Finally, I'd found a place to fit in. And learning to use drugs was a bonus because it eleviated all the pain and loneliness. I really wanted to play on a team or play the piano. I desperately wanted to take dance lessons. The things all the good kids were doing. I began to rebel and refuse to go to meetings, run away, use heavier drugs, run with the older drug dealers and engage in risk taking behavior. I really didn't care if I died or lived to me it was all the same. I had no reason to live. My parents never sought help for me once but they constantly reminded me that my father could be removed as an elder for not being able to control his family. That was their sole concern. So, yes, MAN, the answer is yes! It devastated my life, took away any chance of a childhood or happiness I might have ever had. It forced me into a dark world to feel accepted, and it almost cost me my life on more ocasions than one. I had no self esteem, and felt completely stupid, backwards, unloved, and unwanted. So if you're thinking of backing out a custody battle think twice, long and hard.

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