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JG Saturday, April 14, 2007
@ 1:59 PM
Pointing fingers is not wise
Anytime someone points the finger at someone else's failures, that individual(s) have their own failures that they fail to realize. Watchtower has been pointing the finger at Christianity since they use billboards claiming that "religion is a snare and a racket". To any professional, they have several problems that they too are not admitting to. The Apostles had failures and they were clearly written in the Bible. There is a big difference between what is written in the Holy Bible and the Jehovah's Witness doctrine.

Friday, April 13, 2007
@ 4:12 PM
Hi Earl
I agree with everyone else about your posts. They could be twice as long and still be wonderful to read. You have a gift for writing and for putting things in perspective. Your perception of things is comforting to others of us here at Silentlambs and helps us to understand so much! I have not been a Jehovah's Witness for approximately twenty years, yet your posts still bring me understanding and comfort. And I thank your for that. You give so many people hope that they can come out from under the burden the WTBTS puts on them and that they can indeed become free as Jesus said they could when He said His yolk is LIGHT. The WTBTS places a yolk on its 'rank and file' that is very heavy, very, very oppressive. I can't understand how there are JWs who haven't recognized this, who think they should be so happy, because they are Jehovah's Witnesses, heavy as the load is that they are carrying. I wish that I could help them, too, as so many others here want to help them! You have helped, though, to give me a deeper understanding. Compassion is so, so important! And with the guidance of God, our loving heavenly Father, maybe soon more and more JWs will come out of their prison of a "religion".

Friday, April 13, 2007
@ 12:22 PM
Earl, I just finished reading your post and it really has power. My heart was heavily weighted down because of a phone call I received from a sibling who distances herself, until she needs something. Anyway, reading your post took my mind off of a monetary favor she seeks that I agreed to help her with. In your post you stated "God will us us to help others ..." Well, I agree with you totally and I am happy to do whatever his will is for me because I know he will not put more on me than I can bare. Therefore, this thing with my sibling is a small thing. I especially appreciate your stating "God carried me along and sustained me and brought a measure of peace and even joy." Those are words truly spoken from the heart and I thank you for sharing.

mt Friday, April 13, 2007
@ 11:59 AM
Hi Earl
Hi Earl It's so much healing to read your words. It's okay to me, that you write long letters. I enjoy reading them. I am also spiritual now. You write so good, and explain your self so well. I also think that God will lead us to those who need help to feel the freedom. And I will begin to pray much harder, that more and more JW, will come out of that prison called The Watchtower. Though I still have some difficulties to pray to God, this could be a good reason to try much more. Thank you Earl, for sharing those thoughts. Sorry my english is not so good, I am from Denmark. My hope for you is that you will have a wonderfull life. Fullfilled with love from God. And it's go for everybody else here too.

Earl Thursday, April 12, 2007
@ 10:57 PM
Greetings to all. I watched the story of Moses during Easter and got to thinking how the plight of the abused is similar to the Israelites. For many years they were persecuted and made dependant on Pharaoh for all their meager needs. After a while they lost hope and couldn't free themselves as they were victims of a cruel dictator. Not until Moses came along and gave them hope and a promise of a new life could they dream of being free.Like many of us taught that we were not worthy of love and respect and a mind of our own we could not imagine a life free of our opressors until we gained strength and with the help of our Creator we took the chance to reach out for help. Like the Israelites we were scared but we knew that we had to do something as anything was better than where we were. Even when Moses promised a land of milk and honey their faith was still weak and some wanted to return to thier opressors. The farther they moved away from Egypt and the more miracles they experienced,slowly they gained some strength but they had been so abused that every challenge they encountered they wanted to quit and return as that is the nature of abuse as it changes us and we will return to our abusers if we aren't careful because at least it is familiar. WE don't have to wander for 40 years in the desert because we have a God that loves us and unlike Moses people we do not put our faith in man because that is idolotry as sure as worshiping a golden calf was to the Israelites. That was the great problem of the Israelites in that they either worshiped a false God or they depended on Moses too much and when he was gone longer than they liked they got crazy, even after seeing the sea parted and other miracles it took a long time to acquire a faith in God. Breaking away from anything or anyone is often difficult and we won't do it perfectly. We may want to go back like the Bible speaks of a dog returning to it's vomit but we have faith that our new life will be better and we have friends who really care that we heal and we have Silentlambs to help us on our way. We can be sure our Creator will guide us and heal us and we will understand that our opressors were wrong on so many levels and we will gain our sanity if we lost it and eventually we will look back and see that our exodus was planned for us all along and we were never alone.Bad things happen to good people but we have escaped and we are here today to heal and to help others escape. I could never have known the pain of others if I had not been through it myself and it has made me a more compassionate person. I believe God will use us to help others. Possibly that is part of our purpose in life now. My spiritual growth has always come after much pain after the bitterness subsides and I pray to not become bitter with all that life can throw at us. I would not be here today without my faith because I know at my most hurtful times when I thought I didn't want to go on God carried me along and sustained me and brought a measure of peace and even joy. Free at last-free at last.Sorry for going on so long here, sometimes when I get started writing I can go on forever. It really is healing for me and I hope more people share their thoughts here. Love and prayers to all

Wednesday, April 11, 2007
@ 12:52 PM
To Earl
Your comments are very well and beautifully said! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings at Silentlambs.

PCW Tuesday, April 10, 2007
@ 2:10 PM
Please let me tell you how impressed I am with reading of Earl's thoughts and views well expressed. Not only is he interesting but honest, as well. He is one who really cares about what goes one in people and I hope and prays he stays around. We need people like him to keep us motivated. Oh, just maybe I should take the opportunity to tell him this. EARL -- YOU ARE THE MAN. THANK YOU FOR HAPPENING ON THIS SITE AND DON'T BE A STRANGER LIKE ME.

SJG Tuesday, April 10, 2007
@ 1:09 PM
Thanks Earl
Greetings and love to all! Just when I'm doubting things, I come here and read what you wrote and I feel I'm in the same exact boat. Thanks! Thanks to Maluenda too. You hit the nail right on the head, Earl. Peace to all!

Maluenda Tuesday, April 10, 2007
@ 12:07 PM
I'm glad you're still here with us. I haven't heard from AR, Ann in months. Do you ever hear from her? I miss her so much. I hope she is doing well where ever she is too. Thanks for letting me know you're there. I do think about you and AR every day! Blessings.

PCW Tuesday, April 10, 2007
@ 11:41 AM
To the Author of
I know it was you, Maluenda and thank you for wishing us well. I am still visiting the site and amazed at all the newcomers. This is wonderful. Although I am kept busy, my heart is still here and happy with the fine work you continue to do, along with M.A.N and all the others. My heart dances with delight whenever my initials are mentioned.

Maluenda Monday, April 9, 2007
@ 8:51 PM
To all
I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend spent with people you love whether you celebrated Easter or just the Easter Bunny or just Spring. I had a wonderful group of people at my home. We had great food, egg dying, egg hunting, and more great food. One couple are exjws and they celebrated this holiday for the first time. It's amazing to see the joy and inner child come out of an adult who was never allowed to participate in children's activities. My parents didn't show up for dinner like they said because my mother was sick. But maybe next year. It didn't matter. My house was filled with joy and laughter and love. No one was related and no one cared. No one judged anyone for their beliefs. We were just living in the moment and sharing the joy. It was wonderful. I wish I could have shared it with all of you. I think of you all every day and hope you are happy and feeling loved. To my old friends, AR, ANN, PCW, TOVA, KIKI, I hope you're all well and praythat I hear from you soon. You have my love still. Blessings to you all and may joy and happiness fill your hearts.

CR Monday, April 9, 2007
@ 1:44 PM
Needed outlet
Silent Lambs is a needed outlet for a little light. Many pious are, in fact, the most viscous. The Dark Ages were named the Dark Ages because there was nowhere the light of truth. The Church was in command. Please make a "Bar Sinister Lamb" sign for us to put on our front doors to protect our children and our privacy. Just say "NO!" to JW!

Earl Sunday, April 8, 2007
@ 1:56 PM
Thanks MANN
I have been accused of over-analising things:) There is a reason why people do things and I like to figure that out. I have discovered in my own family I have been rejected because of exposing the wrongs of the WT org. and I realised that witnesses believe their org is infalliable and most will refuse to admit there is a problem. And why do they put so much faith in man when the bible says not to.? again because they have to be right and others wrong.My only reason for pointing out what I see is so others can understand the total brain washing that goes on in the org. The org. has made a point to expose other groups for years to the point that witnesses believe there is no other place in the world that teachs the truth and if they left the org. they would be condemmed. Many are like programmed robots as they parrot what the org. tells them. Many times I would see a witness in public and they would most often say" I havn't seen you in some time We have a good talk coming up or Brother x is in town. Never did I feel they cared about me and never would they ask if I needed anything, it was always a pre planed speech. Never would they come visit as a friend without a suit on and I suspect the one that did come around was just getting his service hours in. and I realized they were just as busy as the world and many were building bigger and better houses and having more children while preaching to the world to scale down as the end is near. I had witnesses tell me that they only had one or two families in the Hall that really lived what they preached and would associate with. I would say but I thought you were the ones that were recognised as the group that showed love and unity to each other. The answer was usually well we are not perfect, that was always the answer when you challenged their behavior. But then I would say you are all modern day prophets, how can you be wrong so often, we are not perfect. Well neither are any other religions. I have studied many religions and have come to the conclusion that they are all wrong to a degree and right to a degree.I believe God does not comdem us for our ignorance but for what we know and don't practice. For example we all know or have seen the brightest minds who would give there life for their beliefs, whether they were Catholic, protestant, etc.These bright minds have studied the Bible their entire lives. So does anyone believe that because they can not conceptualise a certain idea that they will go to hell.How can anyone think that who is a loving soul. We know every religion has been wrong at one time on some level but the witnesses won't be humble and say we were wrong but we have new light even though it may have been in the bible for thousands of years, to them it is new information?.Even they can't believe this. So why can they be wrong and not go to hell but everyone else is condemed? They have even said the Catholics are the anti-Christ. I am not a Catholic but the Bible is clear that the Anti- Christ will be anti-Christ and Catholic theology certainly believes and teaches about Christ. Then they wonder why they are not a respected org and why some would just as soon see them gone.They are making themselves an enemy of the people. The members think they are doing Gods will by following the WT guidelines and some are very sincere but doesn't there come a time when each person looks around them and asks questions. Will they be judged for turning away from the information about abuse againts are little ones. They say others will be condemed because of their heartfelt beliefs but when Jesus said " The way you treated the least of them is the way you treated me" it would seem that if anyone knows of abuse and does not do all they can to stop it is as guilty as the abuser. I believe any one including myself has been emotionally abused from the witnesses if we disagreed at all. Personally I have been rejected, ignored, probably called many things. So much for un-conditional love. One of the meanest things one can do to another is ignor them and quit calling them and this is just what happens. To some who don't have friends outside the hall this can be devastating. To me it just proved how un-loving they are and to move on. I have found a church and friends who care for me whether I show up or not, My group has an on line list of people to pray for and it is nice to know that complete strangers would pray for me. There is much hope and love for all who have been hurt and rejected.If fact the farther I get away from the judgemental, conditional loving people the more love I feel. I pray for those who are bruised and battered and thank God there is love for all of us and there is nothing we have to do to have it.Blessings to all:)

M.A.N. Saturday, April 7, 2007
@ 1:28 PM
To Earl
I just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed your post. On occasion, I have posted what I hoped was a reasonably comprehensive (and not just 2 sentences) summary of several points about the issues here. You covered many good points with a very analytical style. I think you have a good handle on the situation with religion and if you follow your heart you will do well. My best to you.

Maluenda Friday, April 6, 2007
@ 9:43 PM
To Earl
I am so glad you came here too. I just hope that you stick around and share your story of hope, peace, and love with those lambs who come here in the future. So many people pop in occasionally. You have a very honest writing style that flows and draws people to read your words. There are so many people who will need to read the words you write. You write with such sincerity and openness directly from your heart. I know from experience that what you say is true. I found love and true faith from searching my own heart and listening to my own prayers. I established my own relationship with the higher spirit and didn't need anyone to serve as a go between or to tell me what I was suppose to know. If you ask from your heart you will be answered and the answer won't change from year to year either. Thank you for your encouragement and I hope to get to know you as I have so many others like M.A.N. , a very dear friend of mine I met here. Have a blessed Easter weekend. Blessings to you.

Earl Friday, April 6, 2007
@ 8:27 PM
maleuenda and all
Thank you for the kind comments. I have been around the jW's many years but never joined. My father took us to the hall as little kids but never joined either.I looked for love in the different groups and never found much. If I did find some it was very conditional as if I didn't come to meetings I was dropped. It was always the feeling that I had to earn my love and salvation. I found most halls a cold stoic place, even the songs were joyless, the people tired from all the meetings and trying to raise families.It was like the WT made them feel guilty and they could never do enough. One witness said the WT had to do that to get them to go out in service, otherwise they wouldn't. Again guilt and fear inspiration. I noticed finally that the members were taught that they could never be sure of their salvation and I made a point to ask them why but never a clear answer. Over the years I could see the brainwashing as my two family members are jW's and can't even get along. It was not too dificult for me to break away as I had friends that were Catholics that helped me out when I became disabled. They actually gave me money and came to visit and treated me like family and I realised I never got that from JW's as they were always trying to recruit or get in their hours. I found them very greedy with their money. I prayed for wisdom and it came to me in many places and people and I thank God I was not so brainwashed that I could not see through the workings of the WT group. I realised that most witnesses do not understand what the governing body is doing, they have put them on a pedestal and almost worship them as if their words are from God, They overlook all the mistakes and hide stuff and don't take the iniative to look at the facts. I realised many join the group because they finally found an exclusive group where they could say we are right and the rest of the world is going to hell, they wont say that but subconsciously that is a huge attraction. Many of the JW's were never well adjusted or fit in so they finally found a group where they could look down on others. Why do I say this because I got honest with myself and looked back to see why me and others found the group so attractive. I finally decided I didn't believe most of the world of Christianity was condemmed. I went to a big church one Christmas eve and they had beautiful music and a loving Bible message. In this church I did my first communion and at first I felt guilty but reminded myself that feeling was from the brainwashing then I felt so good that I could partake of the bread and wine and honor Jesus. I started feeling more love in my life day by day because I wasn't judgeing the world any longer and I didn't feel like a freak with all the dogma of the WT.The Bible says we can have all the gifts but if we don't have love we have nothing and I took that to heart. How can one have love for mankind when they feel only they are right. My heart goes out to the children forced to live and die for the JW's. I have seen how one is treated if they speak out. I have seen long time members divorce their wife without grounds and marry a week later. I have seen the guys getting drunk and then see them knocking on doors. The worst part of this is that it was swept under the rug.So when I went to silent lambs all the abuse was totally believable as I had seen it for years. Now I know why I never joined as I question things and observe people, I watch how they treat others and an inqusitive mind will not be tolerated in the org. So I know how outcasts are treated and we all deserve love and acceptance. I know that the more love I feel the more I want to do for God. It's not about guilt and fear anymore for I know I can not earn my salvation. Jesus took all of our sins to his grave and all he required for salvation was a belief in him and to repent of our sins. He said his way was not a burden. What a contrast from the JW dogma which burdens it's members with doctrine from the WT. Remember all the people that were baptised by the thousands in the bible, there was no signing anything, if you believed you were baptised. I could go on with how wrong they are on so many levels but I just wanted to show how I found real love and acceptance apart from the JW's and what a relief I feel today and the feeling that yes I am saved am I am a friend of Jesus, I pray that all who have been harmed from the JW's find healing in Jesus words and to seek help when necessary from counselors or where ever one feels comfortable. I have healed by releasing my secrets in a safe place and by drawing close to God and friends. My love for mankind is growing each day as I am now free, truly by grace I am guided as I heal one day at a time. Love and prayers to all

Friday, April 6, 2007
@ 5:38 PM
Thank you for your reply to my questions about the origins about certain things. I appreciate that! I do have a hard time with the Questions for Baptism. I think there is something wrong with expecting people to answer many questions on an intellectual level when baptism is something that should be heartfelt, not cerebral. I personally think it should be enough for someone to say they have thought it over very carefully and that in their heart of hearts they want to be baptised for Jesus Christ, NOT for the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. I don't think the WTBTS should have anything to do with the reason for baptism. Being baptised for an organization is just plain wrong! Jesus is not about doctrine and dogma. Christians want to follow in his footsteps, not be under the thumb of the guru WTBTS. Also, I most certainly don't think children who are still learning about themselves and teenagers who are working on their own identity issues should even think about being baptised. They're not ready. The kids should be left alone. Jesus, himself, wasn't baptised til he was thirty. And He was God's son! I think perhaps pressure is put on young people to hurry up and think about getting baptised. Let the kids be!

Friday, April 6, 2007
@ 5:20 PM
To Maluenda
WOW!!! I could've fallen over when I read that your parents were going to your home on Easter day! I am awestruck and oh, so happy for you! I hope that all of you have a beautiful, beautiful day and many, many wonderful, warm memories after it! Yes, take a lot of pictures! Have a great time! I am so happy for you!

Maluenda Friday, April 6, 2007
@ 1:39 PM
I really meant what I said. You and Earl are an inspiration to me. Blessings!

SJG Friday, April 6, 2007
@ 10:48 AM
To Idrisa
Greetings! The best advice I can give and I have to follow it myself is to pray, pray, pray for God to lead and help you and show you the way. He will. I had for the first time in my life prayed to Him for Him to get me to worship Him His way and loh and behold He did a 360 degree turn on me and brought me to a better place. It seems to me that the morbid fear of destruction, judgemental attitude and the concentration on stringent rules and regulations prevents people from thinking clearly about the true things of God. How can we claim to be studying so much of the deeper things when we haven't even gotten to the love part? If you "pray incessantly" as Jesus told us to do, God will clear your mind and help you to concentrate on the healthier things and you'll be more at peace and happier for it. Peace! Thanks Maluenda for the comment.

Idrisa M Friday, April 6, 2007
@ 12:09 AM
Congregational Discipline
Because of JW me and my Boy friend had a broke-up coz we had a different religion and for them that's against the law of Jehova. That site is the story of mine... I decided to wrote this because I need some advice that help me to decide. Thank You Very Much... May Jesus Christ Bless All of Us...

Maluenda Wednesday, April 4, 2007
@ 9:16 PM
To Earl and SJG
You both made some beautiful comments today. I could feel the love emminating from both of you. I have no douby that you have found the path to God. A loving path. Blessings to you both and thank you for posting. Your words give hope to those trying desperately to recover.

SJG Wednesday, April 4, 2007
@ 4:33 PM
Jesus' Death
Greetings to all! It's that time of year again when everyone is thinking about Jesus and why he came and died. I am recovering from my being a JW and I know God is working with me. I have since began to worship at a church that I feel is great. I've never been happier about my worship. Jesus came basically speaking to teach us about true love. God wants us to be loving, not judgemental and looking for an excuse to point a finger at someone. He doesn't want us to be uptight and in morbid fear about Him. He wants us to be happy. Jesus died basically speaking, so that we could ALL be healed, and be reconcilled to God, and learn to love God and each other truly. The JWs makes you suspicious, uptight, a fault- finder, judgemental and condemnatory towards others. So against what Jesus taught. Even if you don't believe he was the Messiah, you have to admit his teachings and lifestyle are great for us to follow & in his heart he was suffering and dying so that everyone regardless could grow closer to the love of God. God helps us to get better, not out of fear of destruction, but because He truly loves us and sees our true capabilities even when abuse, etc., prevents us from seeing the truly wonderful, loving, giving person we can ALL be. Peace to all!

Maluenda Wednesday, April 4, 2007
@ 8:02 AM
To Earl
I woke up and read your comments first thing this morning. It was so full of love and hope it made me feel great! Thanks for posting those words of encouragement. You are so right! Blessings to you!

Earl Tuesday, April 3, 2007
@ 10:42 PM
the truth will set u free
Just a friend of any abuse victim, trying to do my part to stop more abuse. Love and prayers to all here. God loved you long before you could obey him. Part of the article that broke the camels back. A wt or awake asked Are you among those loved by God. Then went on to say what you had to do to be loved by him and I got mad as no one can live up to all the stuff all the time that WT says.They are always implying you have to earn your salvation or you will go to hell. Thats witnessing out of fear and guilt. I quit then and read the Purpose driven life and never felt so loved before. What a breath of fresh air. Praise God. Yes there is truth out there, I find it everywhere.Love and Prayers to all

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