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Friday, April 20, 2007
@ 5:18 PM
To Maluenda and M.A.N.
Thank you for your support and for your comments regarding my sister. I really think she needs to be handled with 'kid gloves' because of the possible emotional problems she might have if she quit believing in the JW religion. I think you are right that she might be confused, herself, because she was certainly confusing me! She doesn't seem to want to know, to find out, that her religion could be wrong. I don't care that if she lost her faith in her religion she might not ever believe in an organization again. Neither do I. I don't think an organization is what a spiritual life is about. But, if she were to stop believing in God, because she stopped believing in this man-made organization, to me, that would be tragic! In no way do I believe in the WTBTS, in the Jehovah's Witnesses' religion, but my faith and trust in God has not been sullied. They are separate to me. I don't' associate God, our Heavenly Father, with this false religion, this cult. I just don't connect them. I can't. People run the JW religion, not God. I would like to help my sister, but it is really hard when she bases her faith in God in this awful organization, and she thinks that in the JW religion everything comes from God (Jehovah) down through the WTBTS, down to the elders, and so on down to the 'rank and file', who are supposed to go out and preach what they learn from this pyramid style of so-called teaching. Oh, boy.

Friday, April 20, 2007
@ 1:17 PM
Emblems and so on
I know someone who has really studied the pyramid of Giza and done a lot of research on it, only his purpose in doing so is to prove some kind of Biblical timetable and maybe some other things based on the Bible. He is a Russelite and really believes in this pyramid. I've seen this eye symbol on their old literature, also. I have seen an eye emblem on the back of the dollar bill. It's a very strange looking symbol. Rather bizarre. There are these secret societies that have particular symbols and rituals. It's rather fascinating, all this, but bizarre, too. What did Jesus say that the WTBTS says just the opposite of? I'll read Matthew 24 very carefully. Contradicting what Jesus said is disgusting! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings! You sound very intelligent and spiritual.

M.A.N. Friday, April 20, 2007
@ 10:21 AM
To: Confusing
I think your sister is confused. She says to separate the WT from the Bible, yet says that they are the same. I think she might be having doubts and if you keep planting seeds of "real truth" in her mind, she might start to think about things. Most JW's really don't know anything about the WT's background. Many don't even know about the UN and other current problems the WT is having. "Ignorance is bliss." It's easier to allow others to think for you while you go door to door and try to convert others to a religion that you don't understand yourself. Ironic, isn't it? As we all know by now, the WT does NOT teach what is in the Bible and never did. Good luck in helping her.

M.A.N. Friday, April 20, 2007
@ 10:03 AM
To: Clara M.
I am very glad you were able to tell your story and I’d like to welcome you to this site. You will find many caring people here. Some were victims and some were not, but they all know the pain that child abuse causes. A few people here are professionals with degrees that can offer you general advice. And of course it is always a good idea to seek counseling if that is necessary or desired. You are correct about it being “the tip of the iceberg”. I happen to be in the field of psychology and I have encountered hundreds of cases in this religion alone. Silent Lambs welcomes people from any religion or background, but the majority of people do happen to be or were Jehovah’s Witnesses. To be honest and blunt, the Watchtower’s own policies have caused this to happen, so they bear the blame. You are right to question if Jehovah would allow so much abuse to occur in his “clean organization”. Perhaps this observation answers the question by itself. The apostles would not have brushed anything like this under the carpet. This is why many JW’s and ex-JW’s are in such torment, because they wanted to believe they had the truth, yet they couldn’t believe that the truth would have leaders that would do such things. Perhaps, then, the WT is NOT the truth. I am so sorry for what happened to you and that you feared the consequences of reporting the abuse. My own daughter went through the same thing. But in our case, I was the one who criticized the WT and my wife left me and took my daughter. This is the result of people being so brainwashed that they can no longer think for themselves and just blindly follow articles in a magazine that has printed some of the most outrageous nonsense in the world. I’m also sorry you had to see the abuser wink at you years later. That had to be so insulting to you to watch him do that. I cannot even imagine how you felt. But this can remind all of us how “Jehovah’s people” act right inside the Hall. I’m glad you told your parents and I’m proud of you for being astute enough to suspect that he might be molesting other children as well. Many times the victim thinks they are the only one. Going to the authorities is the right thing to do. The elders should never have spoken to ANY person alone in a room. I am sorry about your thoughts on suicide. I live in Florida, and the laws here are very strict. All molesters are put in a special newspaper with their picture, address, where they work, everything. They are also in the database on the Internet. The prison sentence is usually 30 years to life. So if anyone lives down here and knows about any molesters, please help other victims and report it. You will be saving others from becoming victims. I am sorry you lost your friend because of the shunning, but again, the Watchtower will answer for that. Again, I’m sorry it happened to you. And you are right in saying that it is wrong not to warn the rest of the congregation. The elders will know, and if they have children, they will be safe. But the other children will not be safe and often become victims later on. This is another reason that the WT stands condemned as a perverted cult and NOT God’s people. I sense that you are still in great pain and my heart goes out to you. Please get whatever help you need in order to feel better and always remember that you can post here at any time. We have all types of victims here. We all love each other and care about all the victims. We want victims to recover and to heal. I wish you peace and comfort and I hope that you will find the help you need. My best to you.

SJG Friday, April 20, 2007
@ 7:42 AM

Greetings and love to all! It's so encouraging and healing to read everything here. I, like you, JF, left the JWs at an older age. I'm 43. I was in that brain-washed mindset since I was 16. I came from a house that had people doing witchcraft in it, so I went from one satanic place to another. BUT NOW I AM FREE, THANKS & PRAISE BE TO GOD WHO WATCHES OVER US. We really do have forever, so one day all of this will be like a bad dream. I went to school late and have a huge student loan to pay off. When I start thinking that I'm too old and have nothing to show for my life, I think of this story of a 95 year old woman. She was a dancer. At 95, she was jogging 5 miles per day and working on getting her black belt in karate. Look at Grandma Moses. So it's never too late. Life is a beautiful adventure, especially when we continue to pray and seek God truly. The words "Nazi Germany" keep popping into my head when I think of the governing body of the JWs. It's an old American born religion that comes out of the old America and remember old American was severely repressive. They told 'white' people they were free, but if that 'white' person used the 'colored' bathroom they would be ostrasized, possibly murdered. It was a system of judgement, condemnation, hatred and oppression, just like the JWs. My biggest prayer is that I can truly become a non-judgemental, truly loving, caring person. Thanks all for the wonderful comments. They really are very helpful. God will take care of us. I have felt, even before leaving the satanic cult, that if we continue to pray and seek God, He will take care of us and correct anything negative we have going on. The gb of the JWs is a secret men's society, which is like the ones that existed before Jesus was born. And does anyone know anything about the eye symbol they used to have on their literature? I have actually seen an old magazine with that on it. And the pyramid? Does anyone have any info about this stuff? They are considered emblems used in satanic cults. It this really true? If so, and I believe it is, it explains a lot about the JWs. I keep reading Matthew 24 over and praying. It totally discredits the JWs because it is the basis for their whole faith in the gb. Jesus says one thing and they teach the opposite. Their excuse for doing so is so lame I was angry upon discovering it on their CD. Thanks again all and peace. Have a wonderful weekend!

Maluenda Thursday, April 19, 2007
@ 5:20 PM
To Confused
You're in a very hard position. First let me ask you a question. You know your sister well I presume. Would she crack or just be really, really upset for a while and be very confused? Most of us felt like it was the end of our world. IT WAS! The world as we knew it or were brainwashed to believe it was. Once the smoke cleared a little we began to think. Think for ourselves, many for the very first time. Then two and two no longer added up to five. It equalled four and we were shocked, angry, surprised, relieved, depressed, happy, and confused all at once. From what you said your sister contradicted herself several times. It's good that you wrote the conversation down. Go back and reread your post line for line. You'll see how she contradicted herself. Gently point that out to her and use your proof to back it up. Remeber, she won't be alone like most of us were or are. She has a sister who loves and cares about her and will be there to catch her when the mask of sanity is pulled off the face of the WTBTS. Keep us posted. I'm sure others will have ideas on how tohelp your sister and ease your confusion. Blessings!

Thursday, April 19, 2007
@ 2:31 PM
Yesterday my sister dropped by to see our dad, and while there she mentioned that she thinks I am in denial about the 'truth' being the truth. Well, we ended up having a long talk about religion and life. I think that she may be one of those people who would crack if she lost her faith in the Jehovah's Witnesses' religion. She said that if I were to convince her that the WTBTS isn't really God's (Jehovah's) organization, then she wouldn't be able to believe in any organization, probably not even in God. When I told her about the WTBTS's NGO membership for ten years with the United Nations, about the WTBTS's investment in the Philip Morris company and so on, including a few things about Rutherford (including his referring to women "as a hank of hair and a bag of bones"), she asked about verification of these things. She told me I need to separate the WTBTS from the Bible, even if there are people in the governing body who are doing things that are not right. She said I could go ahead and dig up all the dirt I want, but the religion is still the truth, because it is based on the Bible and everything that Jehovah's Witnesses are taught comes from the very top, and these teachings are true, because they are from the Bible. She, of course, defended the Watchtower magazine as teaching the truth, because it teaches what is in the Bible. What's confusing is she told me not to think about the WTBTS, to think about the Bible, but that the Bible says there is an organization on earth representing Jehovah, and it has to be the WTBTS. She said she is a part of this organization, she's a part of it. So, if I'm not to concern myself with the organization, but the Bible, then why did she make it so clear that she is a part of the organization? This is a lot of rambling I am doing here, and I am sorry about that, but I feel a little bit like, "Huh?". If there is anything I don't want to do, it is to destroy my sister, and if somehow convincing her that her religion is not the truth as she sees it, then I should probably just let her be. But, I do wonder, who is really in denial here?

Thursday, April 19, 2007
@ 2:10 PM
Heartrending posts
I appreciate the beautiful things people are posting here at Silentlambs, and Clara (I love your name, too!), thanks for sharing your personal story. I hope that telling it brought you some peace and comfort, and I hope that you keep coming back for moral support. I am so glad that your parents went to the proper authorities about your abuse! They did the right thing. You are so blessed to have had your parents' support, to have your parents there for you! It's so sad, but not all the victims have their parents's support. Everything is just so cock-eyed with how the elders deal with child abuse and spousal abuse, at least that's true so very, very often. Please keep coming back to Silentlambs! There are many people here who care about you and want to help.

P.C.W. Thursday, April 19, 2007
@ 12:05 PM
Clara you have come to a place where you can cry, pour your heart out, leap for joy.... You are truly welcomed here and we extend our love and opened arms to keep you safe.

P.C.W. Thursday, April 19, 2007
@ 11:55 AM
What great advice you offered to JJCK and the rest of us, as well.

Earl Thursday, April 19, 2007
@ 11:37 AM
To Clara
Thank you for shareing your story, difficult as it must be.I don't know why such egregious acts happen but you are a special person and your story will help others. I know you can recover and start a clean slate. One of the best things for recovery from any trauma is a good support system. It sounds like you have people in your corner. I had to get professional help and it was the best thing I ever did as I would come away from a session and feel like a weight had been lifted off of me. But it took many years as I never told anyone and I suffered too long in silence. So God Bless you and hope you continue to share with us.

Maluenda Thursday, April 19, 2007
@ 7:19 AM
To Clara
This is a safe place for everyone who comes here. That's why the people who post hateful messages. (And I understand they do try to post them) are not allowed to post. This site is a place for healing. Rest assured your safe here and will make many lifetime friends. I'm glad you're here. Blessings!

clara Thursday, April 19, 2007
@ 4:07 AM

thanx Maluenda,you have a very uplifting spirit, i'm glad there are people here i can talk to that relate to me and understand my situation, you all are so nice :)

Earl Wednesday, April 18, 2007
@ 11:49 AM
Welcome here, as this a is a wonderful place to share your thougts. Maluenda is right on the mark as there are many paths to God but being associated with the JW's one is taught there is only one way and if you don't do it their way you will loose God's favor. Well I needed to get over this idea and it takes some time. I too was associated with the org. for many years and I know now why I never joined as I think they are so wrong on many levels and my conscience wouldn't let me go along with their doctrine especially as it refers to abuse victims. Once I found that out I knew I had finaly found some truth and it wasn't hard to move on and find a loving Bible preaching church. Here is one of the problems as I see it for former members. JW"s think because they use a name for God that only they have his favor and when other groups don't use that name former JW's feel that God is slighted and like you said you felt like you had to defend Him. I have thought about the name and I question if God really wanted it known I think he would have preserved it like he has preserved the Bible all these years. I am told there is no J used in their alphabet at that time and some say Yahweh is the correct spelling. The fact is we don't know for sure as vowels were left out and we lost the pronounciation over time, so why the big deal. God is also called Abba in the Bible so a group could distinguish themselves with that name and call themselves Abbas Witnesses and therefor claim to be the only ones using his name.So I guess my point is that separating ones self from the world and using a form of Gods name does not make one necessarily holy.They also emphasise Christ dying on a tree instead of a cross, what the heck does it matter?? We need to get away from the idea that only JW's have Gods favor. It is not so. There is no one church that will have the mind of God entirely. The churches that teach the trinity will someday be found to be right or wrong but one could say that they are waiting for new light just as the JW's do. Because a church may not have all the answers and most Christian churches will tell you they don't does not make them bad. If they teach the Bible as best they see it and believe and honor Jesus as the son of God which most all of them do and really try to love one another then to me that is a good church. JW's believe they have to follow a strict list of things and they never are sure of their salvation. This is not Biblical. One needs to read the book of John in the bible to see that our salvation is an unearnned gift and Jesus said that those who believe in me will have life. In other places he says we need to repent so his burden is light. I feel sorry for people who are always questioning their salvation. How can that be a joyful experience? It does take some time to reprogram our brains with new information and it takes a measure of faith to believe that God is with us and not just JW's. After a while I found myself thinking-How could I have believed so much that wasn't true. I let someone else tell me things and I didn't listen to my heart and common sense. Ask God for truth and you will find it, it is all around us, it is in so many different people and groups but when our mind is closed we can not see it. I am glad that you have come here and I hope you stay around and share with us and help in the healing.LOve and prayers to all

Maluenda Wednesday, April 18, 2007
@ 11:30 AM
To Clara
First let me say: I love your name. It's one of my favorites. It evokes a sense of love and peace in me. Second: I'm so glad you found us here. Your story is heartbreaking. Unfortunately , it's a very common story we here almost daily from exjw's. My story is very similar to yours too. I having been molested and then told by the elders it was own fault. The important thing is that you realize that no matter what THEY say the truth is you were the victim of a heinous crime they have obviously tried to cover up. Kudos to your parents for going to the authorities. I emphasize that you were a victim. Now you are a survivor and though the experience is and will always bring great pain and sadness to you it can also be the source of your healing power. You have to decide that the control this jerk had over you when you were a child is no longer valid. YOU have the power and the control now. You can decide to let it control your life and further destroy it or you can decide to fight back and tell everyone you know what is going on with this dangerous cult. You can decide to look for the good in what you used to hate-namely, the world. It is a big , beautiful place full of loving people and wonderful adventures. All waiting for you to come and live. You see, Clara when you were under the mind control you couldn't live in the world because that was condemned. Now you can breathe, live, explore, and learn. In that comes strength. You said you are 17 years old. The future is a blank slate for you. I do hope you plan to attend college. Education will open doors and posibilities to your future that you never dreamed exisited. I will be paying my college loans until I'm 60 years old but I never begrudge making the payments because my college education taught me to think something you will never learn as a witness. It taught me how to live in the world and be happy. It taught me to trust and love and not to judge others because they are different than me. I am forever grateful for that oppurtunity. I hope you will go to school. I was 25 when I took my first class. Anyone can go at any age! You have been through hell and back. Now take control and live. You will get angry, you will feel sad, you will get depressed but you don't have to live every day that way. You are always welcome here to vent, seek comfort, ask questions, opinions, advice, whatever you need. We are here for you, for each other. The really beautiful thing is that by helping each other we help to heal ourselves. Blessings to you Clara and I hope to get to know you better. Maluenda

Clara M Wednesday, April 18, 2007
@ 9:44 AM
My story....
I just like to thank everyone here on silentlambs. Your being proactive against child molestation,especailly within the Jehovah's Witness congregation is very informative, and your just hitting the tip of the iceburg! The whole world needs to be aware of such illegal acts within an organization that percieves itself as "witness' of god." Would "all loving Jehovah" allow members of his congregation to commit such acts? Apparently not if you read the bible and are a follwer of his word. Why then is it that so many child abuse cases are being "brushed under the carpet?"This is my story! I was a Jehovah's Witness from the age of 1-14 and me, my family and everyone else I knew were never aware of all these child abuse cases. We were taught that molestors were worse than murderers! I was 6 years old when i was sexually molested and abused by an elder of the congregation! But because of all the things i was taught and how i percieved things(from a brainwashed state of mind), I was so afraid to tell, it took me 8 years! 8 horrible years of keeping my mouth shut in fear of being disowned by the congregation, or being known as a slanderer. For 8 years i attended regulary(3-5 times a week) and had to looked into the eyes of my abuser, and acted like nothing happened! He was also well respected and a family friend so i saw him many times through out my lifetime. I don't know how a person like that can go to sleep everynight, get up on stage and give "talks" to the fellow members of the congregation and preach the "word of god" door to door, knowing how he had sexually molested a innocent young girl! In january 2004 my cousin died in a horrific car accident, i started to slip into depression, and wasn't being so "active in the truth." Skiping over to april, as you know the time of the passover, an important event for a jehovah's witness, so "i had to go". When we arrived there , there he was! The man that took my inocence away, the man that took away my life and happiness! He approached me and my family shook hands with my father, saying "oh it's so nice to see you guys attending, we all miss you so much" and winked at me!!! That's when it hit me! I was very afraid and upset and when we went home i tore up the whole place started crying and freaking out. When my parents asked me "what the hell are you doing?" I couldnt speak so I found an issue of the Awake, had a purple cover, with something about child abuse on it. I just showed it to my mom, and as she looked me in the eye i felt a sort of mental connection...."it was art c. wasnt it?" I broke down, I never felt such pain in my life! When my parents atarted askin me questions i told them that i was pretty sure i wasnt the only one, seeing as how my best friend was always over at his house, i knew he had done something horrible to her. My parents were outraged! They both were physically sick, but they did the smart thing...went to the authorities! Then the elders, when they found out about this(2 elders) took her(my best friend) into a room all by herself and interegated her like it was her fault!! She lied at first which was why they were such Assholes to her, because she was so ashamed of the whole ordeal. When she finally did come out, they were pretty slow at telling the authorities! In fact they didnt even go to the authorities with her case! When art was questioned by the police officers they talked to him , and asked him many questions. When his wife(who was always in the house at the times of abuse, but never therer to help me or my friend)Asked him if he knew who told on him he said it outright, Clara did. He then later on confessed to the elders and the police and when asked "is there anything you want to say to clara?" He said he was sorry. SORRY!?!?! I was an absolute mess! I tryed killing myself at least half a dozen times, weather it be by cutting or popping pills. In the end he was only sentenced to like 3months in prison and i do believe he is on probabtion. He was also found out to have molested other girls within the truth prior to me and my friends case. Oh and because I left the truth, Im no longer able to talk to my best friend! We grew up together! I havent talked to her in almost 4 years! Everyboody from the congregation who sees me gives me very very dirty looks! I recently started talking to one of my old friends from the congregation and he asked me where the hell have i been! I said to him, do you not know what happened?! He was like, all i heard was that you were very bad and rebelled and that no one is allowed to talk to your family. So i asked him, yeah does art c. still attend meetings? He told me, yes, he was disfellowshipped for about 2 years but has just recently started coming back. I asked him, well do you know why he was disfellowship? No was the answer. Good lord did i trip out! He's a frigin child molester! He molested me and my bestfriend! Omg! was his response, i talked to him for like the rest of the night and he told me that nothing was addressed to the congregation! NOTHING! it's all hush hush!!! Now you the reader what do you think?!? This most definately should not be allowed!! To knowingly have a child molester in any congregation without telling the parents is against the law!!! I'm just so outraged by this, I'm 17 years old and it still haunts and effects my everyday life. Please if anyone here has words of wisdom and help please write back. I appreciate you takin time to read my story.

M.A.N. Wednesday, April 18, 2007
@ 9:43 AM
As usual, Maluenda provided a very thorough and loving reply to your post. I just wanted to add a few of my thoughts. It is true that God is viewed differently by many people. I personally don't know exactly who he is at this point in my life, but her advice was good. Some people believe in the trinity, some don't, etc. I think love and doing good to others will always mean more to God, and to the world, than how accurate a few doctrinal points are in a person's mind or heart. I always got the impression from the teachings of Jesus that mercy and love meant more than rules and sacrifice. That is why the WT doesn't get the point of Christianity and has injured so many people. The rank and file mean well, but by listening to the leaders, they have all become the very Pharisees that they condemn. And we all know how Jesus felt about those people. Many consider the WT to be nothing more than a book publishing corporation whose sole topic is religion. I wouldn't go quite that far, but they are getting to that point to some degree. The word "church" used to mean a group of people who met in order to worship God, not a building. Yet that is what people today think of when they hear "church". People's hearts count more than brick walls and pews. Maluenda made a good point about protecting God or standing up for him. He doesn't need our help, but standing up for him can be done by living a good life and loving others, and just as importantly, loving ourselves. I use the analogy of a dead battery in a car. If we are to "recharge" others with our love and joy, our "battery" must be on full charge. If we are weak or dead, then we can't help others and might even drain their battery, so to speak. The Bible talks about people being "past all moral sense" and she pointed out that the WT hides and lies. They must do this now because they have gone past the Bible's moral sense and painted themselves into a corner. There is no escape for them, so they will just walk out of the room on the wet paint and blame the footprints on someone else. Maluenda also made a good point about seeking God. The Bible says it's a personal relationship. It doesn't involve corporations, books, CD's, tapes, cell phones, high-tech conventions, or any of that stuff. Early Christians got baptized in small ponds, or rivers, and they did it low key. They didn't use swimming pools and put it on video or TV. No corporation can give you a relationship with God nor can they take it away from you. Especially when that corporation doesn't have a relationship with God themselves. I think if you follow your heart you will do well. My best to you.

Maluenda Wednesday, April 18, 2007
@ 8:15 AM
Welcome. This issue can be very confusing. It seems every religion difnes God in a different way and has different rules for how he is to be worshipped. Having escaped the clutches of this powerful cult-The JWs, I can honestly say that it is not a religion but a machine designed to control the masses and gain power through money. The other thing I have learned and I think most people on here will agree with me is that the God, the true God, is in your heart always. No one person or religion can tell you how to find him. That's up to you. If you search your heart you'll find him and his truths. After all, no one knows your heart but him. Do you really think he cares how many times you go to church a week over how you treat others? Wouldn't he rather have you doing the right thing and treating people with compassion and love like Jesus did than going to church 3 times a week, and going out in service every day but then going home and molesting a child or beating and degrading your wife. So my advice to you is to search your heart for Jehovah or what ever name you choose for your supreme being. He is there. He is love. Don't worry about protecting him. That's not your job. He doesn't need you to do that. The truth is the truth and will be known. Wrongdoers know in there hearts what's right and wrong. That's why they hide. That's why the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society hides and encourages it's members to lie, because it knows it's teachings are wrong and go against God. Just worry about your heart. Reach out to God in prayer through your heart and you'll find him and really be able to feel the love. It's out there just waiting for you, for all of us. What path you choose to be right for you is up to you and God. No man or organization can prescribe that for you. Welcome and blessings! May you find the answers you seek.

JJCK Monday, April 16, 2007
@ 10:41 PM
Confused and Afraid
I have been reading your site for quite sometime now. I am not a JW but I have been associating with them for over 30 years off and on. Because I feel like I don't know where else to go. You see, if I go to the KH I hear about Jehovah, very little about Jesus. If I go to church I hear about the three-in-one God, Jesus Christ and nothing about Jehovah. Right now I go to neither. I sometimes feel that it is up to me to stand up to the KH and the WT and I don't have a problem with that, I just don't know if I just want to tell them off or if I'm doing it because it's the right thing to do. Jehovah needs somebody to stand up for HIM, can't see it being me. Are there any Silentlamb organizatons in Milwaukee, WI? ________________________________________________________ Silent Lambs Reply: We will be contacting you shortly with the information you requested.

Maluenda Monday, April 16, 2007
@ 7:43 PM
To Dennis
Which documentary are you referring to and do you mean BBC? There have been several cases out of Canada. I'm sure if you google it you could find the exact case and the details.

Dennis D. Monday, April 16, 2007
@ 6:10 PM
cbc documentary
I just finished watching a powerful CBC documentary on how the church protects pedophiles. That is how I became aware of your organization. Can anyone tell me how the court case involving the young Canadian women and the church ended? All the best to your organization.

M.A.N. Monday, April 16, 2007
@ 5:03 PM
To JR Smith
I haven't heard anything, you might check the many forums about the WT. I hope they someday make up for the cruelty they have inflicted on thousands. But I somehow doubt it will be soon or to any great degree. Probably only if they have to legally or if it would further their purpose. They have a long history of spending whatever money is necessary to prove a point, and that point is usually that they are never wrong and will tolerate NO defeats in court and will admit to NO wrongdoing ever. In other words, they will spend one million dollars to defeat someone in court that they owe one hundred dollars to if paying that money would make them look bad. Penny wise, dollar foolish. They will stop at nothing to save face. I remind all JW's that a huge part of all donations go to defend child rapists and other fees connected with publishing their lies about all of the victims here on SL and elsewhere. I doubt that Jesus would approve of his disciples spending money donated to the apostles to feed the poor on helping pedophiles to find new victims. But I forget, the WT is not Christian and doesn't know God. And he certainly does not know them. Only time will destroy them forever, when Judgment Day comes and the WT has to pay the piper.

JR Smith Monday, April 16, 2007
@ 10:25 AM
Watchtower settles out of court
Anyone heard anything about the watchtower recently settling some abuse cases out of court? I heard a rumor but want to confirm that they finally stepped up to the plate.

Maluenda Monday, April 16, 2007
@ 7:52 AM
Welcome!!!! It was nice to hear from you. It always inspires everyone when we hear a success story. Life after the borg can be happy and fullfilling even though for some who suffered a ton of abuse it can be a long and difficult road. It's nice to hear you were able to escape and pull your life together. I hope you'll share more of your story with us here. Blessings

JF Sunday, April 15, 2007
@ 7:25 PM
Thank you for this Website
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen: Thank you so much for publishing this website. I too, have many similar stories to all of you and I am so happy that there is a group exposing these injustices that destroy lives and steal irreplaceable time and destroy finances. I was a JW from the time I was 2 to the time I was about 36 years old. My father was also an elder and I knew a lot of details in regards to "protocol and organizational procedure" even though I was female. I also had retained a lot of biblical knowledge and began to see that procedure and protocol was becoming more and more contrary to biblical direction. I understand how I was "marked" for questioning these inconsistencies. However, because I loved Jehovah God very much I stayed with this organization much longer than I ever should have and it cost me a great deal of loss financially and socially. A good 25+ years. Thankfully, I am doing GREAT and I am in a successful career in the legal field and I am also in college. I have always been able to pray to God consistantly and I do want to say that there are some Good JW's who are "trapped" just like we were, and are trying to do the right thing with everyone they meet. These people also know that something is wrong with the organization they are with, however, are afraid to leave or are waiting for Jehovah to do something about it which he is obviously, and will continue to do. With the Most Sincere Thanks, JF

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