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Dear Sir,

We wish to ask you to review the enclosed video in order to address an issue that transcends religious belief and exposes a reality that affects thousands of children everyday. This video is produced by a non profit organization known as silentlambs. The purpose of silentlambs which was founded in January 2001 is to offer education and support to survivors of child abuse. In recent months numerous media reports have brought to the public a problem in the way child abuse allegations are handled by policies in certain religions. The work of silentlambs has resulted in documentary programs that have been aired in over thirty countries around the world. CNN, NBC-Dateline, BBC-Panorama, ATV-Australia, CBC-Fifth Estate, WDR-Germany, STV-Sweden, DTV2-Denmark have each shown documentaries as well as New York Times, Newsweek, Christianity Today, AP, along with several hundred newspapers across the USA and around the world have reported on education and evidence provided by silentlambs on bad religious policy for abused children. The purpose of this video is to show excerpts from these programs and provide a basis to learn from mistakes made in order to strengthen local policies in order to better protect our children.


We believe after viewing this material you will never view child abuse the same. The heartbreaking testimony of how abuse survivors were mishandled when watched educates the viewer to make better choices when child abuse allegations arise. The program is forty five minutes in length which includes the showing of this thirty-two minute video and is followed by a review of printed material which can be passed out to those in atten dan ce. The information consists of three pages that highlight the following:


  1. Child Protection Bill of Rights-Encourages the fundamental rights of children regarding abuse. The “Bill” helps to focus on that perspective and is welcome to be posted on your information board.
  2. Recognizing the Symptoms of Child Abuse-This is designed to provide a check list of things to look for in order to identify children that may suffer from abuse.
  3. Bad Policy-Provides a review of responsibility and suggestions on how to recognize bad policy on dealing with child abuse.

When proper policies are not enacted there is a silence of the lambs, the little ones, who look to Ministers for protection, but instead are crushed and outcast when they needed help the most. Criminals should be outed, identified, and punished, to protect the innocent and give closure to the victim.


It is our sincere hope that this program will result in an enlightenment of helping persons avoid possible problems in their own church or institution as well as an encouragement to commit those who have responsibility to completely review abuse reporting policies to properly address this horrific stance of protecting pedophiles and exposing children to dan ger.