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Instructions for showing SCPEV Program



•  Present letter and a copy of video to local churches and institutions. Allow one week and call back to make an appointment to show program. Answer any questions in a positive manner. Remember this is not a bash Jehovah’s Witnesses video, instead it is to raise abuse awareness regarding bad policy on child abuse.

•  Dress in appropriate attire, wear a suit and tie if you are male, a nice skirt or business suit if you are female. Appear as if you were addressing the Chamber of Commerce of your local community. Look like a business person with a message to deliver.

•  Follow the presentation closely and do not deviate from the program. At the end if anyone has questions you might answer only in the context of what the video presented. Please do not allow questions to get into doctrinal issues of Jehovah’s Witnesses as this depreciates the message on abuse awareness.

•  The pass out information will have three sections that copies will have to be made of. Ask first how many will be in atten dan ce for the presentation then ask the institution if you can use their copier for the pass out material. If not go to your local copy shop and have copies made. Staple the copies together and put them in a file folder.

•  After program is concluded you might ask for a love offering or donation to silentlambs for expenses and assistance in continuing this education program.

•  Remember be positive and smile, you have a powerful message to offer. Be proud of what you are doing to protect children. Remember you have trained for this moment all your life.