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Limited Release of Archival Material

30 days only 3/15/05 - 4/15/05

Archive #1

The following material will be offered for thirty days only from the dates mentioned above.


  1. Dateline video- This is the currently unreleased version of the Dateline program. When the original program aired on 5/28/02 material was omitted from the Barbra Anderson interview. The following Sunday when the program re-aired on MSNBC the original program had 25 edits to add the Anderson material and make it fit in the time constraints of the MSNBC program. This new material puts the entire program together in one seamless commercial free program.
  2. J. R. Brown Watchtower PR Video- In February of 2001 the Watchtower PR department filmed a video in response to local media to try and discount the child abuse policy allegations. This video includes footage of William H. Bowen’s father saying his son was not telling the truth. This video was distributed to television and newspaper reporters in the local area. This has never been viewed by the public to date.
  3. Local media- See what actually aired by a local station when hundreds of witnesses called and demanded that the WT PR video be shown along with the very first broadcast of the abuse issue. Also featured is an interview with the family that was involved in the abuse allegations from Bowen’s congregation. This material has never been released to date.
  4. Watchtower letters- Five letters that show the lies and hypocrisy of the organization in attempting to cover up the abuse issue to members.


  1. February, 2002 letter written to Dateline that stated the reason for not appearing on the program was so they would not appear adversarial with their brothers and sisters on the program.
  2. May, 2002- three letters written to William H. Bowen, Barbra Anderson, Carl and Barbra Pandelo to disfellowship them before the program aired.
  3. May 24, 2002 letter written to all congregations written four days before Dateline aired in an attempt to do damage control.


  1. Silentlambs bumper sticker- I support silentlambs
  2. Silentlambs Pin- Mint green lapel pen for abuse awareness.


The total of all the video material is about an hour in length. If you would like to add this material to your library we offer it for a tax deductible donation to silentlambs of $50. Go to the donation page of the website,

click on the $50 donation and then note in comments that you would like to obtain Archive #1. Shipping is free with your donation.
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